November 29, 2010

Sold out

coweneu.jpg The Dublin government triggered a torrent of national anger on Sunday night when it handed over economic sovereignty to European and International Monetary Fund administrators for an 85 billion euro loan.

100,000 march in Dublin against austerity measures

austeritymarch.jpg Up to 100,000 people took part in Saturday’s march and rally organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions in protest at the government’s planned programme of austerity.

Sinn Fein seeks to build on by-election win

adamsdoherty.jpg The result of the Donegal South West by-election has changed the balance of power in the Dublin parliament, with Sinn Fein poised to create a ‘technical group’ over the last weeks and months of the current Dail.

Trigger-happy PSNI open fire in Portadown

gunshotwindow.jpg The family of a 79-year-old grandfather say he is lucky to be alive after a shot fired by the PSNI police went through his living room window.

‘Unite Ireland’ - Adams

unitingireland.jpg Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams tonight [Monday] launched a new cross-border initiative at a United Ireland Rally in Monaghan.

‘Stand up and be counted’

kilmichael2008.jpg On Sunday, Sinn Fein’s Deputy First Minister addressed the Kilmichael Commemoration to mark the 90th anniversary of a famous battle during the War of Independence in County Cork on 28 November 1920.

Time to act

32csm.jpg A statement by the 32 County Sovereignty Committee on the crisis in the 26-County state.

Austerity programme must be met with civil disobedience

austerityprotest.jpg Many commentators in Ireland and beyond have asked why the Irish people have not taken to the streets.

November 28, 2010

Cowen govt receives 85bn euro bailout

The International Monetary Fund and the European Union have approved an 85 billion euro rescue package for the 26 County state at an average interest rate of 5.83 per cent.

November 26, 2010

Pearse Doherty elected TD for Donegal South West

Sinn Fein Senator Pearse Doherty has been elected to the Dail for Donegal South West, without reaching the quota after securing a massive 40% of the first preference vote and the lion’s share of the second preference transfers in Thursday’s by-election.

Sinn Fein on the march

dswresult.jpg Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty has weakened the Fianna Fail/Green Party coalition’s slender hold on power with a stunning and historic election victory in Donegal.

National fury at bailout austerity plan

euausterity.jpg A major demonstration is to go ahead on the streets of Dublin tomorrow against the savage cuts being imposed by an illegitimate government at the behest of greedy bankers, European bureaucrats and the International Monetary Fund.

Cover-up feared over Loughinisland massacre

loughinisland.jpg Nationalists have expressed disbelief at news that ‘no prosecution’ is be taken against an RUC policeman over the 1994 Loughinisland Pub Massacre.

McGeough speaks out over injustice

gerrymcgeoughnobaby.jpg Gerry McGeough was at the Six-County Assembly this week to challenge British injustice in selectively pursuing historical cases in the conflict.

Dissident protest forces abandonment of DPP meeting

dppprotest.jpg Republicans in Derry forced the abandonment of a local meeting on policing which was to take place in the Guildhall on Wednesday night.

Commemorations held for fallen heroes

commemblack.jpg Around 150 people gathered in Belfast’s Milltown Cemetery on Saturday afternoon, November 20, to mark the 19th anniversary of the deaths of IRA volunteers Patricia Black and Frank Ryan on active service.

RSF Ard Fheis Presidential Address

dasdalton.jpg Last weekend delegates and visitors assembled in Dublin for the Ard-Fheis of [Republican] Sinn Fein.

Scale of the catastrophe has not hit us yet

ajaichopra.jpg We didn’t need Ajai Chopra, our IMF minder, to tell the junta (ie, what is left of the Government) and the mandarins that the “sensible” solution to our crisis was to inflict further misery on those already victimised by the policies of the junta and the mandarins.

Sinn Fein set for by-election triumph

Counting is underway in the by-election in Donegal South West, with Pearse Doherty on course to win a historic victory for Sinn Fein.

November 24, 2010

Austerity plan to hit poor, students, pensioners, services

The Dublin government today unveiled a raft of budget measures it claimed would restore the 26-County State’s finances by 2014, but fudged key facts and figures on how it would affect the public.

