December 24, 2016

Making hope and hunger rhyme

foodparcels.jpg The centenary year of the 1916 Rising ends with new optimism over a campaign of direct action against inequality headed by a motley group of musicians, actors and writers. However, the sight of thousands of people braving the cold to receive food handouts in Dublin and Limerick has highlighted the scale of the challenge.

Stormont in disarray as Foster clings to power

fosternoconf.jpg The futures of both DUP First Minister Arlene Foster and Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness are in the balance after a farcical power-play at Stormont this week.

DUP ‘Communities’ Minister accused of hating Irish

dupflute.jpg News that a DUP Minister at Stormont has axed a bursary scheme for children from deprived communities to study Irish has drawn a bitterly hostile reaction from Irish language and equality campaigners.

British demand secrecy over Omagh bomb, Doherty killing

ciarandoherty600.jpg The High Court in Belfast has allowed the British government to hold a secret hearing in a legal action over the alleged cover-up of the 1998 Real IRA Omagh bombing.

Christmas anguish for family of Irish prisoner of conscience

taylorfamily600.jpg The family of Derry republican prisoner Tony Taylor have said that it will be a ‘very rough Christmas’ without him.

Republican prisoner on dirty protest over segregation

lukeoneill.jpg A republican political prisoner, Luke O’Neill is spending Christmas on a dirty protest in Maghaberry Prison in protest at a refusal to move him to the republican wing.

Why we have occupied Apollo House

apollohousegig.jpg Ultimately homelessness and its causes will only be resolved by a movement in policy towards housing that is based on citizenship as much as profit, that puts human decency above uncaring ideology.

DUP arrogance damages institutions

dupstormonthugs.jpg Monday’s antics by the DUP in the Assembly have seriously damaged its credibility and that of the Executive and of the First and Deputy First Ministers office. The DUP’s actions are not acceptable and this issue is not going away, according to Gerry Adams.

December 19, 2016

Foster mocks opposition after Stormont walkout

stormontwalkout.jpg A motion of no confidence in First Minister Arlene Foster was vetoed by the Democratic Unionist Party today, but not before other parties in the Stormont Assembly staged a theatrical walk-out from a chamber in which they are powerless to effect political change without DUP support.

December 17, 2016

Sinn Fein could turn against corrupt DUP

bellfoster.jpg Over a thousand people have attended protests in Belfast and Derry calling for DUP leader Arlene Foster to resign as Six County First Minister after a public display of DUP infighting over corruption allegations.

Huge support as stars become squatters for homeless

homesweethomelaunch.jpg A group of Irish celebrities have spearheaded an action to tackle the homelessness crisis by taking over a government-owned property to provide accommodation.

Justice hopes for McCann family as British soldiers are charged

joemccann600.jpg The prosecution of two former British paratroopers for the killing of Official IRA Volunteer Joe McCann brings hope to his family who have campaigned for justice since the Historial Enquiries Team ruled the shooting unlawful.

Child’s trauma after seeing father attacked by riot squad

maghaberryriot600.jpg There was a serious incident at Maghaberry prison last weekend when three republican prisoners were dragged from the visiting area by the riot squad, and one was beaten to the ground and assaulted.

MI5 linked to legacy police agency

neilmcguinness.jpg A member of the Legacy Investigations Branch (LIB) of the PSNI police in the north of Ireland has been accused of being a covert member of British military intelligence.

New push to overcome political block on inquests

declanmorgan.jpg Sinn Fein’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinnness accused the British government of not being serious about dealing with the legacy of the past after the most senior judge in the North admitted Britain was ignoring its legal obligation to ensure blocked inquests go ahead.

William Shanahan and Michael McNamara

shanahanmcnamara.jpg The story of two IRA men who were tortured and killed by British forces, 96 years ago this week.

Stormont must go

stormontprotest.jpg An analysis by the new republican political party, Saoradh, of the latest crisis within the northern Executive.

