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Nationalist Ireland 1969-'99
Still Battered, Still Blamed

Armoured RUC thugs batter nationalists

Any credibility retained by the Parades Commission was shattered on Saturday morning when a large force of body-armoured RUC officers beat peaceful nationalist protesters off the Ormeau Road.

Bombay Street 30 Years On

In August 1969, the Six Counties erupted in civil unrest and loyalist pogrom as the Protestant state for a Protestant people came apart at the seams.

Informer comes forward

A South Armagh man has admitted to working as a paid informer for the last ten years at a packed press conference in Dundalk on Thursday.

DPP ruling needs public explanation

A leading human rights organisation has demanded to kow why RUC officers responsible for the brutal beating of Davy Adams were not prosecuted.

Something in the air

Aly Renwick, a former British Army soldier and one of the founding members of the British-Based Troops Out Movement, recalls the events and politics which shaped the movement in the 1970s.

Wexford mast wars

Enraged people who live at Berkeley, just off the New Ross-Enniscorthy road, have been on 24-hour picket to stop Eircell erecting an 18-metre mast for mobile phone antennae.

trim council by-election candidate

Thirty-four-year-old Aine Gribbon has been selected to stand for Sinn Féin in the ntrim Council by-election on 8 September.

Inequality in the shadows of `Celtic Tiger'

Building workers are fighting for safe sites and proper working conditions.

The last word

Former hunger striker Laurence McKeown, one of the magazine's founders, discusses the inspiration and history of An Glór Gafa/The Captive Voice.

Campaign to save hospitals

Anti-hospital closure campaigners attended a public meeting to discuss the closure of acute services at the South Tyrone Hospital in Dungannon.

Silence from Dáil over British surveillance

The Dáil has ignored news that the British state intercepted all international voice and data telecommunications from the 26 Counties throughout the 1990s.

Belfast nurses accused of failing RUC victims

South Belfast Sinn Féin councillor Sean Hayes has accused Belfast nurses of failing the people injured by the RUC on the Ormeau Road.

Secret payments point to collusion

Recent documents linking the RUC and the NIO to payments made to the families of two men murdered by loyalists in the 1990s have this week reignited the collusion controversy.

Unionists fear power sharing

The next few weeks will reveal whether or not forward movement is possible in the peace process.

Council house repairs at snail's pace

Delays in carrying out repairs to council houses and flats has been described as ``totally unacceptable''.

New appointment at NIO

Tony Blair has in recent weeks appointed a new NIO minister to the Six Counties.

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