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SF address to Ballyseedy commemoration

mcdonaldballyseedy.jpg Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald TD addressed the party’s centenary commemoration in honour of the eight Republicans massacred by Free State forces at Ballyseedy.

Published March 9, 2023

DUP isolated as Tories hail Brexit deal

charlesvdl.jpg The DUP is under intense pressure to end their boycott of the power-sharing institutions in the North of Ireland after British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak admitted he was a “over the moon” at a deal agreed with the EU to end seven years of tensions over the implementation of Brexit.

Published March 2, 2023

PSNI reprisal raids after New IRA gun attack

caldwelldoor.jpg A bitter conflict between the New IRA and British state forces has deepened after the armed group claimed responsibility for a targeted gun attack against a prominent and senior PSNI figure, John Caldwell.

Published March 2, 2023

Plastic bullet injury goes unpunished

gavinmckenna.jpg A British soldier who fired a plastic bullet which partially blinded a Catholic schoolboy in 1997 used “reasonable force”, a High Court judge has ruled.

Published March 2, 2023

Attitude to loyalist gangs condemned

uvfguns.jpg The vastly different approach of the British Crown Forces to loyalist paramilitaries vis-a-vis republican armed groups has been condemned by the Alliance Party.

Published March 2, 2023

Easter parade charges beaten again

fennelleaster.jpg Prominent Belfast republican Dee Fennell has been acquitted of overseeing an illegal Easter procession.

Published March 2, 2023

Council resisting law on Irish language signage

brysonstsign1200.jpg A unionist-dominated council area faces potential legal action over its refusal to introduce a policy on allowing dual language street signs.

Published March 2, 2023

Protocol deal signed

sunakvdl.jpg EU president Ursula Von Der Leyen and British prime minister Rishi Sunak have signed a long-awaited deal over post-Brexit trading arrangements for the north of Ireland.

Published February 27, 2023

Tory psychodrama boosts DUP wreckers

rmjwa.jpg Proposals for a deal to finally end the dispute over the implementation of Brexit in the north of Ireland have been derailed by the intransigence of Tory and unionist extremists.

Published February 23, 2023

Senior PSNI man shot

killyclogher.jpg A senior member of the PSNI has been injured in a shooting in County Tyrone which has been linked to republican armed groups.

Published February 23, 2023

Inquest begins into the ‘forgotten massacre’

springhillinquest.jpg The long-awaited Springhill/Westrock inquest commenced this week in Belfast.

Published February 23, 2023

Public inquiry sought into actions of UVF agents

wrightjackson.jpg The family of two Catholic brothers shot dead by loyalists almost 30 years ago has called for a public inquiry into the series of sectarian murders carried out at the time.

Published February 23, 2023

Protest against ‘hatred and disinformation’

racismprotest.jpg Attempts by racists and foreign instigators to take advantage of concern in Ireland over immigration has been dramatically opposed by more than ten thousand people who attended a public rally in Dublin last weekend.

Published February 23, 2023

Evidence destroyed after James Murray’s bookmaker killings

bookmakersmurray.jpg Masks worn by the unionist paramilitary killers of three innocent Catholics in a November 1992 massacre were recovered by the Crown Forces the following day – but they were never tested and have since gone missing, it has emerged.

Published February 23, 2023

Unionism’s heart of stone

daithistone.jpg Hardline unionists succeeded in winning approval for a provocative monument to partition at Stormont on the day their boycott of the Assembly blocked over a hundred organ transplants.

Published February 16, 2023

Praise for SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon as she steps down

sturgeonresigns.jpg Tributes have been paid in Ireland to Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who announced on Wednesday that she is stepping down as leader of the Scottish National Party and First Minister.

Published February 16, 2023

Democracy denied as Britain again steps in

heatonharris2.jpg The British government has further postponed a scheduled Assembly election for a year after hardline unionists successfully lobbied to avoid a reckoning with the Six County electorate.

Published February 16, 2023

Hopes for justice as two inquests get underway

mccuskerfamily.jpg The first inquest into the 1998 murder of a County Derry man opened in Belfast on Monday.

Published February 16, 2023

Rents spiral upwards as ideology blocks change

rentqueue.jpg The rent crisis in Ireland is having a devastating impact on the lives of an entire generation, Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald has said.

Published February 16, 2023

Bill could deliver far-reaching public inquiry into collusion

toibindail.jpg Legislation for a commission of investigation into decades of collusion by the British state has passed through the first stage of the Dublin parliament.

Published February 16, 2023


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