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Anger at hypocrisy of PSNI spin on Noah

noahpsniprotest.jpg Fiona Donohoe has filed a third complaint with the Police Ombudsman, accusing the PSNI of leaking sensitive material on her sons’s disappearance and death to social media.

Published September 7, 2022

Supreme Court challenge leaves only one Bloody Sunday prosecution

sundaydaly.jpg Relatives of Bloody Sunday victims seeking the prosecution of three former British soldiers have been denied permission to take their case to the Supreme Court in London.

Published September 7, 2022

‘Don’t let them fool you’

psnimi5.jpg British military intelligence is continuing to engage in harassment and recruitment bids on republicans and their family in Derry.

Published September 7, 2022

Liz Truss is the new British Prime Minister


Liz Truss has been named as the new leader of the British Conservative Party and Britain’s fourth prime minister in just over six years.

Published September 5, 2022

Questions mount over loyalist violence

udahandmural1200.jpg The PSNI have been accused of playing down a loyalist campaign of terror in the Coleraine area after a series of petrol bomb attacks were blamed on UDA paramilitaries.

Published September 1, 2022

Tory ‘hand grenade’ targets Ireland

trusstank2.jpg Tory leadership hopeful Liz Truss could be set to create an even greater crisis over the Irish Protocol of Brexit if, as expected, she becomes the next British Prime Minister on Monday.

Published September 1, 2022

Veteran republicans arrested

garymcnally.jpg Two republican activists including a former Blanketman are being held without bail following a Crown Force operation in Belfast.

Published September 1, 2022

Hunger striker takes on Israeli internment

khalil.jpg Israel has been forced to back down in the face of a wave of support for Palestinian hunger striker Khalil Awawdeh after images emerged showing him close to death.

Published September 1, 2022

PSNI set upon man suffering medical emergency

medicalpsni.jpg An attack on a critically ill republican as he made his way to hospital for emergency treatment has been condemned as “a new low”.

Published September 1, 2022

Loyalist territorialism reaches new height

downflagpost.jpg A giant flag pole erected by loyalists in County Down could be used to fly the world’s largest Union Jack.

Published September 1, 2022

Support abides for armed struggle

resistance.jpg Seven in ten nationalists in the north of Ireland accept there was no alternative to the “violent resistance” of republican armed groups to British rule, according to an opinion poll.

Published August 25, 2022

‘Landlord minister’ quits over undeclared deals

roberttroy.jpg Fianna Fáil minister of State Robert Troy has resigned ten days into a mounting scandal over undeclared property dealings and his large property portfolio.

Published August 25, 2022

Vara runs from truth protest

varaprotest.jpg British Direct Ruler Shailesh Vara was accused of ‘ducking and diving’ from protestors in Derry opposed to his government’s plans for an amnesty covering Britain’s war crimes in the North.

Published August 25, 2022

Pain of memorial to John Pat’s killer

hutchingsmemorial.jpg The family of a vulnerable adult murdered by the British Army in cold blood have hit out after a memorial was unveiled to his killer at a British Army base.

Published August 25, 2022

Thousands attend hunger strike events

sfhunger2022.jpg The first Sinn Féin hunger strike Commemoration in three years took place in Belfast on Sunday 21st August.

Published August 25, 2022

Angling body forced into u-turn over proud Irish win

anglers.jpg A controversial decision to suspend an Irish national angling team because of ‘overzealous’ use of the Irish tricolour flag at a major international competition has been reversed following a public outcry.

Published August 25, 2022

Yes to justice for Noah

noahprotest2.jpg Several thousand people protested in Belfast city centre last weekend against a secrecy order placed on investigations into the death of Noah Donohoe.

Published August 18, 2022

West Belfast Féile at eye of summer storm

feilejumpup.jpg Unionists have escalated a campaign to demonise Irish resistance to British rule by falsely linking it to sectarianism.

Published August 18, 2022

No relief from loyalist intimidation in Derry

derryflags.jpg The annual ‘Relief of Derry’ march by the loyalist Apprentice Boys’ organisation saw flags once again used to intimidate and insult the overwhelmingly nationalist population of the city.

Published August 18, 2022

Tory ‘hustings’ branded a charade

hustings.jpg Sinn Féin has branded the arrival of the Tory leadership contest ‘totally insulting’ and said they have no regard for the people of the north of Ireland.

Published August 18, 2022


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