December 24, 2014

Stormont talks deal gets over the line

stormonthousedeal.jpg A partial agreement in multi-party talks has ensured that the Six-County political institutions will continue to operate next year.

December 20, 2014

Talks to go on

sfstormont.jpg The North’s five main parties have asked British prime minister David Cameron for 2 billion pounds (€2.55 billion or $3.15 billion) financial package over ten years as talks continue on issues such as parades, flags and the past.

PSNI mount pre-Christmas raids

damageddoor.jpg Republicans in Derry, Belfast and Newry have condemned heavy-handed raids by the PSNI which have devastated family homes in the lead up to Christmas.

Ballymurphy Massacre victim to be exhumed

ballymurphydonnelly.jpg The body of a man shot dead by British soldiers in Belfast more than 40 years ago is to be exhumed, a coroner has ruled.

Legal action over protection of UVF assassin

jackalbig.jpg The widow of a factory worker murdered by unionist paramilitaries more than 40 years ago is to sue the PSNI police and the British Ministry of Defence.

Derry name issue reignites

derryguildhallbig.jpg The word Derry is to be removed from the wording on a plaque in the city after the SDLP sided with unionists on the issue in a move which could revive the long-running row on the city’s name.

Delight at Obama move to end blockade on Cuba

happyhavana.jpg A historic announcement of a thaw in Cuban-US relations which includes the release of the three remaining members of the “Cuban Five” and Alan Gross, an American citizen detained in Cuba, has been strongly welcomed in Ireland.

The appalling vista of the Derry Four case

mcgowankellytoner.jpg There was news this week that the prosecution of former RUC members over their abuses of nationalist youths in the original ‘Derry Four’ case has been inexplicably dropped, following communications between Crown prosecutors and the Police Ombudsman. In this article, Martin Galvin looks back at a notorious episode in policing in the North.

Govts must accept their responsibilities

adamsstormont.jpg Understanding why there is a crisis doesn’t require a lot of deep political analysis. It’s pretty obvious.

December 13, 2014

Cameron storms out

cameronstormont.jpg The shambolic nature of the talks process at Stormont was exposed this week when British Prime Minister David Cameron suddenly abandoned the negotiations with no plans to return.

A people ‘forced onto the streets’

waterdec10.jpg The largest political movement seen in Ireland in a generation looks set to grow further after a giant protest in Dublin on Wednesday.

Sinn Fein hails recognition for Palestine

palestineflag.jpg The Dublin parliament has become the latest in Europe to call on its governments to recognise an independent state of Palestine after a motion by Sinn Fein was passed unanimously.

‘Last chance’ for recruitment target

recruitmentnote.jpg British military intelligence has been accused of stuffing an envelope full of cash through a letterbox in an attempt to recruit a man as an informer.

Undercover TV team documents abuses

arasattractarte.jpg Ireland’s health service bosses have been accused of criminal negligence following a damning television documentary on the treatment of people with intellectual disabilities at a facility in County Mayo.

Frazer plans march on Dáil over torture case

loveulsterriot.jpg Gardai have said they are willing to facilitate a new ‘Love Ulster’ event in Dublin city centre, raising fears of a potential repeat of the infamous 2006 parade.

A second chance for the Irish language

learningirishcard.jpg Like many Irish people, I wonder how I could have studied a language for 13 years, and, in my head, find nothing but a few straggling nouns and the sense of dread that I carried into the classroom each day.

Blame for debacle lies at feet of Villiers

villiers.jpg The responsibility for yesterday’s debacle at Stormont lies scattered around the feet of our clueless proconsul.

December 10, 2014

Dublin closed down by another giant protest

dec10protest.jpg Dublin city was shut down this afternoon when tens of thousands of protesters descended on the capital for the latest mass demonstration against water charges.

December 6, 2014

Beyond death’s door

jonathoncorrie.jpg The death of Kilkenny native Jonathan Corrie, a 43-year-old who had suffered mental ill-health and addiction problems, on a freezing night within feet of the seat of power, has shocked the public may have killed off the Dublin government’s chances of re-election.

PSNI determined to defend RUC killers

harrisgillespie.jpg The purpose of a new ‘legacy’ body to investigate past state killings in the conflict is being questioned after PSNI police chiefs said they were determined to defend the actions of their retired colleagues.

Torture case to go back to Europe

hoodedmanwounds.jpg The Dublin government referred the case of British torture victims in the north of Ireland back to the European courts this week.

Adams’s exclusion from Gaza ‘an example of apartheid’

adamsgazawall.jpg Gerry Adams has said Israel has barred him from making a planned visit to the Gaza Strip during a three-day tour of the region. Mr Adams expressed disappointment at the decision preventing Friday’s trip to Gaza and added he was not given a reason for it.

Concerns over Irish role in British GCHQ spy operation

gchq2.jpg New documents released this week via the US whistleblower Edward Snowden outline how Irish subsea telecommunications cables have been extensively abused by British intelligence.

Talks efforts escalate ahead of Christmas deadline

cameronrobinsonmcguinness.jpg A more intense period of negotiations is to take place at Stormont to avoid the collapse of the Six County Assembly.

‘I was hooded and tortured by the British army’

hoodedonnelly.jpg Declassified British government documents relating to a secret ‘interrogation centre’ were released to the press in August 2013 and one of those hooded, beaten and subjected to brutal psychological ‘techniques’ then told his story.

List of republican prisoners

prisonersmural.jpg December is the traditional month for republicans to think of our political prisoners. A list of the IRPWA and Cogus supported prisoners behind bars this Christmas.

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