Republican News · Thursday 23 July 1998

[An Phoblacht]

Scottish Orange leader resigns

The Drumcree standoff has been cited by a leading member of the Orange Order in Scotland as the reason behind his resignation. The resignation has reopened the controversy within the Order over the violence associated with the Drumcree standoff and the deaths of brothers Richard, Mark and Jason Quinn in Ballymoney.

Church of Scotland Minister, Gordon McCracken resigned as Deputy Grand Master in Scotland on July 14. McCracken said his resignation was not in relation to the deaths of the Quinn children, which he described as ``regrettable and heartbreaking but not directly related'' but because of the attacks on Crown force personnel at Drumcree.

  • 23 year old Thomas Robert Garfield Gilmour, a salesman from Ballymoney, appeared in Belfast Magistrates Court on Tuesday 21 July charged with murdering the three Quinn brothers in Ballymoney.

    Gilmour replied ``definitely not guilty'' when charged at Strandtown RUC station on Monday night but an RUC chief inspector said he believed he could connect the accused with the charges.

    When asked if the person or persons ``actively and physically involved'' in the firebomb attack had been brought before the court, the RUC man said ``it would be wrong for me to make any comment about that''.

    Meanwhile a number of other men are still being questioned.

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