Republican News · Thursday 19 August 1999

[An Phoblacht]

trim council by-election candidate

Aine Gribbon

Thirty-four-year-old Aine Gribbon has been selected to stand for Sinn Féin in the ntrim Council by-election on 8 September. Originally from West Belfast, the mother of six represents part of the new guard of Sinn Féin - bright, young and committed to community issues.

A member of the `Women for Women' group, Aine is particularly focused on women's rights and has campaigned for improved facilities in Antrim.

In a by-election that looks set to improve on the ever-increasing Sinn Féin vote in Antrim, Aine is campaigning:

  • to give nationalists the opportunity to resist ongoing loyalist intimidation;

  • to assert their rights and vote for better representation in local government;

  • to challenge the conservative male domination of Antrim Borough Council;

  • to continue her active campaign with local community groups to deal with the serious problem of drug abuse in the area;

  • to send a clear message to the Dublin and London governments, on the eve of the review process, that the Good Friday Agreement should now be fully implemented without delay.

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