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SF calls on PSNI to end informer pressure

mi5.jpg Sinn Fein has backed the case of a Derry republican who complained that British intelligence agencies had been “relentless” in their efforts to recruit him as an informer.

Published January 25, 2010

Anger at Cameron’s ‘Orange Card’

orangecard.jpg The British Conservative Party has been accused of engaging in sectarianism over its secret talks with the UUP and the DUP.

Published January 25, 2010

Waterford plant closes for last time

waterfordcrystal.jpg Hundreds of people came to pay their final respects to the Waterford Crystal visitors’ centre at Kilbarry in Waterford yesterday as it closed its doors for the final time.

Published January 25, 2010

‘Critical’ talks taking place today

DUP leader Peter Robinson and Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness are holding a crucial meeting in Belfast today that could determine whether the Northern Executive and Assembly can be saved from collapse.

Published January 25, 2010

‘Critical’ meeting planned between Sinn Fein and DUP

Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness is to seek a ‘defining’ meeting with DUP leader Peter Robinson over the deadlock in the peace process.

Published January 23, 2010

No agreement with DUP

Talks on saving the North’s power-sharing government have ended without agreement, Sinn Fein said today.

Published January 22, 2010

Pan-unionist front

empeycameronrobinson.jpg Secret talks have been taking place between the DUP, Ulster Unionist Party and the British Conservatives which could bolster unionist domination in the north of Ireland for generations to come, it has emerged.

Published January 21, 2010

Recriminations continue in abuse controversy

adamsmcguinness.jpg Sinn Fein Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness has voiced his support for party president Gerry Adams who is facing criticism over how he dealt with child sex abuse allegations against his brother Liam.

Published January 21, 2010

McCafferty appeals to London Supreme Court

terrymccafferty.jpg A Belfast man jailed following claims by British intelligence agencies that he is a Real IRA leader is to take his legal challenge to Britain’s highest court.

Published January 21, 2010

Final salute for Derry republican

volleygallagher.jpg A volley of shots was fired over the coffin of a republican in Derry on Tuesday evening.

Published January 21, 2010

Returned emigrants refused welfare payments

socialwelfarelogo.jpg A record number of Irish citizens were refused social welfare payments by the 26-County administration last year because they failed to satisfy increasingly bureaucratic residency requirements.

Published January 21, 2010

Govt to ‘whitewash’ banking collapse

whitewash.jpg The Dublin government’s decision on holding a semi-secret commission of inquiry into the banking crisis has been condemned by the 26-County opposition as a “whitewash”.

Published January 21, 2010

Historic handshake

handshakegeneral.jpg The DUP leader Peter Robinson has revealed that he has shaken hands with Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness and suggested that he could be reinstated as First Minister within two weeks.

Published January 18, 2010

Councillor suspended as abuse controversy continues

haiti.jpg Councillor Briege Meehan has been suspended from Sinn Fein after being questioned by the PSNI over allegations of abusing her stepdaughter, it has emerged.

Published January 18, 2010

Bomb attack on GAA athletes

stcomgalls.jpg Loyalists are being blamed for a bomb attack at a community centre where a Gaelic sports team was training.

Published January 18, 2010

Republican wins right to challenge trial without jury

brianarthurs.jpg County Tyrone republican Brian Arthurs has won High Court permission to challenge a decision to hold his forthcoming criminal trial without a jury.

Published January 18, 2010

Secret banking inquiry plan slammed

cowengormley.jpg A row has erupted in the Dublin coalition government after Fianna Fail argued that an inquiry into the crisis in Irish banks should be held partially in private to avoid controversial or embarrassing details emerging into the public domain.

Published January 18, 2010

Dublin govt acts on Haiti

irishaid.jpg Irish President Mary McAleese has told Haiti’s head of state that Ireland is praying for his country as the Dublin government prepared to send a team of specialists to the earthquake hit region.

Published January 18, 2010

Pressure mounts on negotiations

The Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Fein have resumed talks at Stormont Castle today after progress was reported yesterday in the attempt to break the deadlock on the transfer of policing and justice powers in the north of Ireland from London to Belfast.

Published January 16, 2010

Process fights back

cowenbrown.jpg 26-County Taoiseach Brian Cowen and British prime minister Gordon Brown declared “early completion” of the devolution of policing and justice powers to the North is achievable despite the turmoil within unionism over the Iris Robinson affair.

Published January 14, 2010


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