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Crown refuses to say when it will hand over documents to inquest

leonorneybig.jpg A coroner has spoken out over delays by the Crown Forces in providing information to the inquest of a teenager shot dead by British soldiers in 1975.

Published September 11, 2020

Family of Gerard McMahon still await inquest

mcmahonvigil.jpg Four years on from his death, the family of a man who died following his arrest in Belfast city centre have been calling for the truth.

Published September 11, 2020

Parties urged to stand up for Liam Campbell’s human rights

campbellprotest.jpg Protests are being organised nationwide in support of Dundalk republican Liam Campbell, who is facing extradition to Lithuania on arms charges despite never having been to the country.

Published September 11, 2020

Tories admit to breaking international law on Ireland

roguestate.jpg The British government has been accused of creating a “rogue state” as it published a bill to violate the Irish protocol of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, an international treaty.

Published September 9, 2020

British backsliding could wreck Brexit peace deal

johnsoncummings.jpg Reports that legislation is to be introduced by the British government to “eliminate the legal force” of parts of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement, and specifically in relation to the border through Ireland, have sent shock waves around Europe.

Published September 7, 2020

Alliance blocks Irish signage

naomilong600.jpg The latest proposals for dual Irish and English language street signs in Belfast were voted down this week as the leader of the supposedly cross-community Alliance Party claimed that the sight of the Irish language in public is “contentious”.

Published September 4, 2020

MI5 still trawling for agents and informers

mcfadden2.jpg Just days after a senior member of Saoradh was named as an MI5 agent, a republican activist revealed three individuals who identified themselves as members of the “security services” had tried to recruit him.

Published September 4, 2020

Facts of massacre emerge despite ‘lost’ military files

logfileimprint.jpg A secret behind a British Army log sheet that went ‘missing’ has been uncovered thanks to the detective work of an archive researcher.

Published September 4, 2020

Hardline unionists back Trump in US election

duptrump.jpg The DUP and other unionists have been endorsing Donald Trump to win the US Presidential election in November.

Published September 4, 2020

Information sought over horror arson attack

dempseyfamily.jpg Relatives for Justice have appealed for information to help a family who were targeted in a sectarian fire bomb in 1976 in which three lives were lost.

Published September 4, 2020

Heritage site faces ‘West Brit’ wrecking ball

orahillyhouseprotest.jpg Efforts are underway to save a building which played a pivotal role in the Easter Rising and the War of Independence in Dublin, the home of the 1916 martyr known as ‘The O’Rahilly’.

Published September 4, 2020

‘Internment 2.0’

saoradhaf19pale.jpg A Palestinian doctor and political activist has been charged under the “Terrorism Act”, alongside nine Irish republicans as part of a major Crown Forces operation to imprison leading members of the Saoradh political party.

Published August 28, 2020

McFadden family ‘refuse MI5 protection’ - Saoradh

mcfaddenflat.jpg Saoradh have said the family of Dennis McFadden have ended their associations with the recently identified MI5 agent, and they should face no hostility or recrimination for his actions.

Published August 28, 2020

Disturbances in Lurgan follow searches, arrests

vantrainline.jpg Petrol bombs were thrown in Lurgan on Sunday night following PSNI searches and a bomb alert.

Published August 28, 2020

Hooded Men bid to pave way for other victims

hoodedmennew.jpg The Hooded Men are to take Britain’s refusal to investigate legacy state crimes in the conflict to the Supreme Court in London.

Published August 28, 2020

Anger at lengthy sentence in Connor retrial

christineconnor2.jpg Belfast woman Christine Connor has been sentenced to 20 years in jail over an alleged plot to encourage online acquaintances to carry out attacks against the PSNI, despite a judge’s admission that she suffers from “significant” mental ill-health.

Published August 28, 2020

Loyalist campaign against GAA continues

loyalistgaabanners.jpg The erection by loyalists of a banner in Dungannon referring to the GAA (Gaelic Athletics Association) as the “sporting wing of the IRA” has been condemned by Sinn Fein.

Published August 28, 2020

Entrapment alleged as top Saoradh official named as MI5 agent

dennismcfadden.jpg A man presenting himself as a lifelong republican activist, Dennis McFadden, has been accused of working with British military intelligence to help imprison leading members of Saoradh.

Published August 24, 2020

Saoradh under attack

saoradhunderattack.jpg Raids have taken place over four days across three jurisdictions in one of the largest actions in recent years by state forces against a legal political party.

Published August 21, 2020

Coalition in crisis over Covid dinner madness

golfdinnerclifden.jpg Micheál Martin’s coalition government has been deeply rocked by the fall-out from an anniversary dinner of the Dublin parliament’s Golf Society.

Published August 21, 2020


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