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Thursday 11 March, 1999


British stalling
fuels crisis

By passing over the March 10 deadline and refusing to trigger the d'Hondt mechanism and devolve power to the Northern Executive British Secretary of State Mowlam has again blinked. more

When `legal' guns become Loyalist guns

A delegation from Relatives for Justice met General John de Chastelain on Monday morning in Belfast.

RUC in hiding after N.Y. TKO

An RUC boxing match in New York was abruptly canceled when grassroots Irish America raised its voice in protest.

International Women's Day

Sinn Féin celebrated International Women's Day, 8 March, at Stormont with a discussion on what the Assembly can achieve for women in today's society. `Once is too much' exhibition highlights anti-women violence Seven SF women to stand in Cavan/Monaghan

Festival of Fun

Despite the best efforts of Unionist politicians, the people of Belfast are set to hold one of the biggest and most colourful St Patrick's Day parades ever seen in the city.

More Orange rallies planned for Drumcree

Garvaghy Road nationalists are pessimistic that a solution can be found to end the stand-off at Drumcree.

RUC put Magherafelt children at risk

A mother of three from Magherafelt awoke on Monday March 1 to the RUC smashing in the front door.

Law Society attempts to block Finucane report

Leading officers of the Law Society in the Six Counties are trying to stop their own Human Rights Committee considering a report into the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane ten years ago.

UDA members behind North Belfast attacks

Sinn Fein Assembly member for North Belfast Gerry Kelly has said that attacks on Catholic homes in the area, are `part of an organised campaign to drive Catholics out the area'.

`Smash the bases down'

Farmers and Residents against Military bases are calling for a large turnout at a protest in Fermanagh on Sunday with the theme being ``Smash the bases down''.

Where racism and sectarianism meet

Jonathan McIvor provides a perfect illustration of the seamless connection between racism and sectarianism, writes Fern Lane.

Portadown grandmother assaulted by RUC wins legal action

A Portadown grandmother assaulted by the RUC three years ago has won damages in Craigavon court.

Brits in Combat 18 inquiry

MI5 has arrested two serving British soldiers who have been charged with public order offences in connection with their active involvement in Combat 18.

United Irishmen monument vandalised

Loyalists are believed to have been behind an attack on a monument erected in West Belfast to commemorate a local family prominent in the 1798 United Irishmen Rebellion.

PTA renewal announced

Last Thursdsay, March 4, British Home Secretary Jack Straw announced he was seeking the renewal of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), currently in it's 25th year.

RUC intimidation in Downpatrick'

Sinn Fein's Down District councillor, Paddy McGreevy has described the on-going intimidation against a young Downpatrick couple by the RUC as typical of, ``that institutionally sectarian paramilitary force''.

RUC on PR offensive

The RUC have begun a PR offensive in the wake of one of their officers being criticised in the official inquiry into the racist murder of 18 year old black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

Courts denying Republicans rights

John James Bradley, a former secretary of the Irish Republican Felons Club, has been fined 500 by the courts for exercising his right to remain silent.

Ringsend and District Response to Drugs

Friday March 5 saw the launch of the Ringsend & District Response to Drugs (RDRD) annual report and a special graduation presentation.

MBW withdraws funding from Foundry Trust

Sinn Fein councillor Tom Hartley has described as `political', the decision by Making Belfast Work (MBW) to withdraw funding from The Foundry Regeneration Trust at the end of this month.

Horrifying Greenpeace Survey results on radioactivity

Greenpeace has found the risk of leukaemia in children and youth around Sellafield to be 10 times higher than the national average.

Lurgan Harry the branch man tries it again

A Lurgan based RUC man renowned as a `serial recruiter' attempted to recruit a 37 year old man from the Taghnevan estate in the town as an informer.

Equality - behind the words

A report: `Equality and Human Rights: Their Role in Peace Building' was launched in Belfast last Thursday.

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