Republican News · Thursday 23 July 1998

[An Phoblacht]

SFY protest against harassment

Sinn Féin Youth members in Dublin protested at what they termed ``renewed efforts by the Gardaí Special Branch to harass and intimidate'' them.

The protest was held outside the Special Branch headquarters in Dublin's Harcourt Street. Dublin SFY Co-ordinator Matt Carthy said, ``Last Friday alone 13 members of SFY along with five international guests were stopped and questioned by a known Special Branch Garda and his colleagues, who refused to disclose their names.''

SFY members held posters at the picket bearing the names of some offending Gardaí. One Garda, posted at the gate of the station, physically assaulted a SFY member, quite unashamedly, in full view of passers by. The young man, who had not commited an offence, displayed remarkable patience and dignity considering the extent of the assaults.

Carthy, who also said that one Special Branch Garda had initiated a campaign of intimidation by driving past various members' homes while ensuring ``that the political activists knew that it was them he was surveying'', commended the resolve of SFY members in the face of this ``pathetic behaviour'' and concluded that ``Sinn Féin Youth refuse to allow this situation to continue. We will not allow the Gardaí or anyone else to hamper the work we have undertaken.'' Efforts to intimidate, he said ``are in vain''.

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