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Republican released after three years on remand

antiinternment1200.jpg Fermanagh Republican Peter Granaghan has been set free after enduring three years of internment by remand.

Published October 27, 2022

Football authorities condemned over vile anti-Irish abuse

mccleanfamily.jpg Derry-born soccer player James McClean has accused English football authorities of turning a blind eye to what he says is “eight years of sickening abuse” over his nationality.

Published October 27, 2022

Bono makes headlines with false IRA claim

bono.jpg Claims by U2 frontman Bono that he was once targeted by the IRA have been rejected.

Published October 27, 2022

New British PM Sunak faces uphill task

sunakpm.jpg Despite signs he knows little about Ireland, the selection of former Chancellor Rishi Sunak as the next British Prime Minister has been greeted as preferable to the return of Boris Johnson, who ended a bid for a shock return to power last night.

Published October 24, 2022

British PM quits as Tory chaos reaches new level

trussout.jpg British prime minister Liz Truss has announced her resignation after 44 disastrous days in office, becoming the shortest-serving British prime minister in history.

Published October 20, 2022

Liam Campbell is back home

liamcampbelhappy.jpg Dundalk republican Liam Campbell, extradited to Lithuania earlier this year, is back in Ireland after a court there terminated the criminal case against him. It is likely the final chapter in a 12-year saga of politically motivated state harassment directed against the prominent republican.

Published October 20, 2022

RUC man was ordered not to investigate shoot-to-kill

coaghcars.jpg A former senior member of the RUC has revealed he was instructed not to question British soldiers about the planning of an infamous shoot-to-kill ambush which resulted in the killing of three IRA Volunteers in County Tyrone.

Published October 20, 2022

Court to hear Mountbatten’s links to Kincora

mountbattensmyth.jpg Testimony that English royal Louis Mountbatten sexually abused former residents of a Belfast boys home with links to the Orange Order is due to be aired in court, thanks to the bravery of a former resident.

Published October 20, 2022

Concern at use of vehicle-ramming ‘hard stops’

derryhardstop.jpg Derry continues to endure the brunt of attacks on political activists by members of the British forces, including a rise in the tactic of motorists being rammed by Crown Force vehicles.

Published October 20, 2022

Legal actions by internees and Blanketmen

dirtyprotest1200.jpg Almost 100 former prisoners have issued proceedings against the current British Direct Ruler in connection with their detention.

Published October 20, 2022

Loyalist threat to film star

nesbittgraffiti.jpg Loyalist graffiti appearing in County Antrim targeting actor James Nesbitt has been condemned. The graffiti appeared on a wall in Portrush on Wednesday, showing a crosshair image beside the star’s name.

Published October 20, 2022

Demonisation of Irish resistance fails again

irelandwomen.jpg Strong public acceptance of the legitimacy of Ireland’s fight against British rule continues to frustrate those seeking to marginalise our cause.

Published October 13, 2022

British agent ‘protected’ after murder of father-of-four

joeoconnor1200.jpg The family of a republican shot dead by an alleged British agent inside the Provisional IRA has launched legal action against the Police Ombudsman after it refused to investigate the claim.

Published October 13, 2022

Landmark ruling in key collusion case

petermccormack.jpg The PSNI are in breach of their duties to carry out an effective investigation into a fatal loyalist gun attack on a village pub 30 years ago, the High Court has ruled.

Published October 13, 2022

‘Justice Minister’ refuses to act on plastic bullets

plasticmural.jpg The United Campaign Against Plastic Bullets has hit out at the inaction of Alliance Party leader Naomi Long over the issue of the use of deadly plastic bullets by the PSNI.

Published October 13, 2022

President speaks out against legacy bill

higginscoe.jpg Irish President Michael D Higgins has said that nobody who has suffered from the conflict in Ireland wants to see an immunity from prosecution for those responsible.

Published October 13, 2022

DUP’s Brexit strategy undermined by hatred of Sinn Féin

dupconference22.jpg A slur by a DUP councillor on First Minister-designate Michelle O’Neill has derailed a bid by the party to prevent port checks they claim amount to an ‘Irish Sea Border’.

Published October 13, 2022

Confident Irish nationalism reaches out

meaneynesbitt.jpg A major conference in Dublin last weekend brought more than 5,000 people together to hear a debate on the subject of Irish unity and the way forward for the island of Ireland.

Published October 6, 2022

Signs of a thaw in Anglo-Irish relations

stevebaker.jpg An apparent apology by a hardline Tory Brexiteer for Britain’s bad faith in its dealings with Ireland and the EU has been given a cautious welcome.

Published October 6, 2022

New effort to honour fallen martyrs

crannnapoblachta.jpg An inclusive garden of tribute in memory of local republicans who have passed away over the past 50 years has been launched in Derry on Sunday.

Published October 6, 2022


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