Republican News · Thursday 19 August 1999

[An Phoblacht]

Loyalist pogroms remembered

HUNDREDS of people passed through Clonard and the Lower Falls last Sunday, along the very streets that had come under the heaviest attacks from loyalists during the 1969 pogroms.

They came along Bombay Street, Conway Street, Cupar Street and Percy Street to mark the 30th anniversaries of the murder of nine-year-old Patrick Rooney and Trooper McCabe during 14 and 15 August 1969.

Fifteen-year-old Fianna Éireann member Gerard McAuley, killed in the Kashmir Road as he helped families flee the flames, was also remembered in a new mural showing the burning of Bombay Street with the simple message, ``Bombay Street - Never Again.''

Sinn Féin Councillor Fra McCann and Deputy Lord Mayor Marie Moore addressed several hundred people as they stood in the now rebuilt streets. Councillor McCann said:

``The events of 30 years ago are still vivid in the memories of people in Bombay Street, Conway Street, Cupar Street, Percy Street and this area in general. The stories have been told to their children and they want to commemorate the events of 30 years ago and to say to the families of those killed that they haven't been forgotten.

``But,'' McCann added, ``the commemorations also remind people that the attacks still go on and that the events on the Ormeau Road and in Derry yesterday have copper-fastened people's belief that nothing has really changed.''

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