Republican News · Thursday 27 January 2000

[An Phoblacht]

Media blinkers

A Chairde,

Can someone please explain why, in the extensive coverage on the British Government's response to the Patten Report on the RUC, the media interviewed several relatives of dead and injured RUC officers, but not a single relative of those killed by the RUC or the many hundreds who have been injured by the RUC (nearly all unarmed civilians, including the first victims of the troubles like Samuel Devenney, 71-year-old Francie McCloskey and 9-year-old Patrick Rooney)?

Sean Marlow,
Dublin 11

From the Trough

A Chairde,

On Wednesday, 19 January, the scientist who successfully cloned Dolly the Sheep predicted that it would be possible to clone pigs within the next year. The same day in Westminster, Peter Mandelson announced that the RUC would become the PSNI by next autumn. Coincidence or what?

Le Meas

Gino B Special

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