Republican News · Thursday 19 August 1999

[An Phoblacht]

Belfast nurses accused of failing RUC victims

South Belfast Sinn Féin councillor Sean Hayes has accused nurses from the City and Royal Victoria Hospitals in Belfast of failing the people injured by the RUC on the Ormeau Road after peaceful protesters were beaten off the road to clear the path for Apprentice Boys.

Hayes said he was shocked and alarmed by reports about the standard of treatment given by nurses at both hospitals. He says a woman has already made a formal complaint through her solicitor after a nurse refused to clean a head wound.

``A doctor then administered a number of staples without giving the woman an anaesthetic,'' says Hayes. ``She was then forced to clean blood from her face and hands in the toilets of the hospital after being discharged.

``The actions of the staff in the City Hospital were outrageous. People have a right to expect to treated for their injuries, not abused by bigots within the nursing staff.''

A spokeswoman for the City Hospital said staff in its casualty department were ``extremely upset'' by the allegations.

A Royal Victoria Hospital spokeswoman said they were very surprised at the allegations which they regarded as ``very serious''. and which would be investigated.

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