November 30, 2009

Stormont doubts grow

cowenbrown.jpg The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the 26-County Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, met again in London today [Monday] for talks on the deadlock over the devolution of policing and justice powers to Belfast.

Cowen defers to church over abuse report

churchabuse.jpg Victims of clerical chid abuse have criticised the response of the Dublin government to revelations that three decades of abuse by paedophiles in the Dublin Archdiocese were covered up by the church hierarchy.

Loyalist mob lays claim to Portadown centre

portadownloyalists.jpg A loyalist mob staged a ‘show of strength’ on Saturday to intimidate Catholics from entering the town centre despite the PSNI having advance knowledge of the planned incident.

Parades decision a ‘sick joke’

shankillstar.jpg The Parades Commission has said it will allow a loyalist band commemorating a unionist paramilitary killer to parade past the scene where one of his victims was killed.

Solidarity protests over Basque arrests

basqueyouth.jpg Protests took place in Belfast and Dublin on Saturday in solidarity with the Basque struggle and the latest victims of Spanish state repression.

Scottish independence plans published

saltire.jpg Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond published details today of a planned referendum on Scottish independence, setting out the case for breaking the 300-year-old union with England.

Address to Hogan/Martin commemoration

declankearney.jpg The full text of the keynote address by Sinn Fein strategist Declan Kearney to the commemoration this weekend in village of Dunloy to mark the 20th anniversary of the deaths of Volunteers Declan Martin and Henry Hogan.

Long way down from London

gerrykelly.jpg There are few things that sum up the failure of the Provisional IRA campaign more definitively than the recent call by one of its former leaders for people to inform on those republicans still wedded to the notion of armed struggle.

November 26, 2009

Govt apologises over abuse, blames church

dermotahern.jpg The Dublin government this afternoon apologised for “failures” by the State in dealing with clerical child abuse and said the “deference” shown to the church in this regard had been “misplaced”.

SRR planned Fermanagh ambush

recon.jpg The British Army’s elite Special Reconnaisance Regiment were involved in the ambush in county Fermanagh last week in which a number of shots were fired, it has emerged.

Civil servants set to strike again

picketinto.jpg Around a quarter of a million workers took to picket lines across the Twenty-Six Counties today [Tuesday] as public sector staff struggle to protect their pay and conditions.

UDA gang wins Shoukri release

andreshoukri.jpg Leading loyalist Andre Shoukri had to be re-released from prison after a threat that his arrest could end hopes of a start to the UDA’s decommissioning of its weapons in north Belfast.

New transition for political chameleon

billyleonard.jpg A former member of the hated RUC police and a member of the Orange Order has become Sinn Fein’s newest Assembly member.

Unease grows over cross-border shopping

nochristmas.jpg Advertisements aimed at attracting southern shoppers and holidaymakers to Belfast over Christmas have been banned in Dublin.

Help bring the Manchester Martyrs home

manchestermartyrs.jpg Help the campaign for the Manchester Martyrs to be returned home to Ireland.

More strikes needed

clenchedfist.jpg The best and sure fire way to victory is an indefinite general strike where public and private sector workers unite in a common battle to save jobs and protect our services.

November 23, 2009

Road to conflict?

burntcarclarendon.jpg There have been warnings that armed struggle could once again begin to fill the political vacuum following two incidents in Fermanagh and Belfast involving the breakaway IRA groups.

Unionism is winning - Robinson

dupconference.jpg The DUP was right to agree to power sharing in 2007 because “for the first time in a generation unionism is winning”, party leader Peter Robinson has claimed.

PSNI man ‘surprised’ by Donnelly injury

garydonnelly.jpg A member of the PSNI yesterday told Derry Magistrates Court on Friday that he could not explain how leading dissident Gary Donnelly had sustained a ‘three-way spiral fracture’ to his left arm after being arrested.

Unions amend strike plans after ‘unprecedented’ floods

flood09.jpg Trade unions have scaled back plans for thousands of their members to go on strike tomorrow in five local authority areas around the country which have been severely hit by flood and storm damage.

Tohill accused faces extradition north

gardavan.jpg A Belfast man is to face extradition to the North in regard to the ‘Tohill incident’ in which mainstream republicans allegedly kidnapped and assaulted a dissident.

O Bradaigh steps down

ruairiobradaigh3.jpg In his final address as President of Republican Sinn Fein, Ruairi O Bradaigh has outlined the challenges which he believes lie ahead for Ireland and his party.

Johnny Walker - A terrible injustice

johnnywalker.jpg Thirty five years ago, six Irishmen were jailed for crimes they did not commit, and spent 16 years in jail before their convictions were quashed.

