Republican News · Thursday 23 July 1998

[An Phoblacht]

Heroes honoured in Ballina

Because it was the first commemoration held since the remains of Proinsías Stagg were re-interred in the Republican Plot, Ballina, Co. Mayo, in compliance with Stagg's own wishes to be buried beside his comrade, Michael Gaughan, this year's event was of particular significance.

Gaughan and Stagg, victims of the repressive policies against Irish republican prisoners in British jails, both died on hunger-strike during the term of office of the present British Labour administration.

Impressive funeral tributes were paid in England, by the Irish community, and even by decent elements in British society who had been severely embarrassed at what was and is being done in their name - in sharp contrast to the attitude adopted by the Dublin regime, when the remains reached their jurisdiction on their way for burial in Ballina.

Gaughan was the first to die. When Stagg's slow agony was coming to an end he asked specifically that he be buried with his comrade in the Republican Plot, Ballina, in his native County Mayo.

Phoblacht 29 July 1978

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