Republican News · Thursday 06 July 2000

[An Phoblacht]

I would say that Johnny Adair is more interested in drugs than God or Ulster

Ulster Unionist MP Ken Maginnis on Newsnight, 4 July

We are very disappointed but we are not entirely surprised to see something like this.

Ormeau Road residents' spokesperson John Gormley on the UFF mural glorifying loyalist massacres ov er the past 30 years, including the Seán Graham's bookies killings

This battle is not about Drumcree, it's about the Orange Order, it's about the Protestant people. If they don't get up off their bellies before it's too late this country will be gone.

Orange leader Harold Gracey addressing 1,500 loyalists last Sunday.

The war begins today... This is Ulster's Alamo. It is said here we stand, we can do no other.

Orangeman Mark Harbison addressing Orangemen, Irish News, Monday 3 July. Their `war' usually means the killing of Catholics

To the Orange Order in Portadown, a religious service has no value unless it can be accompanied by a provocative and highly political incursion into a Catholic area.

Editorial in last Monday's Irish News

There is a huge degree of anger building up in South Armagh area at the intensity of low-level flying of helicopters flights. In the 30 years of the troubles a helicopter has never landed in an area like this. Why choose now?

Sinn Féin's Conor Murphy on the landing of a British Army helicopter in a housing estate in Crossmaglen, County Armagh

So much for getting away from it all. It was more like the Costa Balaclava than Costa Blanca or Brava.

Tourist in Southern Spain after stumbling upon a bar bedecked in loyalist memorabilia

My family have already headed away for the weekend. But I intend to stay at home and at work. I won't be shifting. If I go this weekend, what's to stop somebody doing the same thing again next week?

GAA official after receiving death threats from the Orange Volunteers prior to last Sunday's Ulster Championship replay

It is no co-incidence that Fianna Fáil ministers have taken to media bashing. Tourism and Sport Minister Dr McDaid blamed ``sections of the media'' for trying to bring down the government for the O'Flaherty controversy. In an extraordinary rush of hyperbole, he even accused the media of adopting tactics reminisent of Nazi Germany. Despite the party's rearguard action before today's no confidence motion in the Dáil, it is worth reminding those who shape grass-roots opinion within Fianna Fáil, that were it not for tribunal investigations and media disclosures, truth and democracy would indeed be at risk in Ireland today.

Editorial in last Friday's Irish Examiner on Fianna Fáil's ongoing corruption debable

Cubans also appeared to savour a rare triumph over the anti-Castro lobby group based in Miami, one which goes beyond the immediate return of Elian and may signal the weakening of emigre-Cuban hegemony over US foreign policy towards the island.

Michael McCaughan writing in last Friday's Irish Times on the return of six-year-old Elian Gonzalez to his home in Cuba from the US

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