November 22, 2010

Greens ‘cut and run’

greensquit.jpg Independent TDs have joined with the opposition parties to pile pressure on the crumbling Dublin government to pull the plug after the Green Party finally succumbed to public outrage and said it is set to pull out.

Dublin govt submits to international bailout pressure

imfman.jpg The public finances of the 26-County state will, for the next three years at least, be subject to “regular reviews” by external monitors working on behalf of the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, and the British and Swedish governments.

Sinn Fein TD, protestors attacked

osnodaighgardaprotest.jpg A group of 100 protestors clashed with Gardai as they made their way the gates of the Dublin parliament earlier this [Monday] afternoon, following a protest against the government’s handling of the economy.

Donegal election breakthrough predicted

pearsedohertyelectionposter.jpg Residents of Donegal’s outlying islands are casting their by-election votes today [Monday].

‘Mouth search’ increases Maghaberry tension

maghaberrycells.jpg A number of republican prisoners have been refused their visits in Maghaberry prison after they refused to open their mouths and wiggle their tongues before entering the visiting area.

Republican rivals to hold debate

eirigi.jpg Sinn Fein and new republican political party eirigi will share a platform this week, for the first time, during a debate to discuss Ireland’s economic crisis.

The economics of the madhouse

cowentongue.jpg It seems now that the cheapest bailout in the world has not only cost the Twenty-Six County state over 50 billion euro and rising, but has driven tens of thousands of workers onto dole queues, exposed its citizens to the vagaries of international financial markets and has now resulted in the state surrendering its sovereignty to the IMF.

Government’s destruction of Ireland is complete

cowenlenihanbanks.jpg The spin, the lies, the denials, the delusions, the conceit and the arrogance added insult to ignominy.

Green Party calls for general election

The Green Party has called for a date for a 26-County general election to be set for the second half of January.

November 21, 2010

Coalition to get IMF/EU bailout

The Dublin government tonight confirmed that the European Union and the International Monetary Fund have agreed to its request for a financial aid package.

November 19, 2010

Decline and Fianna Fáil

cowenlenihan2.jpg Pressure is weighing on the 26-County government to leave the stage this week as a team of economists from the International Monetary Fund arrived in Dublin to begin planning massive cutbacks in government spending.

Britain seeks to strengthen union

owenpaterson.jpg British Secretary Owen Paterson has reasserted the British government’s claim on the Six Counties.

Shoot-to-kill families without representation

shoottokill.jpg Families of shoot-to-kill victims could be denied representation at a long-delayed inquest because of a hold-up over fees, a pre-hearing heard today [Friday].

No bailout for homeowners

house.jpg A bailout for thousands of homeowners in mortgage arrears has been ruled out by 26-County Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan and Financial Regulator Matthew Elderfield.

Adams confident as Assembly successor named

patsheehan.jpg Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has said Sinn Fein is strong enough in west Belfast to retain its Westminster and assembly seats without him.

Ballymurphy families at Westminster

ballymurphyfamilies.jpg Families of those massacred by British soldiers in the Ballymurphy area of west Belfast over 30 years ago have taken their campaign for an independent international investigation to Lon

The execution of Kevin Barry

kevinbarry.jpg Kevin Barry was hanged by the British in Mountjoy Jail at the age of eighteen, ninety years ago this month.

The declaration of dependence

proclamation.jpg A satire on the 1916 Proclamation of the Republic in response to the arrival in Dublin this week of IMF and ECB officials.

November 18, 2010

IMF, EU teams arrive in Dublin

Representatives of the International Monetary Fund have arrived in Dublin to begin work on a financial aid package for the insolvent 26 County state.

November 16, 2010

Adams steps up

adamsmedia.jpg Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has called for others to join with him in providing leadership to help bring Ireland out of the current crisis.

EU bailout talks confirmed

eutricolourflags.jpg The European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank are working on a solution for the Irish banking sector, EU economic and monetary affairs commissioner Olli Rehn confirmed today.

Miscarriage of justice overturned for Newry man

garyjones.jpg A man who was serving a 14-year jail term for attacking a PSNI station with a mortar rocket was acquitted of the attack on Friday.

