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Intervention sought for protest at Maghaberry

dermotburke.jpg Republican prisoner Dermot Burke is currently engaged in a dirty protest in Maghaberry jail after the prison regime there refused to transfer him to the republican wing at Roe House.

Published February 29, 2024

New poll confirms Six County majority for unity

ltpoll2402.jpg A clear majority of those living in the north of Ireland now support Irish reunification, according to the results of a new opinion poll, while most people under the age of 50 say they are ready to vote for unity in a referendum.

Published February 22, 2024

One of Kitson’s killer unit to face prosecution

mrfmcveigh.jpg A former British soldier is to be prosecuted for one of the first ‘shoot-to-kill’ targeted murders to be carried out by the British Army in the North.

Published February 15, 2024

No more second-class citizenship

oneillstormont.jpg History was made on Saturday when Michelle O’Neill became the first nationalist First Minister for the Six Counties and banished forever the concept of Stormont being ‘a Protestant parliament for a Protestant people’.

Published February 8, 2024

Brexit deal clears the way

donaldsonchh.jpg The DUP has secured significant concessions on Brexit and “safeguards” for the Union in return for agreeing to a return of the Stormont Assembly and Executive.

Published February 1, 2024

Donaldson battles ‘those who point the finger’

donaldsonpaisley.jpg A bid to revive power-sharing in the North of Ireland hangs in the balance following attempts by loyalists and their supporters in the media to sabotage a potential deal between the British government and the DUP.

Published January 25, 2024

‘Northern Ireland’ shuts down

stormontwalk.jpg Ahead of a huge one-day general strike over the failure to deliver backdated pay increases and funding for services, the North’s first minister designate, Sinn Féin’s Michelle O’Neill, has told the Stormont Assembly she fears the democratic institutions of the Good Friday Agreement are in “free fall”.

Published January 18, 2024

Scandal of housing crisis brought home

mollymalone.jpg The death of a homeless man of suspected hypothermia near one of Dublin’s main tourist attractions has refocused attention on the profound failure of the coalition government to tackle the homelessness and housing crises.

Published January 11, 2024

‘Architect of collusion’ reported dead

kitsoncolour.jpg One of the most senior British army officers to operate during the conflict in Ireland and who is most identified with the deliberate killings of Irish civilians has died aged 97, according to reports

Published January 4, 2024

See you in international court

sunakflags.jpg A decision by the Dublin government to take an inter-state case against Britain over new cover-up legislation has been widely welcomed in Ireland but has drawn a bitter response from London who have vowed to defend their soldiers regardless.

Published December 21, 2023

Christmas gifts for the DUP

duphillsborough.jpg The DUP is under renewed pressure to end its boycott of power-sharing in the North and accept a multi-billion pound British financial package which would deliver substantial funding across the North’s public sector.

Published December 14, 2023

A poet is mourned

shanemacgowan.jpg A huge funeral is expected for the legendary singer and proud Irish patriot Shane MacGowan following his death aged 65. The former Pogues frontman died last Thursday with his wife and family by his side.

Published December 7, 2023

Dublin set alight

oconnellriot.jpg The dysfunctional nature of policing in Ireland has been dramatically exposed by some of the worst street violence seen in living memory.

Published November 30, 2023

‘A shameful failure’

martinisrael.jpg An official visit to Israel by the 26 County Tanaiste Micheal Martin at a time when it is conducting a genocide of the Palestinian people has been received with anger and disbelief in Ireland.

Published November 23, 2023

Feud fears as UVF gang ‘stood down’

eastbelfastuvf2.jpg Factions of the unionist paramilitary UVF could turn on each other after an order was issued to disband one huge gang in east Belfast which had become notorious for serious crime and intimidation of the local community.

Published November 16, 2023

Bloody Sunday documents show murderous intent

coldstreamguards.jpg The British government has been accused of deliberately withholding evidence from the Bloody Sunday Inquiry that shows their senior military officers were demanding to shoot ‘rioters’ and ‘mobs’ before and after the massacre.

Published November 9, 2023

Irish leaders urged to act for Gaza

gazabombedhania.jpg An Irish citizen in Gaza City has made an emotional plea for help from Irish politicians and world leaders as he and his Dublin-born family face death in the continuing Israeli annihilation of Gaza.

Published November 2, 2023

Collusion on show at ‘supergrass’ trial

maskedgangpsni.jpg Masked loyalist paramilitaries were allowed to sit in the public gallery of Belfast Crown Court with the connivance of the PSNI in a shocking act of public intimidation.

Published October 26, 2023

Dáil stops short of condemnation of Israel

gazabombed23.jpg Ireland has been expressing its outrage at the war crimes of the Israeli authorities and the increasingly genocidal slaughter of innocent civilians in Gaza.

Published October 19, 2023

Ireland urges peace with freedom for Palestine

ipscdublin.jpg Protests have been taking place across Ireland in support of the Palestinian people and to demand international action to end Israeli violence.

Published October 12, 2023


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