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Orange Order
must end siege

Calls for the Orange Order to end their siege of the Garvaghy Road have intensified this week as loyalist violence has erupted in Portadown and Belfast. more

Congratulations Mr Mayor!

Sinn Féin made a number of significant and historic advances on local authorities throughout the 26 Counties this week, including the election of Sean MacManus as Mayor of Sligo.

Coalition banger blunders on

Having scraped through last week's confidence vote in the Dáil, the coalition government is now more than ever like a car with no brakes, writes Micheal MacDonncha.

Red Hand Defenders defy Parades Commission

Loyalists have raised tension in South Down while the RHD ignored restrictions placed upon a march in Downpatrick last weekend.

More chopper harassment

Just one week after a British Army helicopter crash landed in South Armagh, stirring local anger, two aircraft landed in a residential area of Crossmaglen.

Crowe says `jail corrupt politicians'

South Dublin County Councillor Seán Crowe has said said that the communities he represents are angry at the scale of corruption uncovered by the tribunals.

Public Meeting Hears Call to Disband Paras

A public meeting took place in Derry last week to take stock of he first phase of the Saville Inquiry into the events of Bloody Sunday.

Lifting the curtain on gender specific persecution

A startling 75%-90% of the world's refugee population is estimated by the UNHCR to be women and children.

The challenge facing the Equality Commission

Tbe North's stringent equal opportunities and fair employment legislation has achieved very little, Fern Lane.

Adams opposes EU military alliance

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP has challenged the Dublin government to state ``without any ambiguity'' if it is moving towards joining an EU military alliance.

Euro Parliament lobby for support on policing

Sinn Féin met with Irish MEPs and group leaders at the European Parliament on Tuesday.

At least 170,000 children living in poverty

Up to 370,000 children under the age of six are suffering some degree of poverty.

Not very healthy at all

Michael Pierse reports on the crisis in health, north and south.

Workers picket in support of sacked colleagues

Four workers employed by the MKF company in Newry were suspended on full pay to await a disciplinary hearing.

RUC forced to return Felons chairs

The Felons Club in Belfast was returned 50 chairs taken by the RUC last year.

ESB defeats Cobh people

Democracy received a severe knock last Wednesday when the High Court upheld the ESB's challenge to a Cork County Council decision.

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