UVF parade bid renews Ardoyne tensions

ardoynetwelfthmarch.jpg The family of a loyalist murder victim have raised concerns that the UVF may attempt to exploit his death to divert attention away from calls for it to disband.

Dissidents ‘97%’ of Provo strength

riracolour.jpg An Ulster Unionist member of the Policing Board has claimed that ‘dissident’ republicans have almost reached the same level of terrorist capability as the Provisional IRA.

Suu Kyi invited to Ireland

suukyi.jpg Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is to be invited to Dublin by Mayor Gerry Breen to accept in person the freedom of the city conferred on her 10 years ago.

Doherty making his mark

dohertycanvas.jpg Not since the election of the late Bobby Sands to Westminster has a republican candidate been in such a fateful position to influence events

Running in Louth: how big a gamble?

adamselectionposter.jpg In retrospect, it was an obvious move. So obvious that none of the pundits even sniffed it

November 14, 2010

Adams to seek Louth nomination for General Election

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has today announced his decision to put his name forward for the Sinn Fein nomination for the Louth constituency at the next 26-County General Election.

November 12, 2010

Sovereignty slipping away

sarkozymerkel.jpg The 26-County government has been almost completely sidelined in the battle over Ireland’s economic destiny as the larger European Union governments and ‘bond vigilante’ investment funds fought over plans to deal with Dublin’s soaraway budget deficit.

Spence calls for disbandment of UVF

uvf.jpg The man behind the emergence of the unionist paramilitary UVF in the 1960s has called for the organisation to stand down

Equal PSNI recruitment to end

psniriot.jpg The equal recruitment of Catholics and Protestants to the North’s police is to end next year, the British government said today.

Doherty clashes with Cowen on election trail

pearsedoherty.jpg The 26-County Taoiseach Brian Cowen has attacked Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty as election campaigning heated up in Donegal.

Govt swindling pensioners of care - report

nursinghome.jpg The Dublin government has deprived thousands of older people of their legal entitlement to nursing home care, according to a report by the Ombudsman and Information Commissioner Emily O’Reilly.

Arthur Morgan not to contest seat

arthurmorgan.jpg Sinn Fein’s Arthur Morgan, the party’s spokesman on finance, will not contest the next general election. The Louth deputy confirmed this week he wanted to return to his family business, after serving two terms.

Seeking a consensus on the past

gerryadamsflat.jpg Dealing with the past and the issue of truth recovery arising from the conflict has become increasingly fraught.

Austerity plan must be resisted

euausterity.jpg The Dublin government last week published its much anticipated declaration of war on the working class.

November 9, 2010

Arthur Morgan to step down

Sinn Fein’s finance spokesman Arthur Morgan said tonight he will not stand in the next general election.

November 8, 2010

Grenade attack stuns PSNI

grenade.jpg The use of a military fragmentation grenade in an attack on a PSNI patrol in west Belfast marks a new departure for the armed campaign of Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH) and the breakaway IRA groups.

‘Germans’ running 26-County finances

ollirehn.jpg On the day it emerged European bureaucrats have taken up offices in the 26-County Department of Finance, EU economic commissioner Ollie Rehn flew into Ireland to inspect the Dublin government’s economic plans.

PSNI aggression in Armagh

psniraids.jpg Sinn Fein Six-County Minister Conor Murphy has lambasted the PSNI police after they used loudhailers, spotlights and marksmen to arrest a man who was later cleared of any involvement in a suspected robbery.

Hunger strike dispute goes on

comm.jpg Former IRA prison leader Brendan ‘Bik’ McFarlane has declared that a document from the 1981 hunger strike proved that republicans did not reject a British government deal to end the 1981 Hunger Strike.

Protest at Garda brutality

studentprotest.jpg Student groups have organised an anti-Garda brutality march following last week’s scenes of state violence against students protesting at planned fee increases in the 26 Count

Heritage ‘on sale now’

fenianflag.jpg Memorabilia spanning a thousand years of Irish history is set to go under the hammer in the latest controversial sell-off of historical treasures by Whyte’s auction house in Dublin.

