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Haggarty to go free in brazen cover-up

haggartyout.jpg There was widespread shock this week after it was confirmed that loyalist Special Branch double agent Gary Haggarty could be freed within weeks despite pleading guilty to five murders, five attempted murders and hundreds of other crimes.

Published February 3, 2018

Prisoners endorse ONH suspension of armed action

coguslogo.jpg A group of republican prisoners at Maghaberry jail has said the suspension of armed actions by the breakaway IRA group known as Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH) last week will allow a “period of consolidation, expansion and preparation”.

Published February 3, 2018

Fight for civil rights continues

languagestormont.jpg Fifty years on from the launch of the civil rights movement, nationalists are contining to battle for equality in the face of systematic and opportunistic discrimination.

Published February 3, 2018

Strong support urged for ‘March for Truth’

timefortruth.jpg Victims of the conflict have announced plans for a mass march in Belfast to demand action on efforts to deal with the legacy of the conflict.

Published February 3, 2018

Varadkar blunders into abortion maelstrom

abortionposters.jpg The Dublin government has paved the way for a referendum on abortion next May which has already provoked unanswered questions as to what is actually being proposed.

Published February 3, 2018

British Army schools promotion ‘endangered children’

soldierkids.jpg A former republican prisoner has accused his daughters’ Catholic school of becoming a tool of oppression after British Army soldiers were allowed to make a presentation.

Published February 3, 2018

Scappaticci arrested

scappaticci600.jpg The man alleged to have been the British Army’s most high-ranking agent in the Provisional IRA has been arrested and is being questioned about allegations that he murdered dozens of people while working undercover in the IRA’s feared internal security unit.

Published January 30, 2018

ONH ceasefire welcomed

onhmural3.jpg Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH) have confirmed no immediate plans to decommission their weapons following the breakaway IRA group’s announcement that it is to “suspend all armed actions against the British State”.

Published January 27, 2018

Judge steps down in key collusion case

mccloskey.jpg In a dramatic day at Belfast’s High Court, a judge who sought to quash a report which found British state collusion in the Loughinisland massacre is to step aside from the case.

Published January 27, 2018

Provocative flags hoisted ahead of Bloody Sunday weekend

paraflag2.jpg The sister of a man shot dead on Bloody Sunday has said the erection of flags for the British Army’s Parachute Regiment outside Derry is “blind sectarianism”.

Published January 27, 2018

Sinn Fein aims for ‘short sharp talks’

sftalks1801.jpg The new British Direct Ruler Karen Bradley has characterised the latest round of the talks process in Belfast as a final chance to salvage the devolved power-sharing institutions at Stormont.

Published January 27, 2018

Westminster edges closer towards unilateral amnesty

ballymurphywm.jpg A British MP has warned that new recruits could be deterred from joining the British Army because of the possibility of prosecution for war crimes.

Published January 27, 2018

US deportations taking a toll

deporteeice.jpg Concerns have been expressed at the accelerating rate at which undocumented Irish people living in the United States are being deported back to Ireland.

Published January 27, 2018

Statement from Oglaigh na hEireann (ONH)

rnuceaseconf.jpg The full text of today’s ceasefire statement by the breakaway IRA armed group, Oglaigh na hEireann. It was released at a press conference involving Fianna Fáil TD Eamon O Cuiv and senior trade union figures who have been in talks around the group’s future.

Published January 23, 2018

Oglaigh na hEireann announce ceasefire

onhpic.jpg The breakaway IRA group Oglaigh na hEireann has announced a suspension of its armed actions, saying the “environment is not right for armed conflict” at this time, according to news reports this morning.

Published January 23, 2018

McDonald confirmed as next leader of Sinn Fein

maryloupreselect.jpg Mary Lou McDonald will succeed Gerry Adams as Sinn Fein leader, the party has confirmed, and will formally ascend to the leadership at a special Ard Fheis [conference] next month.

Published January 20, 2018

Tory/DUP bid to rig Six County elections

consproposed2018.jpg Sinn Fein has condemned new proposals to redraw the north’s electoral constituencies as a Tory/DUP gerrymander. A new revised plan is being prepared by the Boundary Commission which is a dramatic shift from previous plans.

Published January 20, 2018

Talks process set to resume in Belfast

brdaleycoveney.jpg A new phase of talks to restore the powersharing Stormont Assembly is to begin next Wednesday amid a difficult political climate.

Published January 20, 2018

Maghera family appeal for support on 20th anniversary

fergalmccusker.jpg Two decades after the murder of Fergal ‘Ricky’ McCusker by the LVF, his family have said they and other victims across the area “deserve answers, truth and accountability”.

Published January 20, 2018

Bloody Sunday organisers shift focus from nationalist struggle

bloodysundayfile.jpg A row has broken out over this year’s Bloody Sunday march in Derry, with some republican organisations preparing to boycott the event due to the appearance of a British soldier and other contentious names on advertising material.

Published January 20, 2018


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