Section 44

stopandsearch.jpg Police harassment is still a fact of life on the streets of working class communities.

November 19, 2009

Police statelet

marianprice.jpg The PSNI has ramped up a campaign of political arrests with the detention of Marian Price, the National Secretary of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement.

Paisley lauds Sinn Fein compliance

paisleymcguinness.jpg Ian Paisley this week praised Sinn Fein for keeping its word on power-sharing despite the rise in support for dissidents.

Court upholds discrimination against IRA widow

discrimination.jpg The widow of an IRA man beaten to death after his prison release has lost her appeal against being denied compensation.

Diplock convictions to be overturned

highcourtbelfast.jpg On Friday last week, following a lengthy legal battle, three men were told that Crown prosecutors were no longer willing to stand over their convictions for offences as teenagers.

Basque peace process urged as extradition bid rejected

arturoarteaga.jpg A Belfast judge has thrown out attempts to have a Basque man extradited to face political charges in Spain.

International furore after Irish team ‘robbed’ of World Cup spot

henryhandball.jpg An extraordinary wave of public outrage has gripped Ireland after the national soccer team was robbed of a World Cup place on Wednesday night following a blatant foul by France’s Thierry Henry.

Sinn Fein pre-budget submission

sflogo.jpg The executive summary of Sinn Fein’s pre-budget submission for the 2010 calendar year.

Ireland and the Berlin Wall

berlinwall.jpg The celebrations for the Fall of the Wall dividing Berlin were spectacular and understandable. Not so understandable was some Irish politicians joining in.

November 16, 2009

Maghaberry tense after ‘lock down’

maghaberry.jpg A number of republican prisoners were denied food for more than 48 hours as a ‘lock down’ and search took place at Maghaberry Prison late last week and over the weekend.

Cowen invites Haughey comparison

haugheycowen.jpg Taoiseach Brian Cowen has repeated exactly the infamous comment of former Fianna Fail Taoiseach Charles Haughey that “We are living way beyond our means”.

Prominent dissident arrested

tonycatney.jpg The PSNI have been accused of harassing the leadership of the Republican Network for Unity group and provocatively arresting senior dissident republican Tony Catney.

PSNI target sponsored walk

eirigiprotest.jpg The PSNI’s apparently increasing reliance on the tactics of repression was highlighted on Sunday a massive operation was deployed to deal with a sponsored walk on Belfast’s Black Mountain.

Republican alleges extradition ‘cherry-picking’

anthonygorman.jpg A republican facing extradition for questioning about the death of a British Army sergeant in England 17 years ago has accused the authorities of “cherry-picking” who they try to extradite.

PSNI stage bogus alert at Derry pub

mollymaguirespub.jpg The manager of a pub in Derry popular with republicans has questioned the motivation behind a so-called ‘security alert’ at the premises on Tuesday, saying it was “pure PSNI/RUC intimidation”.

The return of securocrats?

seanhughes.jpg A member of Sinn Fein in south Armagh has blamed unionists and British state security agencies for a major investigation into his finances.

Republican Sinn Fein elects new President

dasdalton.jpg Des Dalton became the new president of Republican Sinn Fein at its Ard-Fheis [annual conference] on Sunday.

November 12, 2009

Informer claim denied

kevinmcquillan.jpg A one-time leading member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party has denied he was a top-level informer.

McGuinness warning over DUP stalling

mcguinnessangry.jpg Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has warned of “deep trouble” if there is no deal on policing and justice by Christmas.

Political motive seen behind raids, seizures

soca.jpg Sinn Fein has criticised police raids in south Armagh in which the family assets of a friend of the MP for Newry and Armagh, Conor Murphy, were seized.

PSNI backtracks on shoot-to-kill disclosures

mattbaggott.jpg The PSNI police have said they need ‘more time’ to hand over reports into shoot-to-kill murders by the force (then RUC) in the Six Counties in the 1980s.

Seven new Sellafields planned

sellafield.jpg Fears have been raised about the health and environmental risks to Ireland after the British government gave the green light for the construction of 10 new nuclear power plants -- seven of them along the Irish Sea.

‘Christmas not cancelled’ - Tanaiste

christmasbonus.jpg The Dublin government has been forced to deny suggestions that it is ‘cancelling Christmas’.

The political road

inlaflagsbanner.jpg Prominent socialist republican Gerry Ruddy looks at the recent recent decision by the INLA to renounce armed struggle.

Workers standing up to defend jobs and services

workersprotest.jpg In recent times it has become increasingly clear that the Irish government intends pursuing an economic strategy which is essentially ignoring the advice from the unions and appears to be on a collision course which could result in widespread industrial action.

