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50,000 honour Williams

Gerry Adams shares a platform at Milltown Cemetery with two of TomWilliams' comrades, Madge McConville and Joe Cahill

Tom Williams was one of those very ordinary people who went on to do extraordinary things because of the extraordinary times that they lived in, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams told a 50,000 strong commemoration last Sunday. more

O'Neill inquest to begin in London

After a delay of more than three years, the inquest into the killing of IRA Volunteer Diarmuid O'Neill by the Metropolitan Police is due to open on 31 January.

New evidence of collusion in Finucane case

Evidence supporting charges of RUC collusion in the assassination of Belfast defence lawyer Pat Finucane has been found by the Stevens' Inquiry team.

Relatives call for inquest reform

Relatives for Justice wants the current inquest system to be scrapped and replaced by a system which will pursue the truth.

Unionist threats mount

The past week was dominated by negative unionist reaction to the British government's proposed changes for policing in the Six Counties.

London marks Bloody Sunday

The 28th annual Bloody Sunday march and commemorative rally took place in London on Saturday, 22 January.

SDLP run true to form

The SDLP strategy of appeasement of unionists at any cost is beginning to emerge within the Assembly.

Huge Drogheda protest meeting

Over 500 people protested the privatisation of refuse collection in Drogheda last week.

Family evicted by bailiffs and RUC

A Belfast grandmother, her daughters and granddaughters were ordered out onto the street in a 19th-century style eviction.

Glen protestors face jail

The beautiful trees in the Glen of the Downs are still standing, but only just.

Invites out for Irish Presidential Forum

Candidates for the White House in this year's elections will have the opportunity to put forth their views on Irish issues.

Refugees have become detainees

The Department of Family Affairs and the health boards cuts off the welfare payments and rent allowances of refugees who move to another region.

Congress urged to probe California case

The U.S. Congress has been urged to conduct a thorough inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the arrest of loyalist Jim Fulton.

RUC accused of graves attack

Sixteen memorials in Belfast's republican plot in Milltown cemetery were destroyed last week in an act of vandalism which may have been the work of the RUC.

RUC endangers lives

Dr Dara O'Hagan, Sinn Fein Assembly member for Upper Bann, has accused the RUC of, ``wilfully endangering nationalists' lives''.

Sinn Féin welcomes all-Ireland body

The first steps towards creating an island economy were taken this week when a new all-Ireland body on Trade and Business Development was set up in Newry.

Minimum Wage-earners should be outside tax net

Sinn Féin TD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin described the publication of the Minimum Wage Bill as welcome but long overdue.

Tullamore's private rented scandal

The Midland Health Board (MHB) and Tullamore UDC have turned a blind eye to deplorable conditions in some private rented accommodation.

O'Rourke gets it wrong on CIE

Mary O'Rourke doesn't just court controversy, she actively stirs it up.

Maginnis trumped on Westminster ban

A claim by Ulster Unionist Security Spokesman Ken Maginnis that no Westminster facilities will be made available unless decommissioning takes place has been denied.

Policy is not enough

A Dublin Sinn Féin Workshop on gay, lesbian and bisexual affairs was held on Wednesday night in Dubliin.

John O'Neill and the Fenian Invasion of Canada

Derek Warfield of the world famous ballad group the Wolfe Tones delivered the Annual Feargal O'Hanlon Memorial Lecture in Monaghan town.

Coughlan scores in Supreme Court

The Supreme Court has ruled that it is unconstitutional for RTE to allocate referendum broadcasts on an unequal basis.

Overseas Aid increase urged

Irish Overseas Aid should be increased to the United Nations target of 0.7% of GNP, according to Sinn Féin TD Caoimhghín Ó Caoláin

A strong republican voice

The Sinn Féin candidate for the 2 February Antrim Borough Council by-election is Pauline Davey-Kennedy.

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