November 28, 2015

Wave of armed actions

psnishotscar.jpg A gun attack on a PSNI patrol in west Belfast has been claimed for the ‘new IRA’ amid a series of alerts and incidents attributed to the breakaway IRA groups.

A century of secrecy for Derry victims

motormantanks.jpg The scale of British state secrecy efforts in the north of Ireland has been highlighted after it emerged that a British Army film file on its murderous ‘Operation Motorman’ in Derry has been declared ‘locked’ for a period of 100 years.

Racists to parade in Belfast

protestantcoalition2.jpg Loyalists are to hold a protest march next weekend against the presence in the North of refugeees and other foreign immigrants.

Cash grab by farmers’ body executives

ifaexecs.jpg Pressure is mounting for a forensic police investigation into the Irish Farmers’ Association after a series of revelations that executives in the body appropriated several million euro in the form of inflated salaries, pensions and one-off cash payments.

New alternative for 1916 commemorations

unfinishedrevolutionpress.jpg Another dimension to the ‘battle’ of 1916 Rising commemorations has been unveiled with the announcement that ‘principled’ republicans will hold their own event north of the border.

Anniversary of Croke Park massacre marked

bloodysundaycrokepark.jpg The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) has marked the 95th anniversary of the British army killings of 14 people at a sports match in Dublin, which became known as Bloody Sunday.

Covering up the past, from Batang Kali to Ballymurphy

batangkali.jpg In a ruling closely watched in the north of Ireland, relatives of innocent Malayans slain by British troops in 1948 have lost their fight for an inquiry, even though the British courts have admitted that mass murder occurred.

A fresh start?

gibneyeastwood.jpg Amid ongoing public recriminations and street protests against the ‘Fresh Start’ agreement, Jim Gibney defends Sinn Fein’s negotiators, while the SDLP’s new leader Colum Eastwood condemns them.

November 21, 2015

Fury at ‘Thatcherite’ talks deal

freshstart2.jpg There are fears that this week’s talks agreement represents such a victory for unionist and British negotiators that it could wreck the North’s political process, rather than sustain it.

Historic change for DUP and SDLP

eastwoodmckinney.jpg The unionist DUP and the nationalist SDLP are undergoing internal upheaval as the leadership of both parties is in the process of changing hands.

Mixed-race family attacked as UDA group targets refugees

arsonballymena.jpg A UDA-linked group in north Antrim has called for refugees fleeing war zones to he “hunted” out of loyalist areas.

Marley family seek justice

larrymarley.jpg Informers within the Provisional IRA are suspected of providing information that led to the loyalist murder of a senior republican in north Belfast man almost 30 years ago.

United Ireland would deliver economic bonanza - report

huebner.jpg An international academic report has for the first time spelled out the potential economic benefits of unification both North and South, with a 35.6 billion euro boost to the island’s economy for the first eight years.

Minister’s sick stunt amid health plan fiasco

varadkar.jpg Patients have lashed out at a publicity stunt by the coalition governement after being treated like “guinea pigs” to mask the failures in the 26 County health system.

The ticking clock dilemma

robertmcclenaghan.jpg McGurk’s Bar activist, Robert McClenaghan, writes on the reality of Britain’s inability to face up to its human rights abuses, and how this now becomes his own ticking clock dilemma.

Robinson has gone before he was pushed

robinsondup.jpg Robinson's opponents in the DUP made no secret of their belief that he was an electoral liability.

November 19, 2015

Peter Robinson to quit politics


November 17, 2015

Partial deal announced as Stormont talks are wound up

talks1511.jpg A partial agreement has been unveiled after Sinn Fein, the DUP and the London and Dublin governments brought the latest round of Stormont crisis talks to a conclusion today.

November 13, 2015

Humiliation once again

mcguinnessgstq.jpg Sinn Fein has accused unionists of embarrassing Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness by making him stand for a rendition of ‘God Save the Queen’ at a Poppy Day event at Stormont.

Hope for Bloody Sunday families as ex-soldier questioned

bloodysundaysoldiers2.jpg Relatives of the Bloody Sunday victims say they feel “a flicker of hope” following the questioning of a former British soldier involved in the 1972 massacre, despite renewed efforts to block their justice campaign.

New leader predicted as SDLP struggles with identity crisis

eastwoodmcdonnell.jpg The leadership battle in the SDLP reaches a climax tomorrow when youthful challenger Colum Eastwood is expected to unseat party stalwart Alasdair McDonnell.

State harassment continues for veteran republicans

patrickmagee.jpg Peace campaigner and former republican prisoner Patrick Magee said he was refused permission to board a flight last week, simply because it was due to pass over US airspace.

Loyalist violence linked to ‘territory’ claims

windowscrumlinrd.jpg Loyalists have targeted the home of a Catholic family in a campaign of sectarian terror on a north Belfast street.

Fianna Fail hit by sex abuse scandal

patcareybig.jpg Former minister Pat Carey has stepped down as the director of elections for the 26 County’s largest opposition party over shock sex abuse allegations against him.

Why India is not grateful for British colonialism

bengalfamine.jpg To suggest that Britain was a benevolent colonial power is an offensive myth that must be de-bunked.

Spies and spooks - the same old story

mi5logofancybig.jpg It is regrettable but not surprising that elements of the Irish political establishment and sections of the Irish media are willing to exploit a specious report to attack Sinn Fein.

November 6, 2015

Robinson under pressure to quit as talks wind down

robinsontanned.jpg DUP leader Peter Robinson is likely to resign ‘within weeks’, according to reports, as it emerged that he is to be investigated by the PSNI over comments he made in regard to a property deal nine years ago.

Clashes between nationalists and PSNI

galliaghriot15.jpg Youths in republican areas have battled with the PSNI police in Lurgan and Derry as anger over raids and harassment spilled over into violence.

New doubts over Craigavon Two trial

craigavontwo.jpg The convictions against the Craigavon Two are on even shakier ground after new details about key evidence was made public.

‘Dickensian’ Maghaberry condemned by inspectors

maghaberrybig2.jpg For the first time ever, official prison inspectors have issued an “urgent action plan” to authorities at Maghaberry jail in the wake of a recent inspection.

British war crimes seen at heart of poppy issue

lidlpoppy.jpg Loyalists have picketed a store in Belfast in protest at the failure to sell poppies, as the controversy over the marking of the British Army’s Remembrance Day surfaced for another year.

Taoiseach condemns those behind healthcare failures

trolleys.jpg The Dublin government’s failures in the health sector have been dramatically highlighted by a hospital whistleblower, who revealed this week that a 91-year-old man with Parkinson’s Disease had endured almost 30 hours on a trolley in a Dublin hospital corridor.

Declan McGlinchey - an obituary

declanmcglinchey2.jpg The McGlinchey family of Bellaghy suffered tragedy anew this week with the sudden death of Declan, a lifelong republican activist who died of a suspected heart attack on Sunday.

Explaining yourself to the poppy fascists

poppyfascists.jpg Literally within seconds of Sienna Miller stepping into shot on the Graham Norton Show on Saturday night “eagle-eyed viewers” spotted she wasn’t wearing a poppy.

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