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Dáil in disarray

johnodonoghue.jpg Following the ouster on Tuesday of the speaker of the Dail, an Ceann Comhairle John O’Donoghue, increasing turmoil has beset the political institutions in Dublin and threatens to overwhelm the coalition government.

Published October 8, 2009

DUP demands unpick Good Friday Agreement

goodfridayagreement.jpg Talks between the first and deputy first ministers and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the devolution of policing powers have ended without agreement.

Published October 8, 2009

Tensions increase across North

colerainepsniattack.jpg There has been a general increase in tension across the North following the arrival of the new PSNI chief, Matt Baggott.

Published October 8, 2009

Coroner steps down in Jordan inquest

coronerleckey.jpg The North’s senior coroner is to stand aside from hearing an inquest into the killing of an IRA man shot dead by Crown forces 17 years ago.

Published October 8, 2009

Woman asked to become agent for MI5

mi5.jpg A young Fermanagh woman has spoken off her fear after being stopped and questioned by MI5 agents upon landing at a Spanish airport when she went on holiday earlier this month.

Published October 8, 2009

John O’Donoghue to resign

The speaker of the Dublin parliament, the Ceann Comhairle, John O’Donoghue, announced tonight that he will resign next week

Published October 6, 2009

John Brady dies in PSNI custody

johnbrady.jpg A well-known republican died in suspicious circumstances at a PSNI base in Derry on Saturday night.

Published October 5, 2009

Praise for those who defied Lisbon ‘bullying’

bureaucrats.jpg The Lisbon Treaty was backed on its second outing on Friday by 67 per cent of those who voted in the 26 County referendum.

Published October 5, 2009

DUP seen digging in until election

stormontstatue.jpg The positions of the northern parties on policing and justice hardened last night as it appeared the DUP will attempt to negotiate separately from Sinn Fein with the British government.

Published October 5, 2009

Mixed reaction to ex-PoW’s book

gerrybradley.jpg Former IRA prisoner Gerry ‘Whitey’ Bradley has defended a book that lifts the lid on his life in the organisation, insisting he is “just telling my story”.

Published October 5, 2009

US hearings into RUC collusion

raymondmccord.jpg The father of a Belfast man who was murdered by a unionist paramilitary group in 1997 has secured his plea to have a US congressional hearing into his son’s murder next month.

Published October 5, 2009

Body armour worn by Belfast tour bus drivers

belfasttourbus.jpg International visitors arriving for bus tours of Belfast this week were shocked to see their drivers wearing bulletproof vests.

Published October 5, 2009

Lisbon Treaty is passed

With results in from almost all of the constituencies, the Lisbon referendum has been passed in the 26 Counties by a margin of about two to one.

Published October 3, 2009

Tallies indicate Lisbon II to be passed

Early tallies in the Lisbon referendum indicate that the Treaty is likely to be passed on the second attempt.

Published October 3, 2009

The last chance to say No

notolisbon.jpg Voters in the 26 Counties have the potential to draw a line in the sand tomorrow against a greedy European superstate in Brussels and the corrupt Fianna Fail government in Dublin.

Published October 1, 2009

Brown, Clinton for crisis visits after Stormont row erupts

mcguinnessangry.jpg The North’s Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness admitted yesterday that power-sharing is facing a crisis. In a stinging rebuke to Peter Robinson, he said the First Minister “needs to get his act together”.

Published October 1, 2009

McCausland sets sights on GAA

nelsonmccausland.jpg The north’s sports minister has threatened to cut funds from Gaelic clubs or events named after “paramilitaries”.

Published October 1, 2009

Three-year-olds searched by PSNI

threeyearolds.jpg Children as young as three have been stopped and searched by the PSNI, it has been revealed.

Published October 1, 2009

McGuinness addresses Labour Party conference

britishlabourlogo.jpg Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness addressed a fringe event at the British Labour Party Conference in Brighton on Tuesday morning.

Published October 1, 2009

Bomb targets policing meeting

unionjack.jpg A loyalist faction has been blamed for leaving a device near Ballymoney in County Antrim.

Published October 1, 2009


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