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Ivor Bell cleared as Boston project is discredited

ivorbell2.jpg Ivor Bell, an 82-year-old veteran republican, has been found not guilty of involvement in the 1972 IRA execution of informer Jean McConville.

Published October 17, 2019

New IRA to target border infrastructure

newirac4.jpg The New IRA has said any border infrastructure developed as a result of Britain’s withdrawal of the north of Ireland from the EU will be considered a legitimate target for attack.

Published October 16, 2019

‘Open the path to freedom’

johnsonvaradkar2.jpg The British government and the European Union are being urged to seize the moment to prepare for peaceful Irish unification after Brexit negotiators shied away from a disastrous agenda to reinforce partition.

Published October 12, 2019

Frazer was gun-runner for DUP-linked group - BBC

frazerulsterresistance.jpg Willie Frazer, a prominent loyalist who in recent years described himself as a ‘victims campaigner’, secretly helped funnel weapons to loyalist paramilitary groups in the early 1990s, according to a BBC television news investigation.

Published October 12, 2019

MI5 ‘deleted Finucane files’

mi5harddrive.jpg British military intelligence removed and destroyed the files of a judge who was investigating Crown Force involvement in the 1989 murder of Belfast defence lawyer Patrick Finucane, according to a BBC documentary aired this week.

Published October 12, 2019

Truck driver describes MI5’s terror tactics

mvarley.jpg A County Tyrone man has recounted a “horrific” attempt by British MI5 intelligence to recruit him as an informer.

Published October 12, 2019

PSNI harassment at Saoradh commemoration

saoradhhungercommem19.jpg Members of a colour party in Saoradh’s National Hunger Strike Commemoration in Newry last weekend were stopped and searched by armed PSNI police.

Published October 12, 2019

26-County Budget delivers ‘less than nothing’

budget2020.jpg The Dublin government has been slammed for a “do less” Budget despite the crisis over growing social inequality and homelessness.

Published October 12, 2019

John Downey extradited

johndowney3.jpg Donegal republican John Downey, who is being pursued in connection with an IRA action in 1972 in which two British soldiers died, handed himself in to Gardaí police earlier today, according to a report this evening by the Press Association.

Published October 11, 2019

Jingo Johnson’s mad Brexit

borisborderzone.jpg Preparations are underway for a crash Brexit after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed a barely believable set of proposals for the border through Ireland which appeared designed to be instantly rejected by Dublin and the European Union.

Published October 5, 2019

British audience stunned by message of Irish independence

greerbbcqt.jpg US author Bonnie Greer has been credited with a significant intervention in Britain’s Brexit debate by eloquently speaking out for Ireland and the peace process on a BBC news talk show.

Published October 5, 2019

Child-abusing priest was ‘protected by RUC’

finegan.jpg Suspicions are mounting that a former priest was allowed to sexually abuse children in return for informing against republican families in the north of Ireland.

Published October 5, 2019

Breakthrough in battle to access collusion documents

mobileshop.jpg Families suing over state collusion with a loyalist paramilitary gang behind dozens of sectarian murders have secured a major breakthrough in their battle to access documents.

Published October 5, 2019

British military close ranks

hutchingsapc.jpg A former British soldier charged with the attempted murder of a special needs man shot dead in County Tyrone in 1974 attended a right-wing rally in London last week despite claiming that he was too ill to attend court hearings in Belfast.

Published October 5, 2019

New inquest too late for sister of rubber bullet victim

thomasfriel2.jpg A preliminary hearing into the death of a Derry man hit by a rubber bullet has taken place in Belfast.

Published October 5, 2019

Chaos deepens as Fascist Tories incite Brexit violence

johnsoncommons2.jpg Warlike rhetoric and subtle threats of violence against MPs by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson drew a furious response and threatened to overwhelm the return of Westminster this week.

Published September 28, 2019

PSNI attempt to infiltrate border poll campaign

matthewsirsp.jpg A political activist campaigning for a Six-County Border Poll on Irish unity has been approached by the PSNI police to become an informer.

Published September 28, 2019

Scottish parades disorder threat ‘linked to Brexit’

loyalistglasgowsunday.jpg Four loyalist parades went ahead in Scotland last weekend after a ban was dropped in fear that loyalist marchers would react violently if they were not allowed to proceed.

Published September 28, 2019

Legal fight against British oppression

justicestatue.jpg An Irish citizen is set to go to the Supreme Court over being forced to inform authorities about trips outside British jurisdiction.

Published September 28, 2019

Stardust justice campaign wins new inquests

stardustfamilies.jpg The 26 County Attorney General has confirmed that fresh inquests will be held into 48 deaths at the 1981 Stardust fire in Dublin.

Published September 28, 2019


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