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Thursday 23 July, 1998


Time for direct dialogue

Proximity talks involving representatives of the Garvaghy Road residents and the Orange Order in Portadown broke down on Tuesday 21 July without success. more

Garvaghy siege ends

Only a handful of Orangemen remain holed up in Drumcree church hall led by Harold Gracey, who was refusing to give interviews.

Bloody Sunday Inquiry: spectre of Widgery

The spectre of Widgery haunted the preliminary hearings for the Bloody Sunday Inquiry this week.

Bill falls short

The Northern Ireland Bill being rushed through the Westminister parliament this week has been condemned by human rights and community groups across the Six Counties.

Mad race against Basque independence

Teresa Toda, journalist at Egin for over 14 years, on the shutdown of Egin and Egin Irratia

RUC PR stunts fool no-one

The attempts by the RUC to rehabilitate itself in the aftermath of the siege of Garvaghy Road have not impressed, writes Sean Marlow.

Coopey lawyer charged

The defence solicitor for the man charged with the brutal murder of Annsborough teenager James Morgan, was last week sharing the same prison as his client.

Investigation into Nelson harassment

The Independent Commision for Police Complaints is to investigate claims made by Lurgan solicitor Rosemary Nelson of persistent RUC intimidation and harassment.

Orange disorder

Laura Friel watched as disarray amongst Orangemen continued with the resignation of several Orange Order Chaplains and the threat of resignation from around twenty more.

Britain guilty of human rights abuse

The European Commission on Human Rights last found found that the British government violated human rights in the Six Counties.

Homelessness rising in Dublin

North Inner City Dublin Councillor Christy Burke has slammed the current homelessness situation on the streets of Dublin as a mockery of the `Celtic Tiger' hype.


Eoghan MacCormaic finds his computer is making progress in tackling the names of Ireland's political figures.

Observers visit Bessbrook

A delegation of International Human Rights observers visited the south Armagh village of Bessbrook last weekend to see for themselves the militarisation in the area.

North Belfast gets Féile fever

Festival fever hits Belfast once again with the launch this week of two north Belfast Féiles.

SFY protest against harassment

Sinn Féin Youth members in Dublin protested at what they termed ``renewed efforts by the Gardaí Special Branch to harass and intimidate'' them.

Homes without water

Sinn Fein has called on the Water Executive to tackle the problem of homes in West Tyrone without running water.

Vol Pat Cannon remembered

The Volunteer Patrick Cannon commemoration held in Dublin last Saturday heard speeches by Danny Hamilton on behalf of Sinn Féin Youth and Larry O'Toole on behalf of Sinn Féin.

Who are real terrorists?

The London-based Institute for Independence Studies is hosting another of its regular seminars entitled Who are the Real Terrorists? on 6 August.

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