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Hunger strike over treatment of segregated prisoner

gavincoyle.jpg Republican prisoners in Maghaberry held a 48-hour hunger protest this week in support of a prisoner held in the jail’s punishment block for the past three years.

Published March 29, 2014

My sectarian slaughter ‘saved the Union’ - Hutchinson

billyhutchinson.jpg The leader of the UVF paramilitary-linked Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) Billy Hutchinson has claimed his role in the murder of two Catholic men 40 years ago ‘helped prevent a united Ireland’.

Published March 29, 2014

Loyalist extemism promoted as Irish language is sidelined

uprgparade.jpg Loyalists who wore balaclavas during a ‘show of strength’ close to a north Belfast interface were taking part in “street theatre”, according to the Stormont-funded ‘Ulster Political Research Group’ which has links to the unionist paramilitary UDA.

Published March 29, 2014

Killing taigs - the truth

clonardmemorial.jpg The cousin of two Catholic brothers murdered by Billy Hutchinson in 1974 responds to the PUP leader’s attempt to justify his actions.

Published March 29, 2014

Judicial system in disarray after new spying scandal

alanshattercar.jpg The Dublin government is in crisis and the 26 County judicial system on the point of collapse following revelations that illegal recordings have been made of telephone conversations to and from police stations for some three decades.

Published March 26, 2014

Garda Commissioner quits after corruption scandal

martincallinan.jpg The chief of the 26 County Garda police, Martin Callinan, resigned today after refusing to withdraw his condemnations of two whistleblowers who exposed corrupt practices in the force.

Published March 25, 2014

‘Vindictive’ policing as 77-year-old is charged

ivorbell.jpg Veteran republican Ivor Bell has been charged this Friday night with IRA membership and “aiding and abetting” the execution of informer Jean McConville in 1972.

Published March 22, 2014

Sharp tactics put PSNI into New York parade

psninyc.jpg The organisers of the New York City St Patrick’s Day parade infuriated Irish opinion in the city with a last minute u-turn to include a contingent of anti-Irish PSNI police while continuing to ban gay and lesbian organisations.

Published March 22, 2014

Force’s disregard for woman’s life caught on video

bridgetmongan.jpg Video footage has emerged showing two members of the PSNI in Derry laying an incapacitated St Patrick’s Day celebrant in a bus lane in Derry.

Published March 22, 2014

Loyalists attack St Patrick’s Day celebration

injuredkid.jpg Britain’s Union Jack flew over Belfast City Hall on St Patrick’s Day, but that did not prevent loyalists gathering to attack Irish language speakers attending a cultural event there.

Published March 22, 2014

‘New’ IRA claims sophisticated attack

efp.jpg A mortar rocket attack against a PSNI patrol in west Belfast last weekend involved new technology and equipment, according to a statement issued this week in the name of the IRA.

Published March 22, 2014

Alliance candidate backs a united Ireland

annalo.jpg A leading member of the traditionally pro-union Alliance Party has astonished everyone by declaring her support for a United Ireland.

Published March 22, 2014

NY parade organisers may reverse decision on PSNI - claims

nycfacebook.jpg Organisers of the New York City St Patrick’s Day parade have come under heavy political pressure to reinstate a contingent of PSNI police in Monday’s world-famous parade.

Published March 15, 2014

New York sends PSNI home

stpatricksnyc.jpg In a sudden turnaround, an ad-hoc campaign by Irish Americans has succeeded in preventing the inclusion of a delegation of PSNI police (formerly RUC) in this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade in New York.

Published March 15, 2014

Obama ‘disappointed’ by talks as British eye prosecutions

shamrock2014.jpg Just five months before the 20th anniversary of the Provisional IRA’s original ceasefire declaration, US President Barack Obama has expressed disappointment at the failure of Irish politicians to deal with the collapse of the latest mediation talks.

Published March 15, 2014

Hurling in public illegal - PSNI

streethurler.jpg The PSNI have been accused of taking Catholics in the north of Ireland “back to the dark days” after several young people were stopped in the street by members of the force for playing Gaelic games.

Published March 15, 2014

MI5 agent recorded making recruitment bid

srrmi5.jpg British intelligence agents have been recorded making an overt approach to a former prisoner in Belfast City Centre, just days after he lost his job in a call center due to ‘security reasons’, according to the Republican Network for Unity.

Published March 15, 2014

IRA warning over prison crisis

maghaberrybig3.jpg In a strongly-worded statement warning of further attacks, responsibility for two letter bombs addressed to prison staff at Maghaberry jail has been claimed in the name of ‘the IRA’.

Published March 15, 2014

Garda whistleblowers vindicated

johnwilson.jpg An investigation into the quashing of penalty points by the Garda police in the 26 Counties has found consistent and widespread wrongdoing within the force, humiliating Dublin’s Justice Minister Alan Shatter and the Garda police commissioner, Martin Callinan.

Published March 15, 2014

Devices intercepted amid prison tensions

maghaberrybig.jpg Two letter bombs addressed to Maghaberry Prison were intercepted this week following a violent confrontation inside the jail.

Published March 8, 2014


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