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Eirigi man gets PSNI death threat

stephenmurneybig.jpg Members of the PSNI police in Newry have made a direct threat to kill a prominent member of the republican socialist party eirigi, the party said this week.

Published November 2, 2012

Reports highlight Irish wealth extremes

lorealgeneration.jpg News that members of the Dublin government have awarded themselves over 36 million euro of pension entitlements has highlighted the growing inequality between the ‘L’Oreal’ generation and the lost generation of Irish society.

Published November 2, 2012

Orange Order breach parade ruling yet again

reformationbreach.jpg The anti-Catholic Orange Order has admitted it again acted illegally in breaking a Parades Commission ruling during its latest march past St Patrick’s Church in Belfast.

Published November 2, 2012

British troops attacked the Four Courts - memoir

fourcourts1922.jpg British Army artillery crews were used to bombard the Four Courts in Dublin in the opening battle of the Irish Civil War, according to a recently unearthed memoir.

Published November 2, 2012

Maghaberry prison warder shot dead

maghaberrybig.jpg A prison warder has died in an apparent IRA attack on his way to Maghaberry prison today.

Published November 1, 2012

Internment by deception

kevinmarrymurphy.jpg A County Tyrone republican has lashed out at the justice system in the North of Ireland after charges against him and four others were quietly dropped by Crown prosecutors this week -- after more than 14 months held without bail at Maghaberry prison.

Published October 26, 2012

PSNI attacked as tensions continue

psnilandroverbig.jpg The PSNI said one of its patrols was targeted in an attack in Poleglass, on the outskirts of west Belfast, on Thursday evening.

Published October 26, 2012

Judge orders continuation of Price’s detention

marianpricebig.jpg After almost 18 months interned without trial, a court in Derry has insisted that Irish political activist Marian Price should remain incarcerated despite the evidence of prison and UN doctors that she is unfit to stand trial.

Published October 26, 2012

New investigation into PSNI collusion with UVF

uvfmuralbig.jpg A decision by the Police Ombudsman to investigate allegations of collusion between the PSNI and the unionist paramilitary UVF has been welcomed.

Published October 26, 2012

Politicians clash over republicanism, reconciliation

martinadams.jpg Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has said that the attainment of Irish unity through reconciliation would represent the “big democratic phase” of his party’s struggle as he and Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin clashed over the mantle of constitutional Irish nationalism this week.

Published October 26, 2012

British ‘blacklist’ confirmed

mi5blacklist.jpg British spy agency MI5 investigated Irish construction workers in England during the 1970s through a bogus consulting company and had them blacklisted with major employers as a result, it has emerged.

Published October 26, 2012

Kenny says ‘No’

kennydailbig.jpg The 26-County Taoiseach Enda Kenny has ruled out any political moves towards a united Ireland by 2016, the centenary of the Easter Rising, despite a historic step towards Scottish independence this week.

Published October 19, 2012

Loyalists to march past church once again

covenantstpatricks.jpg The anti-Catholic Orange Order is to hold yet another march past St Patrick’s Catholic Church in Belfast, despite again failing to talk to the nearby Carrick Hill residents’ group.

Published October 19, 2012

RUC killer testifies

pearsejordanbig.jpg The man who shot Pearse Jordan dead has finally given evidence at his inquest, despite having previously refused to take part in proceedings for nearly a decade.

Published October 19, 2012

North-South body meets

nspf.jpg The first meeting of the North-South Inter-Parliamentary Association has been held, over 14 years after it was planned as part of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

Published October 19, 2012

Judicial review for shoot-to-kill inquest

mccaugheygrewbig.jpg The family of one of two IRA Volunteers shot dead by the British Army’s ‘elite’ SAS unit has won permission to challenge an inquest verdict that the killings were justified.

Published October 19, 2012

Cash windfall for Apprentice Boys

abodbig.jpg More than two million pounds worth of financial assistance has been granted to a sectarian marching organisation from the European Union’s PEACE III programme.

Published October 19, 2012

The Burnings 2012

ardsarson.jpg A Catholic mother and her three children narrowly escaped being burned to death today following a loyalist attack.

Published October 12, 2012

Charity shamed over link to killer regiment

irishguards.jpg An Irish children’s charity has been inundated with complaints after it engaged a unit of a murderous British Army regiment to take part in a charity fundraiser.

Published October 12, 2012

Amnesty concern over British torture cover-up

waterboardingbig.jpg There have been calls for a full investigation into cases of torture, including waterboarding, by members of the RUC and British army in Ireland during the 1970s.

Published October 12, 2012


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