Republican News · Thursday 23 July 1998

[An Phoblacht]

Britain guilty of human rights abuse

The European Commission on Human Rights last found found that the British government violated human rights in the Six Counties.

The Commission found that in the early 1990s two `section 42' certificates were issued by the British Secretary of State in the North, under advice from the RUC, which discriminated against two nationalist firms. Section 42 certificates are used to block the disclosure of information on the pretext that it would harm `national security'. The first certificate was used to prevent Tinnelly & Sons Ltd from finding out why their tender for work with Northern Ireland Electricity had been turned down. The other certificate was issued against the McElduff brothers who were initially granted a contract from the Department of Environment which was subsequently withdrawn, allegedly on `security' grounds.

The Commission found that these certificates violated the European Convention on Human Rights which states that ``everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing.''

Tinnelly & Sons were awarded 15,000 damages with the McElduffs being granted 10,100.

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