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The Garda ‘Rape Tape’

gardashell.jpg For almost a decade, simple acts of resistance by the community in Erris have met with bullying, threats, intimidation, vilification and casual violence at the hands of both Gardai and Shell’s private army IRMS.

Published April 13, 2011

Reflections on the H Block prison struggle

bobbysandselection.jpg Sinn Fein’s electoral strategy began 30 years ago during the 1981 hunger strikes, beginning with Bobby Sands’s historic win in Fermanagh/South Tyrone, 30 years ago this week.

Published April 8, 2011

Leadership across Ireland

mcguinnessassembly.jpg Last Wednesday, four years later, the Assembly at Parliament Buildings concluded its first ever complete four year term.

Published April 4, 2011

Loughinisland eyewitness speaks out

collusion.jpg A witness to the Loughinisland massacre was not only never called on to identify the killers, but she alleges that her details were later passed on to a relative of the suspected getaway driver.

Published March 29, 2011

Another war for oil

missile.jpg Declarations from western powers that the military strike against Libya is motivated solely by a desire to protect the civilian population cannot be taken seriously

Published March 25, 2011

Action alert for Gerry McGeough

gerrymcgeoughnobaby.jpg On February 18, 2011, after almost 4 years of a politically motivated arrest and trial, Gerry McGeough’s case ended with a “guilty” verdict handed down by a British diplock court

Published March 21, 2011

The Drumboe Martyrs

charliedalydrumboe.jpg In March 1923, six weeks before the end of the civil war, the execution of republican prisoners by the Free State regime reached its height.

Published March 16, 2011

Position paper by Maghaberry prisoners

maghaberry2011.jpg A document issued on the 25th February by a group of republican prisoners opposed to the criminalisation policy at Maghaberry jail in the North of Ireland.

Published March 10, 2011

Recalling the hunger strikes

mccartneyhunger.jpg On March 1 1981 Raymond McCartney was a republican prisoner in Long Kesh when the second hunger strike began.

Published March 6, 2011

List of TDs by constituency

newlabourtds.jpg Counting in the 26-County general election concluded this (Wednesday) morning following a second recount in Galway West. The following is a full and final list of members of the new Dublin parliament, in alphabetical order by constituency

Published March 2, 2011

Dail election 2011 - a constituency guide

constituencies.jpg A look at the key constituencies for republicans in the general election.

Published February 25, 2011

How Britain taught Arab police forces all they know

blairghadaffi.jpg There is growing anger over the enmeshed relationship between authoritarian Gulf governments and the British military and police after weeks of democracy protests across the Arab world that met with violent state repression.

Published February 21, 2011

Torture in Maghaberry

maghaberry.jpg A letter written this week by a republican prisoner, Damian (D.D.) McLaughlin, forcibly strip searched during a court appearance.

Published February 15, 2011

It’s the enormous debt, stupid

debt.jpg Rather than understand that the canard of paying back all the banks’ debts is futile and changing their minds, the establishment is trying to find more proof that the policy of keeping the banks alive is the right one.

Published February 15, 2011

There is a better way

sfmanifestodail11.jpg The introduction and executive summary of Sinn Fein’s election manifesto for the 26-County general election later this month.

Published February 11, 2011

Imagine this tonight

prisonerbars.jpg A political candidate stands as an Independent on issues of principle during elections in Zimbabwe. Every political dirty trick and smear in the book is used against him during the campaign.

Published February 7, 2011

We shall overcome

bloodysundayvindicated.jpg Sunday was about completing the journey begun in the Creggan in January 1972.

Published February 2, 2011

Egyptian people strike for freedom

egyptprotest.jpg So much has changed for the Arab nations in the few days since the flight of Ben Ali in Tunisia.

Published January 29, 2011

Two inspirations

francishughesdanmccann.jpg Often in life we come across people who leave a lasting impression on oneself and who inspire and influence a person by their passion and beliefs.

Published January 25, 2011

Inauguration of the First Dail

firstdail.jpg Many republicans watching this week’s shambolic events at the Dublin parliament would have been bitterly aware that they came on the 92nd anniversary of the inauguration of the First Dail. A look back at that historic day.

Published January 21, 2011


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