December 10, 2016

Process in crisis as Stormont rots

rpgvideo.jpg There are concerns over the political direction in the north of Ireland after a video emerged which appears to show a heavily armed breakaway IRA unit on patrol in north Belfast -- in the same week that the police confirmed that unionist paramilitary activities are being illegally funded from Stormont.

Family’s grief becomes political football

stackgerry.jpg A theatrical confrontation at a press conference in Dublin appears to be the latest installment in an orchestrated effort to embarrass Gerry Adams.

Prison regime implementing a sectarian agenda

maghberrycrownwire.jpg Republican prisoners at Maghaberry jail have condemned discrimination against Irish culture and traditions by the jail administration.

Justice systems unmoved by concern over prisoners

isobelmaureen.jpg An Irish judge has drawn attention to herself after she hit out at an Irish parliamentarian’s interest in the human rights of political prisoners, and claimed to be ‘puzzled’ at her concern over the issue of internment by remand.

‘Save our Seas’ - film director highlights marine crisis

atlanticfilm.jpg A documentary on the Atlantic fishing industry has drawn a strong reaction after it was aired on Irish state television this week.

1916 Rising surrender letter to leave Ireland

pearseletter.jpg There have been protests after a surrender letter written by Easter Rising commander Padraig Pearse three days before his execution was placed for auction and is now set to leave Ireland after failing to sell.

Remember republican prisoners at Christmas

prisonersflagharp.jpg December is the month when thoughts are traditionally with Irish republican prisoners, and vigils have been taking place in their honour. The following is a recent list of those who are supported by the two largest Irish republican prisoner welfare organisations, underneath their addresses.

Political correctness won’t cut it for GAA people

crossmaglengacbrits.jpg After GAA chief Aogan o Fearghail called for scrapping the Irish flag and the national anthem from Gaelic sports, commentator Joe Brolly responded.

December 7, 2016

Dail uproar as SF TDs named in connection with IRA attack

dailfarrellellis.jpg There were angry scenes in the Dublin parliament this afternoon after a Fine Gael TD named two senior Sinn Fein TDs he said were identified in an email sent by Gerry Adams to the Garda police commissioner about an unsanctioned IRA killing in 1983.

December 3, 2016

Adams hits back after e-mail ‘leak’

brianstackbig.jpg Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams is facing another battery of accusations and condemnations after it emerged that earlier this year he emailed the names of four senior republicans allegedly involved in an unsanctioned 1983 IRA killing to the Garda police Commissioner.

GAA could drop Irish symbolism from games

gaaanthem.jpg A statement by the President of the Gaelic Athletic Association that the organisation may consider dropping the use of the Irish flag and anthem at sporting events has been condemned by GAA fans and players as well as republicans.

Sugden’s concern for officers as Maghaberry nightmare deepens

maghaberrydog.jpg The Stormont Executive has been condemned for inaction amid a mounting crisis at Maghaberry jail which has seen yet another death at the jail and yet another violent attack by warders against a republican prisoner.

Sinn Fein renews focus on Irish unity

towardsunitedirelandpress.jpg Sinn Fein has published a discussion document, ‘Towards a United Ireland’, to lay out the rationale for reunification in terms of the economy, public services and reconciliation.

Water charges debate reignites after report

waterchargesprotest.jpg A commission on water charges set up by the coalition government has said the charges should be retained but with an increased allowance for domestic water use. Under its proposals, the commission says the “vast majority” of people should no longer have to pay water charges.

Irish President hails Castro as ‘giant among leaders’

michaeldcuba.jpg A bitter dispute in Dublin’s corridors of power over tributes to Cuban leader Fidel Castro lead the 26 County state to snub a funeral at which Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams was a prominent mourner.

Death of a revolutionary hero

adamsfidel.jpg Fidel was a friend to those engaged in the struggle for justice across the world.

Presidential Address to RSF Ard Fheis

desdalton600.jpg The full text of the address by RSF President Des Dalton to the 2016 Republican Sinn Fein Ard Fheis.

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