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Warships and warplanes

Protests will greet the largest warship in the British Navy when it arrives in Dublin on

Published June 27, 2006

UDA expels leaders

There are mounting fears of a major feud among rival groups within the unionist paramilitary organisation UDA after its north Belfast units rejected instructions to expel its leadership.

Published June 22, 2006

CIRA prisoners call for public support

Republican prisoners in Maghaberry have called on members of the public to support their campaign for political status.

Published June 22, 2006

Major British operation in Armagh and Fermanagh

Hundreds of PSNI police and British army troops, took part in a massive military operation in parts of Armagh and Fermanagh on Monday.

Published June 22, 2006

Death of Denis Faul

Controversial priest Fr Denis Faul has died after a lengthy battle with cancer.

Published June 22, 2006

Loughinisland families demand truth, justice

The families of six Catholics murdered in a County Down pub by unionist paramilitaries 12 years ago have accused police of protecting those involved in the killings.

Published June 17, 2006

Death of former Taoiseach

The legacy of controversial former 26-County Taoiseach Charles Haughey is under debate following his death aged 80 at his home in Kinsealy, County Dublin, on Tuesday morning.

Published June 17, 2006

DUP criticised for Assembly go-slow

Sinn Féin has accused Ian Paisley’s DUP of attempting to use delaying tactics to stretch the timetable within which there should be an Executive formed at the shadow Belfast Assembly.

Published June 17, 2006

Shackled prisoner found at Shannon

The discovery of a US military prisoner being illegally transported aboard a civilian plane at Shannon airport in the west of Ireland has reignited controversy.

Published June 17, 2006

Problems grow for UUP

The PSNI police are investigating the financial affairs of the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), it has emerged.

Published June 17, 2006

Inequality backed by Court of Appeal

A Court of Appeal ruling which upheld British Direct Ruler Peter Hain’s decision to appoint two members of the anti-Catholic Orange Order to the Parades Commission has been strongly criticised by nationalists.

Published June 11, 2006

Tensions increase ahead of marching season

A Catholic pensioner of 91 was attacked in her home during the week amid a number of violent incidents across the North.

Published June 11, 2006

Dublin lied about torture flights - CE

A report by the Council of Europe has found Ireland guilty of collusion with the CIA in the illegal transfer of prisoners to secret interrogation centres.

Published June 11, 2006

Massacre arrests, 12 years on

The arrest of two people in connection with the 1994 Loughinisland pub killingws is being seen as the result of a campaign for justice by the families of the victims.

Published June 11, 2006

Adams on Basque peace mission

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has told representatives in Iberia that dialogue and respect for political and democratic rights was the key to achieving peace in the region

Published June 11, 2006

UVF gunmen were working for Special Branch

Members of the unionist paramilitary UVF who shot double-agent Mark Haddock last week may themselves have been working for the murderous Special Branch division of the PSNI police, according to reports.

Published June 6, 2006

McDowell blamed for rape law debacle

Amid a public furore over the collapse of its laws on statutory rape, the 26-County government has said a constitutional referendum may be needed to resolve the crisis.

Published June 6, 2006

Dog days for peace process

The first meeting of an Assembly committee established to outline the path to the restoration of power-sharing has broken up in acrimony.

Published June 6, 2006

Anger at Ballymena march provocation

Nationalists are angry after unionist bandsmen broke a deal struck last week surrounding a contentious parade in Ballymena on Saturday.

Published June 6, 2006

Film director challenges colonialist critics

Renowned film-maker Ken Loach has hit back at British press criticism of his award-winning film on the War of Independence.

Published June 6, 2006


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