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Unionism divides as key vote passes

stormontpsni.jpg A historic vote in the Belfast Assembly has bolstered last month’s agreement at Hillsborough on policing and parades but led to renewed divisions between the two main unionist parties in the North.

Published March 11, 2010

Specialist police deployed as MI6 recruit

arv.jpg The PSNI has confirmed that heavily armed specialist police have been deployed in county Fermanagh following increased dissident republican activity in the area.

Published March 11, 2010

Delinquency at Tallaght hospital

tallaghthospital.jpg Tens of thousands of X-rays were not reviewed by a radiologist and large numbers of patient referral letters were ignored at the ‘flagship’ Tallaght Hospital in Dublin, it has been revealed.

Published March 11, 2010

Thousands rally for collusion victim

marshallrally.jpg On Sunday March 7, over 2,000 people gathered to commemorate the life of Lurgan republican Sam Marshall and to demand the truth about British collusion with unionist death squads in his murder.

Published March 11, 2010

Call to take veteran republicans off govt ‘hit list’

seangarland.jpg A group campaigning against the US extradition of former Official IRA leader Sean Garland has called on the Dublin government to raise the matter with the Obama administration during their visit to Washington next week.

Published March 11, 2010

Setback in Derry name campaign

derrysignpost.jpg A plan to offically change the name of Derry city to ‘Derry’ was thrown into chaos this week when three separate motions were voted down at Derry City Council.

Published March 11, 2010

Stormont backs devolution of policing and justice

The Belfast Assembly has voted in favour of taking over policing and justice powers for the Six Counties from London, despite opposition from the Ulster Unionist Party.

Published March 9, 2010

UUP rejects ‘dysfunctional’ Stormont

uupmlas.jpg Senior Ulster Unionists have said that they will not be supporting the deal to devolve policing powers from London to Belfast at a crucial vote in the Six-County Assembly at Stormont tomorrow.

Published March 8, 2010

Gerry McGeough trial begins

gerrymcgeoughbaby.jpg A prominent republican has gone on trial for an IRA attack on a UDR soldier almost 30 years ago.

Published March 8, 2010

Crumbling government ‘must go’, SF Ard Fheis hears

sfardfheis2010.jpg Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams told the party’s annual Ard Fheis [annual conference] that rather than a reshuffle by Brian Cowen of his coalition government, the Dublin government “needs to go”.

Published March 8, 2010

Orange Order backs parade deal

orangemen2.jpg The Orange Order has given its overwhelming backing to parading proposals drawn up as part of the Hillsborough Agreement.

Published March 8, 2010

UVF ‘grasses’ get shortened sentences

psniuvf.jpg Two brothers who committed dozens of loyalist crimes will serve as little as three years in jail because they have turned ‘supergrass’.

Published March 8, 2010

Public service strikes escalate

ino.jpg Schools and hospitals are expected to be worst hit as trade union chiefs escalate a fight to reverse pay cuts with a series of work stoppages.

Published March 8, 2010

Address by Gerry Adams to Sinn Fein Ard Fheis 2010

The full text of the speech delivered by Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams to the party’s ardfheis [annual conference] at the RDS in Dublin tonight.

Published March 6, 2010

Massacre inquiry ‘pointless’ - Ford

davidford.jpg Victims of Bloody Sunday have expressed outrage at comments by the proposed future Six County Justice Minister David Ford in which he said the Saville inquiry into the killings was “pointless”.

Published March 4, 2010

PSNI warnings treated with scepticism

riragraffiti.jpg Two republicans in Derry have been told their lives are under threat following the “execution” last week by the Real IRA of senior member Ciaran Doherty

Published March 4, 2010

Provocative loyalist parade on St Patrick’s Day

markharbinson.jpg A notorious loyalist flute band whose leader is awaiting trial on child rape charges has been granted permission to march through a village which has seen some of the worst sectarian intimidation of recent years in the North.

Published March 4, 2010

Doubts persist ahead of crucial devolution vote

stormontstatue.jpg The DUP has ruled out the appointment of a minister for justice if the Ulster Unionist Party refuses to endorse the establishment of a department of justice within the Executive.

Published March 4, 2010

Election battle looms as Paisley steps down

paisleyold.jpg Ian Paisley announced he is stepping down as MP this week, leaving his namesake son to battle Jim Allister, leder of the extreme unionist TUV party, in the upcoming British general election for north Antrim.

Published March 4, 2010

Liam Adams denies charges

liamadamsbail.jpg Liam Adams, the brother of Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams, has denied charges of sexual abuse following his arrest today in Dublin.

Published March 4, 2010


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