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1981 archive papers

archives.jpg A round-up of the revelations from the historical papers, mostly pertaining to 1981, which were released over the New Year period.

Published January 6, 2012

New Year’s statements

2012.jpg Messages issued by three republican political organisations on the occasion of the New Year 2012.

Published January 6, 2012

Provocative ‘history’

margaretthatcher2.jpg The publication of declassified papers from thirty years ago has brought new controversy over the British view of the 1981 hunger strike, in which ten men, including Bobby Sands, died.

Published December 30, 2011

Demand abides for Bloody Sunday justice

marchforjustice.jpg The annual march commemorating the 1972 Bloody Sunday massacre will take place under the theme ‘March for Justice’, despite calls by some relatives of the victims that the campaign should come to an end.

Published December 30, 2011

University to give up confidential IRA files

bostoncollege2.jpg Boston College has agreed to turn over research interviews recorded in confidence by a former IRA member to the PSNI police.

Published December 30, 2011

Gaelic sports club burned out

seandolans.jpg Loyalist paramilitaries are being blamed for an arson attack which badly damaged a GAA clubhouse in Derry on Wednesday.

Published December 30, 2011

No right to protest for nationalists

garcprotest.jpg A residents’ group whose members were convicted this week for protesting against a sectarian parade said the case highlighted the one-sided nature of the justice system in the North of Ireland.

Published December 30, 2011

Dublin government confirms water tax

watercharges.jpg Every drop of clean water in the 26 County state is to be metered and taxed as part of a new government fundraising drive which emerged over the Christmas break.

Published December 30, 2011

A liberty shredded by Britain

liberty.jpg Pressure is growing for the immediate release form jail of former republican spokeswoman Marian Price after it was admitted that a royal pardon central to her case has been shredded by the British government.

Published December 23, 2011

Duffy-Shivers trial ends in further controversy

duffyshivers.jpg A lawyer told Belfast Crown Court this week that the trial of Colin Duffy and Brian Shivers for the March 2009 Real IRA attack on a British Army base in Antrim has “miscarriage of justice all over it”.

Published December 23, 2011

Corey wins internment review

martincorey.jpg Armagh man Martin Corey has won High Court permission to mount a challenge to his re-imprisonment.

Published December 23, 2011

History made as coroner recommends prosecution

johnleckey.jpg A prosecution in the case of a Derry teenager killed in 1972 could pave the way for cases to be brought against those responsible for Bloody Sunday and other British military atrocities in the North of Ireland.

Published December 23, 2011

Sinn Fein issues PSNI warning

declankearney.jpg In an unusually frank statement, Sinn Fein strategist Declan Kearney has said his party’s support for the PSNI is “not unconditional”.

Published December 23, 2011

Adams is South’s most popular political leader

ballotadams.jpg The latest opinion poll in the 26 Counties places Gerry Adams as the most popular political leader, and Sinn Fein as the second most popular party in the state.

Published December 23, 2011

Sean Garland wins extradition case

seangarland.jpg The extradition of veteran republican socialist Sean Garland to the United States has been rejected by an Irish court this afternoon.

Published December 21, 2011

An appeal for the truth

jackalruc.jpg There have been new calls for a truth commission in the north of Ireland following confirmation that one of the North’s deadliest terrorists was a police agent.

Published December 16, 2011

Family’s relief as inquest finally held

hegartyfamily.jpg British soldiers involved in shooting a 15-year-old boy nearly 40 years ago should face prosecution, a lawyer for the teenager’s family has said, following the long-sought inquest into his death last week.

Published December 16, 2011

SF condemns euro deal “madness”

eoinobroin.jpg Sinn Fein has described the deal done by European leaders last week as “madness” which could condemn the 26-County state to a draconian austerity program from which it can never escape.

Published December 16, 2011

PSNI base targeted in south Armagh

keadyruc.jpg A bomb was defused on Sunday night close to the PSNI station in Keady, south Armagh.

Published December 16, 2011

Prisoner’s wife sexually assaulted by MI5 man

assault.jpg An MI5 attempt to recruit the wife of a dissident republican prisoner as an agent ended with the mother-of-three being groped and intimidated by an intelligence officer.

Published December 16, 2011


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