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Solidarity of the people

greecewaterprotest.jpg The Dublin government has been accused of lining up with the IMF and the EU institutions to inflict further suffering on the Greek people even as it continues to impose further austerity cuts here.

Published June 27, 2015

Bigotry after tragedy

nyt.jpg Evidence of anti-Irish attitudes in the upper echelons of the US media has shocked the Irish public as it struggles with a disaster in Berkeley, California, that this week claimed the lives of six students and injured a further seven.

Published June 20, 2015

‘Open the vaults’

collusionvictims.jpg The head of the PSNI police in the north of Ireland, George Hamilton, has said the force has a “vault” of secret information on the conflict in the North but is concerned its release would create a “one sided focus” on the force’s actions.

Published June 13, 2015

Bell prosecuted as SF pair acquitted; Fennell bailed

fourcourtslaganside.jpg The case against two high-profile Sinn Fein activists accused of IRA membership collapsed this week after key witnesses withdrew their evidence in a dramatic week for republicans in the court.

Published June 6, 2015

A secret army of assassins

museumgun.jpg A new BBC documentary has raised awareness and prompted new questions about the scale and extent of Britain’s use of state agents to kill innocent civilians in Ireland.

Published May 30, 2015

Historic step for equality

referendumcount2015.jpg Ireland has become the first country to legalise same-sex marriage through a popular vote, with indications from all count centres across the country showing ‘Yes’ votes outnumbering ‘No’ votes by about two-to-one.

Published May 23, 2015

Finucane sham exposed

desilvareview.jpg Documents presented to a judicial review this week have confirmed that the British government staged a fake ‘review’ three years ago before announcing its predetermined decision to rule out a public inquiry into the killing of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane.

Published May 16, 2015

Election nightmare as Tories triumph

cameronhappycar.jpg The result of the British general election is a setback for Irish republicans with the loss of a key seat to unionists in the North while the Tories under David Cameron secured a slim overall majority in London.

Published May 9, 2015

A parliament in denial

milibandcleggcameron.jpg With just days to go before a potentially historic Westminster general election, a further rise in support for the Scottish National Party is already creating a crisis in British politics which will likely have implications for Ireland.

Published May 2, 2015

Internment fears for residents’ spokesperson

damianfennell.jpg A republican activist who has campaigned against sectarian parades in north Belfast has been arrested and charged in connection with a speech he made at Easter.

Published April 25, 2015

Loyalists escalate race violence

racistarson.jpg There has been a new spate of racist attacks across Belfast, with the Polish community being particularly targeted by loyalists.

Published April 18, 2015

Adams shifts stance on ‘border poll’

adamsroslea.jpg Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams made a call for a “referendum on Irish unity” on Easter Sunday as he spoke at a 1916 commemoration in Roslea, County Fermanagh. He did not specify if the referendum should be a national one or the ‘border poll’ within the Six Counties, as Sinn Fein has previously argued for.

Published April 11, 2015

‘Ireland’s Alamo’ saved

1916painting.jpg There has been a broad welcome for news that the site of the last stand of the 1916 rebels during the Easter Rising is to be bought by the 26 County State for 4 million euro.

Published April 4, 2015

Water protests continue amid corruption questions

right2watermarch.jpg Just under 90,000 people marched in Dublin on Saturday in the latest anti-austerity protest against the 26 County government’s new water charges as a scandal over the operation of Irish Water, the new national water board, has expanded.

Published March 28, 2015

Washington takes a back seat

adamshillaryclinton.jpg Political activity in the north of Ireland was unexpectedly set back this week when the US State Department cancelled a meeting with Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams in Washington DC.

Published March 21, 2015

Hope abides for ‘crucified’ Stormont

stormontstrikemar13.jpg Almost a hundred thousand people took the streets in the North’s biggest protest against austerity cuts on Friday as Sinn Fein battled accusations that it has let down working class voters and the poor in the negotiation of the Stormont House Agreement.

Published March 14, 2015

‘Taoiseach or bust’

sfaf2015.jpg Sinn Fein has categorically ruled out joining a coalition government in Dublin as junior partner after elections due early next year. The party is holding its Ard Fheis (annual conference) in Derry this weekend.

Published March 7, 2015

‘Criminals’ and ‘touts’ in south Armagh

frankmccabejr.jpg Sinn Fein has warned that a lack of confidence in the PSNI police is encouraging illegal activity in border areas.

Published February 28, 2015

Kincora victim’s first step

garyhoy.jpg An abuse victim is hopeful after winning the first stage in a battle to have a Westminster parliamentary inquiry look into allegations that senior unionist politicians, businessmen and high-level British state agents connived in a paedophile ring at the notorious Kincora care home in Belfast.

Published February 21, 2015

Attack on democracy

gardaarrest.jpg A number of children have been arrested in Dublin after being caught up in a shocking crackdown by the 26 County state against anti-austerity protests in the capital.

Published February 14, 2015


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