[An Phoblacht]

Thursday 20 February, 1997


Chance of 8 MPs

The upcoming Westminster election offers an opportunity for nationalists to transform the political landscape in the Six Counties, said Sinn Féin Chairperson Mitchel McLaughlin. more

Sinn Fein convenes community conference

Gerry Adams opened a one day special conference in Twinbrook, West Belfast, on developing a community response to anti-social behaviour.

British curfew: community punishment

British crown forces engaged in organised destruction and attacks against nationalists on Lurgan's nationalist Kilwilkie estate for most of last week.

Island paradise recalls Irish slavery

A monument is to be erected on St. Kitts to remember the 25,000 Irish men and women shipped in bondage as slaves by Cromwell to the Carrribean isle.

Mayhew insult to Bloody Sunday relatives

Last Saturday Patrick Mayhew refusal to apologise for Bloody Sunday, citing the findings of the Widgery Report, has been described as ``a calculated insult''.

Germany accused over McAliskey

The Roisín McAliskey Justice Group has accused the German government of ``gross and cynical hypocrisy'' following the denial of bail to her.

Keane addresses US Naval Academy

Sinn Féin's US representative Mairead Keane has spoken of the need for Irish American organisations to give their full support to peacemakers in Ireland.

Sketching a new landscape

Micheal MacDonnacha looks at some of the possibilities arising from the forthcoming British general election.

British soldier killed in South Armagh

Last Wednesday evening's shooting of a British soldier in South Armagh followed a pattern established prior to the IRA's 1994 cessation of operations.

Loyalist mob run riot in Waterside

Nationalists in the Waterside area of Derry say the RUC turned a blind eye to one of the worst instances of intimidation in the area in recent months.

Don't negotiate, says new loyalist group

A new loyalist grouping, the County Antrim Support Movement (CASM), has called on the Orange Order not to negotiate with residents groups opposed to Orange marches.

``Spotlight'' back on SDLP

BBC's Spotlight current affairs programme deliberately ignored information from a former senior member of the SDLP that the party engaged in serious malpractice in Derry.

Portlaoise prisoner denied compassionate bail

A remand prisoner in Portlaoise was refused permission to attend the funeral of his sister by Dublin's Department of Justice.

Bid to oust Strabane Council head

Nationalist councillors have tabled two motions in an attempt to have Unionist council chief Edward Turner removed from office.

Murdered drivers remembered

The eight West and North Belfast taxi drivers murdered over the past 20 years were remembered in a plaque unveiling ceremony on Sunday 9 February.

RUC intimidate community activists

Despite RUC harassment, residents from Poleglass and Twinbrook in West Belfast vowed to continue their campaign against anti-social behaviour.

MED-TV beams on

The Kurdish satellite channel, MED-TV, is again coming under fire from the Turkish government, which has now banned the sale of satellite dishes.

Two women

Mary Nelis tells the story of two women, both subjected to intense media coverage destined to change their lives forever.

Respecting differences

Another step on the road towards a pluralistic and democratic society was taken at the weekend in Derry at a conference on gay, lesbian and bisexual issues.

Gossip hides domestic violence

Aine Keane considers the media treatment of a celebrity court case

Joyriding death result of ``indifference''

The death of an 11-year-old boy during a `joyriding' accident has been blamed on official neglect and ``years of indifference''.

Refuse strike hits 66,000 homes

Over sixty six thousand homes and businesses in the South Dublin Council area face their second week without refuse collections as 120 refuse workers continue their 13 day strike.

Nurses' militancy is deep-rooted

The outdated perception of nursing as a passive, vocational duty was unmasked by the proposed national nursing strike, writes Aine Keane.

Tenants picketed in Dublin housing row

A new tenant who benefited from Dublin Corporation's housing policy was picketed by a local residents' association last week.

John Davey remembered

The eighth anniversary of the death of Sinn Féin councillor John Davey was marked in Lavey cemetery in South Derry last Sunday.

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