God save their Queen

queenposter.jpg The image of the typical dissident republican protesting against the queen’s visit to Ireland next year is clearcut.

Moving the money around

sterlingmoney.jpg The problem of unbalance in the North's economy was not one of inability or “troubles”, it was one of a British policy of inhibiting local initiative and filling up the gaps - for stability’s sake.

November 5, 2010

Blood on the streets

studentgardaattack.jpg A brutal Garda attack on a student protest in Dublin which injured and traumatised protesters as young as 16 and 17 years of age has been strongly condemned.

By-election date set after SF court triumph

dohertyocaolainhighcourt.jpg An impressively strong High Court judgement in favour of Sinn Fein’s Pearse Doherty has delivered a stunning blow to Brian Cowen’s crumbling regime and forced it to finally hold the long-delayed Donegal South West by-election.

Loyalists attack west Belfast homes

stjamespsni.jpg A four-year-old girl and a pregnant woman escaped injury in a loyalist bomb attack at their west Belfast home.

‘No more open inquiries’ - British govt

owenpaterson.jpg The British Secretary of State has told the Westminster Parliament in London that there should be no more open-ended investigations into the past conflict.

Solidarity as McGeough/McAnespie trial resumes

gerrymcgeoughposter.jpg Republican activist and author Gerry McGeough has expressed his thanks to supporters as his juryless “trial” restarted in Belfast this week.

IMC to be scrapped

imc.jpg A propoganda agency operated by MI5 and PSNI Special Branch is to be disbanded, it was announced on Thursday.

Interview with Oglaigh na hEireann

colour.jpg An interview with three representatives of Oglaigh na hEireann leadership -- one member of the organisation’s Army Council and two general headquarters staff -- conducted this week by Brian Rowan of the Belfast Telegraph.

Harney deserving of special shame

maryharney.jpg Step forward Mary Harney, to a position of lonely eminence: the worse tanaiste ever.

November 3, 2010

Govt sets by-election date

In the wake of today’s High Court decision, the Dublin government has announced this evening that a by-election will be held between November 22nd and 29th in Donegal South-West alone.

Police attack student protest in Dublin

Riot police attacked students in Dublin today with baton charges, dogs, armored vehicles and horses after the students protesting against government cuts occupied the Department of Finance and threw eggs at the Dail.

SF wins by-election ruling

The High Court in Dublin has upheld a legal challenge by Sinn Fein aimed at forcing the coalition government to hold the long-awaited by-election in Donegal South West.

November 2, 2010

Former minister quits politics

Donegal North East TD Dr Jim McDaid has resigned his seat in the Dublin parliament.

November 1, 2010

The IMF man cometh

imf.jpg A bailout of the 26 County state by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is increasingly likely as confidence in the coalition government’s ability to manage the state’s economy ebbs away.

Shadowy forces behind Derry raids

sas.jpg The 32 County Sovereignty Movement has warned that undercover British military personnel have been witnessed operating on back roads around Derry city, heavily armed and dressed in black military fatigues.

Alerts in Armagh and Antrim

alertarchive.jpg A beer keg packed with 40kg of home-made explosives was uncovered under a railway bridge in County Armagh on Friday, sparking a 36-hour security alert.

Harney ‘has blood on her hands’

harneyblood.jpg eirigi councillor Louise Minihan was arrested this [Monday] afternoon after symbolically splashing red paint over 26-County Health Minister Mary Harney.

Doherty family meet with MI5 reviewer

ciarandoherty.jpg The family of Derry murder victim Kieran Doherty say they are happy with the outcome of their meeting with the British government security advisor, which took place at the spot where Doherty was kille

AG presented with new Ballymurphy evidence

adamsballymurphy.jpg New eyewitness accounts of the shootings of 11 people by British soldiers in west Belfast were submitted to Six-County attorney general John Larkin at the weekend in an attempt to get fresh inquests opened.

There is a better way

sflogoflat.jpg A summary of Sinn Féin’s 26-County pre-budget submission and economic plan for recovery 2011, which was released in Dublin today.

A timetable for withdrawal

troopsoutposter.jpg Fergal Moore sets out the approach of Republican Sinn Féin to the possibility of talks with the British Government.

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