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Blanketman on the threshold

brendanlillisbed.jpg Supporters of critically ill Maghaberry prisoner Brendan Lillis are to stage a hunger protest in a last-ditch attempt to convince the Stormont and British authorities to release him from prison before he dies.

Published July 19, 2011

The Battle of Ardoyne

ardoyneriot2011.jpg The PSNI attacked a peaceful protest in the republican Ardoyne area of north Belfast to facilitate a sectarian march, triggering hours of rioting on Tuesday evening.

Published July 14, 2011

Austerity protests grow

roscommonhealth.jpg More than a thousand people have protested outside the Dublin parliament as the coalition government begins to wield the axe against frontline health services around the country in order to serve European/IMF demands for spending cuts.

Published July 8, 2011

Nationalist nightmare

riotpsni.jpg The homes of nationalists in the Short Strand were again attacked by loyalists on Friday night as both unionist paramilitaries and the Protestant Orange Order combined to create a living hell for the beleaguered community.

Published July 3, 2011

Police Ombudsman must go

loughinislandvictims.jpg Nationalists have united behind calls for the Police Ombudsman to quit amid outrage over a report in which he denied that the PSNI (then RUC) police had not colluded in the Loughinisland massacre.

Published June 27, 2011

A heroic defence

shortstranduvffirebomb.jpg A sudden, unilateral and large-scale loyalist terror attack on the tiny nationalist community of the Short Strand was bravely fended off this week in an act of courage reminiscent of previous generations of the nationalist struggle.

Published June 22, 2011

100 days of dithering


Faced with intense criticism over their failure to deal with the deep economic crisis in their first 100 days of office, the 26-County coalition leaders this week renewed promises to ‘burn the bondholders’ of two of the state’s nationalised banks, while vowing to maintain social welfare and income tax at current levels.

Published June 17, 2011

Drugs gang kill top RSF man

liamkenny.jpg A founder member of a Sinn Fein breakaway group was assassinated on Thursday in an attack which has shocked the broader republican community in Dublin.

Published June 12, 2011

Stormont faces appointment test

marymcardle.jpg Sinn Fein is under heavy pressure to sack one of their Stormont advisors as a controversy continued over her appointment this week.

Published June 6, 2011

Prison protest ‘could spill over’

maghaberrycells.jpg Prison authorities at Maghaberry prison have confirmed that a lockdown is being imposed on the republican wings amid a mounting crisis at the jail.

Published May 30, 2011

The collusion spin

rosemarynelsonflat.jpg The British government have been condemned for attempting to protect the PSNI from the fallout of the Rosemary Nelson inquiry.

Published May 24, 2011

Queen of propaganda

queendublincastle.jpg The state visit of Elizabeth Windsor to the 26-County state came to an absurd anti-climax on Wednesday night when the British monarch admitted England’s relations with Ireland have “not been entirely benign”.

Published May 20, 2011

Royal stupidity

queenflat.jpg An unprecedented security lockdown has been put in place in several locations across Dublin, in Cork and in other sites across Ireland in preparation for the first visit to the 26-County state by the 'Queen of England', Elizabeth Windsor.

Published May 17, 2011

Prisoners confront criminalisation

prisonerposter.jpg Republican prisoners were attacked at Maghaberry prison and dragged from their cells at the weekend after a protest action against the failure of the British government and prison authorities to implement an agreement on prisoners’ rights.

Published May 12, 2011

Turnout or turnoff?

stormontfront.jpg Elections are underway in the North today [Thursday], where Sinn Féin is hoping to become the biggest party in the Belfast Assembly.

Published May 5, 2011

Real IRA responds

rirastatement.jpg In a dramatic public address on Easter Monday, the ‘Real IRA’ affirmed its determination to pursue its armed struggle against British rule.

Published April 30, 2011

A new IRA?

iragraffiti.jpg A group of former Provisional IRA members have declared that they will continue the armed struggle until a united Ireland is achieved.

Published April 25, 2011

A stand against the securocrats

sampollock.jpg Policing in the North is once again in crisis after the chief executive at the Police Ombudsman's office suddenly quit, blaming senior government officials for interfering in the office's investigations.

Published April 18, 2011

Adams calls for talks

adamsmedia.jpg Sinn Fein has offered to meet with “the militarist factions” to outline the party’s strategy for advancing republican objectives and in its belief in “the futility of armed actions”.

Published April 13, 2011

A record of hate

gardarapecorrib.jpg A recording of Gardai police laughingly planning to rape two environmental protestors, including a US citizen, has renewed attention on the policing operation to secure the construction of a hugely controversial onshore gas refinery in County Mayo.

Published April 8, 2011


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