August 25, 2022

Support abides for armed struggle

resistance.jpg Seven in ten nationalists in the north of Ireland accept there was no alternative to the “violent resistance” of republican armed groups to British rule, according to an opinion poll.

‘Landlord minister’ quits over undeclared deals

roberttroy.jpg Fianna Fáil minister of State Robert Troy has resigned ten days into a mounting scandal over undeclared property dealings and his large property portfolio.

Vara runs from truth protest

varaprotest.jpg British Direct Ruler Shailesh Vara was accused of ‘ducking and diving’ from protestors in Derry opposed to his government’s plans for an amnesty covering Britain’s war crimes in the North.

Pain of memorial to John Pat’s killer

hutchingsmemorial.jpg The family of a vulnerable adult murdered by the British Army in cold blood have hit out after a memorial was unveiled to his killer at a British Army base.

Thousands attend hunger strike events

sfhunger2022.jpg The first Sinn Féin hunger strike Commemoration in three years took place in Belfast on Sunday 21st August.

Angling body forced into u-turn over proud Irish win

anglers.jpg A controversial decision to suspend an Irish national angling team because of ‘overzealous’ use of the Irish tricolour flag at a major international competition has been reversed following a public outcry.

Michael Collins is a divisive figure

michaelcollins1200.jpg There is no doubting the indelible imprint Collins left on the national psyche.

The greatest friend to Irish republicanism

johnsonfoster.jpg The writing is on the wall for the future of the Union, but those for whom preserving it matters most are just too blind to see it.

August 18, 2022

Yes to justice for Noah

noahprotest2.jpg Several thousand people protested in Belfast city centre last weekend against a secrecy order placed on investigations into the death of Noah Donohoe.

West Belfast Féile at eye of summer storm

feilejumpup.jpg Unionists have escalated a campaign to demonise Irish resistance to British rule by falsely linking it to sectarianism.

No relief from loyalist intimidation in Derry

derryflags.jpg The annual ‘Relief of Derry’ march by the loyalist Apprentice Boys’ organisation saw flags once again used to intimidate and insult the overwhelmingly nationalist population of the city.

Tory ‘hustings’ branded a charade

hustings.jpg Sinn Féin has branded the arrival of the Tory leadership contest ‘totally insulting’ and said they have no regard for the people of the north of Ireland.

Britain seen increasing hold on Gardaí

psnigardaimi5.jpg A third senior figure from the PSNI (formerly RUC) police in the North has been appointed directly into the top ranks of the Gardai police in the 26 Counties.

Marches to drive 1916 Societies campaign for unity

1916societiesmarch.jpg A ‘March for Irish Unity and Independence’ which took place recently in Coalisland, County Tyrone hosted by the 1916 Societies, is the first in a series intended to boost the campaign for Irish freedom.

Joseph O’Sullivan and Reginald Dunne

dunneosullivan.jpg IRA Volunteers Joseph O’Sullivan and Reginald Dunne were hanged by the British, 100 years ago this month.

Liz Truss is a prisoner of the extreme Brexiteers

liztruss1200.jpg Liz Truss has been wrecking the Good Friday Agreement by carrying out the actions the ERG has insisted on and which they insist on the DUP also obeying.

August 11, 2022

Judge demands political statement from internee

internmentprotests.jpg One of ten republican activists interned by remand following a large-scale arrest operation in 2020 has been told by a judge he must make a statement supporting a ‘shared island’ in order to be considered for bail.

Loyalist bonfire crimes go unpunished

bonfirecregagh.jpg Unionist paramilitaries in north Down threatened to break the arms of two teenage girls unless their families paid £2,000 to their bonfire fund.

Unionists keep getting it wrong

gaakids.jpg Unionists have had to retract false claims that a Gaelic sports tournament for children in County Tyrone was named in honour of a hunger striker.

Report boosts calls for new inquest

dessiehealey.jpg The death of Belfast teenager Dessie Healey has been marked with the launch of a new family report documenting the circumstances of his killing 51 years ago.

Rents ‘out of control’

rentqueue.jpg Sinn Féin housing spokesperson Eoin Ó Broin TD has warned that the Dublin government has ‘lost control’ of the housing market in the 26 Counties.

World continues to ignore Gaza’s never-ending trauma

choldgaza.jpg The besieged Gaza Strip has faced yet another devastating, deadly Israeli attack but the world continues to ignore the endless trauma.

Arthur Griffith

arthurgriffith1200.jpg Arthur Griffith, the founder of Sinn Féin and one of the fathers of the Irish Free State, died 100 years ago this week, on August 12, 1922.

Change starts with the man in the mirror

hurling1200.jpg To conflate the modern-day GAA with the IRA and a battle for Irish unity is typical of the whataboutery, the pathetic attitude and lack of leadership that exists within political unionism.

August 4, 2022

Britain accused of condoning Noah’s murder

noahprotest.jpg A wave of outrage has followed the decision by the new British Direct Ruler to sign a secrecy order covering files on the death in 2020 of 14-year-old Catholic boy Noah Donohoe.

Power-sharing strangled by DUP boycott

zombiestormont22.jpg There have been calls for political action against the DUP after they blocked a third attempt to elect a Speaker to the Belfast Assembly on Wednesday.

Commemorations remember Operation Motorman’s teen victims

hegartyplaque.jpg A plaque has been unveiled at the spot where a Derry teenager was shot dead by the British Army fifty years ago.

Growing pains for Irish culture in east Belfast

turas.jpg Almost half of the students at a new Irish language centre in east Belfast are from a Protestant background, it has emerged, although a new Gaelic sports club is facing loyalist opposition to its growth in the area.

Unionists overreach in pursuit of grievance

gardatyrone.jpg Attempts by unionists to escalate sectarian tensions have included a series of wild claims and exaggerations.

Michelle O’Neill delivers insightful interview

oneillinterview.jpg Amid increased public interest following her historic election as Sinn Fein’s First Minister-designate, Michelle O’Neill has been extensively interviewed about her life and influences.

The Lark and the Freedom Fighter

larkwire.jpg An essay written by Bobby Sands in 1979 while protesting against the criminalisation of republican prisoners. Because protesting prisoners were not allowed books or writing materials, this essay was composed on a square of toilet paper and smuggled out of the prison.

Harry Boland

harryboland.jpg On August 1, 1922, Irish revolutionary Harry Boland succumbed to wounds received at the Grand Hotel in Skerries, County Dublin at the hands of pro-Treaty forces, 100 years ago this week.

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