November 9, 2009

Govts put on notice

dayofaction.jpg Tens of thousands of workers took to the streets across Ireland on Friday in a mass display of discontent with the policies of the Six and Twenty-Six County administrations.

DUP raises new stumbling block

dupexecutive.jpg Sinn Fein has said the British government must not allow unionists to block the deal on devolving policing and justice powers to the Belfast assembly.

IRSP delegation assaulted by crown forces

williegallagher.jpg On Tuesday of last week, senior representatives of the IRSP, including party spokesperson Willie Gallagher, were the subject of an SAS-style operation by the British crown forces.

NAMA bill passes through Dail

leinsterhouse.jpg The passage of a bill through the lower house of the Dublin parliament establishing the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) has been greeted with anger and dismay.

PSNI claims compliance with shoot-to-kill inquest

shoottokill.jpg The PSNI police is to finally comply with a court order to hand over top-secret reports on the shoot-to-kill policy widely believed to have operated by the force in the North during the eighties and nineties, it has been revealed.

UDA suspected in sectarian attack

carburntout.jpg Loyalist paramilitaries are suspected of being behind a petrol bomb attack at the home of a 20-year-old County Antrim man.

Address to annual SF Edentubber Commemoration

edentubber.jpg Sinn Fein’s Annual Edentubber Commemoration on Sunday was addressed by Conor Murphy, the Six County Minister for Regional Development.

Chairman’s Address to 32CSM AGM

franciemackey.jpg The 32 County Sovereignty Movement held its Annual General Meeting in Derry on Saturday.

November 5, 2009

Attack on Britain planned - IMC

imc.jpg An official state propoganda agency has claimed that Irish republicans are committed to launching an attack in Britain “if the opportunity emerges”.

Vindication as pipeline plan is rejected

shelltosea.jpg A ruling by the 26 County state planning board against most of the Corrib gas onshore pipeline has been strongly welcomed by north Mayo residents and environmental activists.

Sinn Fein ‘frustrated’ by DUP tactics

michealmartin.jpg In an unusual move, the 26 County foreign minister Micheal Martin has intervened in the political process in the North to urge the DUP to complete the devolution of policing and justice powers.

PSNI base attacked

crossmaglenpsni.jpg Republican youths attacked a PSNI station in south Armagh at the weekend.

Protesting for a better solution

getupstandup.jpg Speaking ahead of tomorrow’s day of protest organised by the ICTU (Irish Congress of Trade Unions), the 26 County Taoiseaach Brian Cowen has said that he is not seeking confrontations with workers.

Community activists refute IMC ‘smear’

cfad.jpg An anti-drugs pressure group which operates in north Belfast has refuted allegations that it is behind an increase in punishment attacks on anti-social elements in the area.

It’s time to act

getupstandup2.jpg As the Twenty-Six County budget looms ever nearer and Britain’s Stormont administration considers cut backs, there is much uncertainty and fear in working class communities throughout Ireland.

Selling out for queen’s head is second nature for DUP

sterlingcoin.jpg The 20 million pounds that’s going to be shovelled into the families of the former part-time RUC reserve is a profoundly dishonourable deal and not just because it’s so obviously a bribe.

November 2, 2009

Handouts for RUC criminals

ruc.jpg The British government has been accused of conceding to unionist blackmail after it emerged that a twenty million pound “gratuity payment” is to be paid to former part-time members of the RUC.

‘No IRA role in disappearance’

peterwilson.jpg The IRA has said it was not behind the death of west Belfast man Peter Wilson in 1973.

PSNI equality policy to be scrapped

psniriotgear.jpg It has emerged that the policy of recruiting Catholics and Protestants into the PSNI equally will end within 18 months.

Brits pull out in face of protest action

barmyjobs.jpg A decision by the British Army to withdraw its stall from a careers fair at a university campus in Derry has been welcomed.

Dissident groups condemn harassment

32csm.jpg The 32 County Sovereignty Committee has said one of its members, a former political prisoner, clashed with the PSNI police on a country road before an attempt was made to recruit him as an informer.

No strike threat to swine flu vaccinations

ino.jpg The Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) begins the first phase of its swine flu vaccination campaign today by offering the H1N1 vaccine to between 400,000 and 500,000 patients across the 26 Counties.

Colin Duffy - a victim of state persecution

colinduffy2.jpg For two decades Colin Duffy has been the target of an unrelenting campaign of persecution and victimisation by state forces within the Six Counties.

If Libya pays out, then why shouldn’t the British?

brownandgaddafi.jpg Well-informed sources in the North were suggesting last week that a large compensation package from Libya for the victims of the troubles may soon become available.

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