Republican News · Thursday 27 January 2000

[An Phoblacht]

The GAA is right to hold on to Rule 21 until such times as there are changes in the security forces and in the attitude of the nationalist community. There are still people wearing the RUC uniform who carried out human rights abuses. They have to be weeded out.

Eilish McCabe, whose brother Aiden McAnespie was killed by British state forces in 1988, on the decision by the GAA to retain Rule 21, barring British forces from playing the national game


We will always be Irish republicans. We are unrepentant about the right of the people of this island to freedom.

Gerry Adams speaking at the Tom Williams re-interment commemoration last Sunday


In a perfect world I too would have kept the name of the RUC.

British Secretary of State Peter Mandelson last week


Within a matters of months, the Stevens team have charged an RUC informer with the killing and we are now told that files on another six people have been passed to the DPP. It is clear that the RUC failed to pursue the killers of Pat Finucane.

Sinn Féin's Gerry Kelly


The nightmare that was the RUC must now be a thing of the past as we move forward to create a new future for all our people.

Sinn Féin Assembly member Mary Nelis


If things don't work as we hoped and if it proves impossible to sustain the administration in its present form, then the only immediate course is direct rule.

Six-County First Minister David Trimble ups the ante on the unionist demand for IRA decommissioning


Local politicians from other parties are fazed by Sinn Féin. Officially, they play down the threat they pose at the next general election but privately, they admire their application and are bracing themselves for big changes in the political landscape in many constituencies.

Mark O'Connell in the Sunday Business Post on Sinn Féin's growing electoral strength in the 26 Counties

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