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Thursday 19 June, 1997


SF exclusion
won't work

In the wake of the killing of two RUC members by the IRA in Lurgan there has been talk of proceeding to negotiations without Sinn Féin.

But the reality is that there can be no negotiations and no negotiated settlement without the representatives of nearly 45% of the nationalist people of the Six Counties and of over 6% of people in the 26 Counties. more

Patrick Kelly - killed by British neglect

Hundreds of people gathered last Friday in Killenard, County Laois to sympathise with the family and friends of Pat Kelly, a republican prisoner who was released to die after the deliberate neglect of the British Home Office which led to his death.

IRA claims Lurgan attack

The first members of the RUC to be killed by Oglaigh na hEireann since the IRA resumed military operations on 9 February last year had been under surveillance for a number of weeks, according to an IRA statement.

North Belfast drug protests

Community leaders, political representatives and concerned residents came together last week,in North Belfast to protest against the increasing availability of drugs in the local Waterworks Recreation Park.

Hebron riots show Oslo II failure

A special report by Michael Browne in Hebron, a microcosm of all the inherent tensions between Palestinians and Israelis.

Boy arrested for speaking Irish

The RUC in Derry have arresting a 12 year old Irish-speaking child for giving his name in Irish

Inquiry findings to be launched

The findings of an independent inquiry into the UFF killing of Patrick Shanaghan, a Sinn Fein election worker, is set to be launched later this month.

Phillipines activist meets ex-POWs

A prisoners' rights activist from the Phillipines spent two hours with republican ex-prisoners in Teach Tar Anall in Belfast on Tuesday.

Tar Anall launches women's education course

Tar Anall, the Belfast based prisoners' support group, is set to launch a major training and education initiative for women ex-prisoners and the female partners of serving prisoners.

Marching to a Scottish republic

Eddie McGinty takes issue with an English view of Scottish history

James Connolly honoured in Edinburgh

Last Saturday over 700 hundred people took part in the annual James Connolly march and rally in Edinburgh.

Countdown to Drumcree 3

Peader Whelan describes how the Orange Order's refusal to talk is pushing the Six Counties towards a repeat of last summer.

RUC blamed for traffic deaths

Poleglass councillor Michael Ferguson has called on the RUC to publicly state if they are blocking the Department of Environment's attempts to introduce traffic-calming measures after a young girl was killed in a traffic accident in the area.

Receivers close Irish centre

A court order was issued Wednesday in favour of a receiver telling the Liverpool Irish community centre's Chairperson that she must leave the premises.

McLibel day is nigh

Robert Allen anticipates the verdict in a junk food giant's case against two environmental activists

Nor meekly serve me lamb

early morning drive is disturbed by an unpleasant sight. Laurence McKeown writes.

Pride `97 is biggest yet

Belfast's 7th Lesbian and Gay Pride Festival takes place this week, as a range of venues host what has been tipped to be the city's best ever Pride week.

Holidays and JSA

In a new column starting this week, Ann Marie Willis offers 6 County welfare advice

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