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Nationalist cities forced to host sectarian festivals

abodbig.jpg Concerns have been expressed over major Protestant marching season events planned for the overwhelmingly nationalist cities of Derry and Newry this month.

Published August 10, 2012

UUP inflames nationalists with road signs, comments

welcometoni.jpg “Welcome to Northern Ireland” road signs have been provocatively raised in border areas of the North by the Ulster Unionist minister for regional development, Danny Kennedy.

Published August 10, 2012

Murder of West Belfast boy to be investigated

jasonmcwilliams.jpg The brother of a Ballymurphy boy who was shot in the back by a British Army sniper 35 years ago has appealed for witnesses to come forward as the Historical Enquiries Team (HET) looks into his death.

Published August 10, 2012

British soldier’s message of hate

rirfacebook.jpg The SDLP has said a serving British soldier has desecrated the memory of those who died on Bloody Sunday by posting an offensive slogan on the internet.

Published August 10, 2012

Katie Taylor wins gold for Ireland at London Olympics

katietaylor.jpg Wicklow woman Katie Taylor has won a hugely celebrated gold medal for Ireland in the 2012 Olympics this afternoon when she beat Russian Sofya Ochigava.

Published August 9, 2012

Price in intensive care

marianpricebig.jpg Interned political dissident Marian Price has contracted pneumonia, it has emerged.

Published August 3, 2012

ONH claims rocket attack

mortarglenroad.jpg Following the announcement of a regrouping of the IRA last week, the Belfast-based Oglaigh na hEireann has said it carried out a gun and mortar rocket attack in west Belfast last weekend.

Published August 3, 2012

Arrests break out as Shell machine sinks into Mayo bog

tbmbog.jpg Prominent environmental activist Willie Corduff was arrested close to where a truck carrying a 160-tonne section of a giant tunnel boring machine sank in boggy ground in north County Mayo this week.

Published August 3, 2012

Wanted ad sparks Special Branch recruitment bid

seamushughes.jpg A County Tyrone taxi driver has told how PSNI Special Branch tried to recruit him as an informer after he placed a small classified ad on a website.

Published August 3, 2012

Clonoe families launch shoot-to-kill report

clonoemartyrsbig.jpg Relatives of four IRA Volunteers killed by undercover British soldiers 20 years ago have launched a report to highlight their campaign to establish how they died.

Published August 3, 2012

Sinn Féin at odds over Sean Quinn scandal

quinnfamily.jpg Sinn Féin representatives have expressed sharply conflicting positions over wealthy Fermanagh businessman Sean Quinn, whose family faces a number of court-imposed legal and financial obligations.

Published August 3, 2012

Historic IRA realignment

lraflags.jpg A regrouping of previously distinct breakaway IRA groups is being described as the most significant development within physical-force republicanism since the Provisional IRA split in 1997.

Published July 27, 2012

Derry youths riot over ‘stolen’ bonfire

galliaghriot.jpg A PSNI operation to remove materials gathered to build a bonfire marking the anniversary of internment sparked four nights of riots and disorder in the nationalist Galliagh area of Derry this week.

Published July 27, 2012

Smithwick lawyers ‘bewildered and alarmed’ by PSNI secrecy

smithwickbig.jpg Five intelligence documents were deliberately withheld from the Smithwick Tribunal by the PSNI police, the force has said, deepening the mystery over a profoundly murky incident from 1989.

Published July 27, 2012

Television networks respond to Irish viewer anger

abcgma.jpg US television network ABC was this week forced to apologise live on air for branding the victims of Bloody Sunday as ‘IRA protesters’ in a recent news report.

Published July 27, 2012

Martin Corey case set for European courts

martincoreyanner.jpgg The European Court is to be asked to challenge a decision to overturn a ruling that internee Martin Corey should be released from prison.

Published July 27, 2012

First arrests in Anglo fraud case

fitzpatrickarrested.jpg The former chairman and chief executive of Anglo Irish Bank, Sean Fitzpatrick, and two other former high-ranking executives at the bank have finally been charged with offences relating to white-collar crimes at the collapsed bank.

Published July 27, 2012

Unity statement by ‘IRA Army Council’

riracolourbig.jpg The Real IRA and a number of breakaway IRA organisations, including Republican Action Against Drugs and Oglaigh na hEireann, have come together to issue the following public statement this evening in the name of the IRA Army Council.

Published July 26, 2012

Sectarianism on show

loyalistclub.jpg A member of Sinn Fein has described how he was set upon as he videoed a loyalist ‘kick the Pope’ band deliberately circling and playing sectarian tunes outside a Catholic church during the Orange Order’s main Belfast ‘Twelfth’ parade.

Published July 20, 2012

PSNI arrests continue

psnibeating.jpg The fallout from the decision to force an anti-Catholic parade through Catholic north Belfast on July 12th continued this week with a series of arrests.

Published July 20, 2012


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