September 28, 2019

Chaos deepens as Fascist Tories incite Brexit violence

johnsoncommons2.jpg Warlike rhetoric and subtle threats of violence against MPs by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson drew a furious response and threatened to overwhelm the return of Westminster this week.

PSNI attempt to infiltrate border poll campaign

matthewsirsp.jpg A political activist campaigning for a Six-County Border Poll on Irish unity has been approached by the PSNI police to become an informer.

Scottish parades disorder threat ‘linked to Brexit’

loyalistglasgowsunday.jpg Four loyalist parades went ahead in Scotland last weekend after a ban was dropped in fear that loyalist marchers would react violently if they were not allowed to proceed.

Legal fight against British oppression

justicestatue.jpg An Irish citizen is set to go to the Supreme Court over being forced to inform authorities about trips outside British jurisdiction.

Stardust justice campaign wins new inquests

stardustfamilies.jpg The 26 County Attorney General has confirmed that fresh inquests will be held into 48 deaths at the 1981 Stardust fire in Dublin.

British govt challenged over inaction on Finucane case

patfinucane2.jpg The widow of murdered Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane has lodged High Court proceedings in a fresh bid to get a public inquiry into her husband’s killing.

Celebrating 100 years of partition?

partition1921.jpg Three months ago, during the July marches and rallies by the Orange Order, the DUP declared that the centenary of the northern state in 2021 should be a public holiday and a source of celebration.

Irish government should not be fooled by DUP talk of consent

fosterdoddsbrexit.jpg When unionists talk about consent, read a veto. It’s useful to remind the Irish government of that.

September 24, 2019

Supreme Court ruling restores Westminster, Johnson under pressure

londonsupremecourt.jpg Political parties across Britain and Ireland have urged British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign following an unprecedented ruling today by the Supreme Court in London that his suspension of the Westminster parliament was unlawful.

September 21, 2019

First hearing in Bloody Sunday trial

sundaytrialhearing.jpg After almost 48 years, the case of a British soldier accused of murder during the Bloody Sunday massacre, the first and only prosecution for the 1972 killing spree, finally began at Derry’s courthouse on Wednesday. However, proceedings were adjourned until December.

Vulnerable woman subjected to shocking PSNI harassment

searchspecialneeds.jpg The PSNI have been condemned after using draconian stop-and-search legislation against a woman with special needs in Newry.

Justice hope for Hooded Men after investigation ordered

hoodedmen19.jpg The Court of Appeal in Belfast has ruled an investigation must be carried out into the treatment of fourteen republican internees who were tortured by the British Crown Forces in 1971.

Attempted rocket attack claimed as tensions increase

mortarsstrabane0919.jpg The New IRA have claimed responsibility for an attempted mortar rocket attack on a PSNI base in Tyrone earlier this month.

Movement at last in legacy inquests

inquests0919.jpg A review of legacy inquests involving a number of British state killings and suspected collusion began at Belfast Coroner’s Court on Monday.

Lawyer takes action against PSNI intimidation

brentnall.jpg A Belfast lawyer has accused the PSNI of attempting to intimidate and harass him as the Police Ombudsman upheld three of his complaints against the force.

The Sack of Fermoy

sackoffermoy.jpg The first organised IRA action against the British Army in 1919 since the Rising was followed by the first revenge raids, 100 years ago this month.

‘You are stealing our future’

climateschooldublin.jpg This week saw thousands of Irish schoolchildren join others worldwide in a global protest against man-made climate change. The following is an address to the United Nations by Greta Thunberg, the Swedish student who began the school strike campaign.

September 14, 2019

British politics in meltdown

commonsprorogued.jpg There were extraordinary scenes in the London parliament this week as opposition MPs staged an angry protest against the suspension of Westminster and accused the British Prime Minister of lying to the English queen in order to secure the Crown’s authority for the shutdown.

DUP look to control border as Tories lose interest

johnsonvaradkar.jpg After a meeting between the British Prime Minister and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar failed to make headway in resolving the dispute over the border, Sinn Féin is to oppose any attempt by the DUP to veto the backstop at the Stormont Assembly in Belfast.

Derry riot after PSNI force evacuation

derryriot0919.jpg Rioting erupted in the Creggan area of Derry this week as scores of PSNI carried out raids in the area. Petrol bombs were thrown at a line of police Landrovers on Monday in Creggan Heights.

Parties consider election pacts

remainleaders.jpg Sinn Féin has signalled a willingness to co-operate with other anti-Brexit parties to challenge unionist candidates if and when a Westminster general election is called.

Secret papers sought in murder of IPLO Volunteer

eoinmorley.jpg Lawyers for the mother of Eoin Morley, an alleged victim of an IRA informer, are appealing a decision to deny them access to secret files in the possession of the Police Ombudsman.

Soldiers resist courtroom questioning

soldiersballymurphy.jpg Soldiers of the British Army’s Parachute Regiment have been accused of putting up a “virtual wall of silence” against an inquest into the shooting of 10 people in Belfast.

Republican war for freedom no criminal enterprise

hungerstrikecommemrsf19.jpg The address delivered to this year’s National Hunger Strike Commemoration in Bundoran, organised by Republican Sinn Féin, by political activist and writer, Sean Bresnahan.

Six times the Irish learned not to trust the British

lloydgeorgepartition.jpg Boris Johnson wants Ireland to abandon the backstop, the legal guarantee of maintaining an open border after Brexit, as his price for signing a deal with the European Union. But should Ireland give way and trust London? History suggests that could be a mistake. Here are some examples.

September 7, 2019

Barbaric Brits threaten kids

psnibyrne.jpg The chief of the PSNI police is under pressure to resign after proposing one of the most inhumane public control strategies of any Crown Force leader in the past 50 years, the removal and detention of innocent nationalist children.

Westminster election on standby as opposition takes control

mogglying.jpg The political parties in the North have put themselves on a general election footing as continuing manoeuvres over Brexit at Westminster mean that a poll may not take place until the end of November.

CIRA claim bomb attacks

ciraswedish.jpg A Continuity IRA spokesman has claimed responsibility for recent bomb attacks in north Armagh and south Fermanagh, warning that more attacks are imminent as it has “regrouped and rearmed”.

Contest for post of Sinn Féin Deputy Leader

oneillodowd.jpg Former Stormont education minister and Upper Bann Assembly member John O’Dowd has said he is to run for the party’s deputy leader’s job. The post is currently held by Mid-Ulster Assembly member and former Six County Agricuture and Health Minister Michelle O’Neill.

Tories please DUP allies by rolling back equality measure

queenpics.jpg In a u-turn demanded by unionists, photos of the English queen have once again been hung on the walls of government offices in the north of Ireland, two years after being removed.

British 1972 memo called for poll to ‘escape’ from border

britisharmyborder.jpg A secret memo written by a British Army general during the early years of the current conflict refers to Britain needing to find a way to “gradually escape” from its involvement in the north of Ireland.

Loyalist attack resisted in Glasgow

govanriot.jpg A first-hand account of a violent and highly orchestrated attack on a peaceful legal march for Irish Unity in Glasgow, Scotland last weekend.

Unity as our way back to the EU

unitypollposter.jpg There is an agreed, viable and credible way for this region to return to the EU. Why are so many on this island still so afraid of endorsing this way forward?

September 3, 2019

Election looms as Tory MPs abandon Johnson

johnson.jpg Amid continuing political turmoil at Westminster, Boris Johnson’s control of the Brexit agenda has slipped along with his parliamentary majority tonight.

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