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Fury at ‘Thatcherite’ talks deal

freshstart2.jpg There are fears that this week’s talks agreement represents such a victory for unionist and British negotiators that it could wreck the North’s political process, rather than sustain it.

Published November 21, 2015

Humiliation once again

mcguinnessgstq.jpg Sinn Fein has accused unionists of embarrassing Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness by making him stand for a rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’ at a Poppy Day event at Stormont.

Published November 13, 2015

Robinson under pressure to quit as talks wind down

robinsontanned.jpg DUP leader Peter Robinson is likely to resign ‘within weeks’, according to reports, as it emerged that he is to be investigated by the PSNI over comments he made in regard to a property deal nine years ago.

Published November 6, 2015

Progressive alliance stumbles

right2change.jpg A weak and largely negative response by socialists and social democrats to a vote transfer pact with other progressive election candidates could have opened the door to a further five years of right-wing government in Dublin.

Published October 31, 2015

Contradictions multiply at Stormont talks

talksresumesf.jpg DUP Ministers suddenly returned to work and multi-party talks have resumed following the publication on Tuesday of a British intelligence report that claims the Provisional IRA, INLA, UVF, UDA and Red Hand Commando all still exist and control arms, but are ‘committed to peace’.

Published October 23, 2015

The Loyalist Blackmail Council

lccstatement.jpg A statement issued in the name of the main unionist paramilitary organisations vowing to “eschew all violence and criminality” has been greeted with profound scepticism across the political divide.

Published October 16, 2015

UDA ignored as bombers strike again

derrybomb.jpg There has been a deafening silence from unionist leaders in response to a statement attributed to the unionist paramilitary UDA in which it declares it will never “go away”.

Published October 10, 2015

PSNI defiant as Adams cleared over 1972 killing

adamshamilton.jpg Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has warned there are elements within the PSNI police in the North who are working against his party after it was confirmed he will not be prosecuted in connection with the IRA execution of an alleged informer 43 years ago.

Published October 3, 2015

SDLP spells it out

alasdairmcdonnell2.jpg Amid the latest bout of crisis talks in Belfast, SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell has warned that the Democratic Unionist Party simply don’t want to work with Catholics.

Published September 26, 2015

Talks back on track

mcguinnessrobinsonclash.jpg Sinn Fein has said it is willing to help find a way to deal with armed groups, including former Provisional IRA elements, as it was confirmed that multi-party crisis talks are to go ahead at Stormont next week.

Published September 19, 2015

Return to the brink

arlenefoster.jpg The cycle of crisis in the north of Ireland lurched towards the farcical this week as the Democratic Unionist Party blustered and threatened but, in the end, fudged an ultimatum to pull down the political institutions over allegations that the Provisional IRA still exists.

Published September 12, 2015

Stormont back from the brink

robinsontanned.jpg The DUP leader Peter Robinson has offered to take part in a fresh round of multi-party talks as a deep crisis over allegations that the Provisional IRA still exists appears set to extend over a period of weeks or months.

Published September 5, 2015

Unionists head for the exit

nesbittrobinsonforum.jpg The devolved administration in the north of Ireland is moving towards collapse as both of the main unionist parties have said they are ready to withdraw from the power-sharing coalition with nationalists.

Published August 29, 2015

‘IRA has left the stage’ - Adams

adamsconfused.jpg In response to a growing media furore, Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has insisted that the Provisional IRA were not involved in the killing of Kevin McGuigan in east Belfast earlier this month.

Published August 22, 2015

Bomb attack hits MI5 base

vanbombpalace.jpg The political crisis in the North deepened this week when a bomb attack struck the British Army’s Palace Barracks, the headquarters of MI5 in Ireland.

Published August 15, 2015

Anti-internment message ‘must be heard’

ail.jpg Loyalists say they will attempt to block a nationalist civil rights march through Belfast on Sunday. The UDA’s political wing, the UPRG, has threatened to “stop republican scum from marching on the streets of Belfast”.

Published August 8, 2015

British Army carry out Derry raids

britsgalliagh.jpg There has been an angry response after British soldiers mounted raids in Derry’s Galliagh area this week, with Sinn Fein describing them as “unacceptable”.

Published August 1, 2015

INLA presence felt at funeral

inla.jpg The attendance of a large colour party at the funeral procession of republican socialist matriarch Peggy O’Hara last weekend has outraged politicians and encouraged the PSNI to make a number of provocative raids, including at the home of the dead woman’s grief-stricken family.

Published July 25, 2015

Loyalist gunmen issue threat after riots

newloyalistsguns.jpg Loyalist disturbances have continued in north Belfast since an anti-Catholic Orange Order parade was rerouted from the nationalist Ardoyne area on Monday.

Published July 18, 2015


loyaliststwelfth15.jpg Loyalist intimidation has reached shocking new levels after sectarian graffiti appeared in south Belfast that threatens to ‘crucify’ Catholics, while Nazi flags were erected near a loyalist bonfire site in County Antrim.

Published July 11, 2015


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