Republican News · Thursday 06 July 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Crowe says `jail corrupt politicians'

South Dublin County Councillor Seán Crowe, speaking at an anti-corruption march and rally in Dublin on Saturday, 1 July, said that the communities he represents are angry at the scale of corruption uncovered by the tribunals. ``Some people will be run up to Mountjoy for stealing a a few pounds. But other people won't go to jail, not even for taking bribes of tens of thousands of pounds, because they have the right friends in high places,'' he said.

``There were so many politicians holding their hands out - and putting hefty bribes in their back pockets - that the party leaderships must have known.

``We know that some councillors told their leaders they were worried about corruption. What did the party leaders do about it?

``Did they think it's okay to hide away their money in offshore

accounts, to defraud the state of millions while they told us to tighten our belts - that there was no money for pay rises, schools and hospitals? Why wasn't something done?''

Councillor Crowe said that parts of Dublin were built ``on decisions and backhanders made in car parks and pubs''.

``It is not enough to put guilty politicians in jail. If things are to be put right then we must invest in the communities they abused and abandoned. And we must make sure that it never happens again. We must make the Establishment politicians live up to their responsibilities - or we should get rid of them.''

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