December 30, 2015

‘End the Kangaroo courts’

murphyadams.jpg Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams has said the use of non-jury trial in the case of a prominent republican accused of tax evasion is “just plain wrong”.

New force to target IRA figures

gardaipsni.jpg Sinn Fein’s Martin McGuinness has vowed that a new cross-border state agency will be “relentless” in its pursuit of IRA groups and loyalist paramilitaries.

Republican prisoners to sue over Portlaoise conditions

portlaoise.jpg Republican prisoners in Portlaoise Prison in the Irish midlands are preparing to sue over the degrading and inhumane conditions at the maximum security jail.

Thatcher’s plan to bomb Dundalk

dundalk.jpg Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher asked what the reaction would be if the British bombed the border town of Dundalk in county Louth when she met then Irish Taoiseach in 1985.

Christmas soup-kitchens see record demand from homeless

rdschristmas.jpg A record number of homeless in Dublin over the Christmas period saw over 3,000 meals being delivered on Christmas Day -- two and a half times the demand just four years ago.

Undercover ceremony to commemorate IRA Volunteers

curraghcommem.jpg In the early hours of Saturday 19th of December, members of the 1916 Societies entered the Curragh military camp under the cover of darkness to commemorate seven Irish Republican Army Volunteers who were executed 92 years ago on that day.

The revolution of 1916 remains unfinished business

ricbig.jpg An official 1916 centenary calendar is a further example of the collaborative nature of the 26 County state, writes RSF National PRO Sean O Dubhlain.

Time for a new approach

stormonttalks2015.jpg Following the conclusion of yet another pseudo negotiation at Stormont, its purpose as ever to prop up British rule in the North, it is clear the status quo in Ireland is incapable of securing forward political progress.

December 19, 2015

Branch’s dirty war continues

rucspook.jpg There are fears of continuing ‘dirty tricks’ by the PSNI police after it emerged that four members of its intelligence division concealed information about an attack in which a Catholic member of the force was injured almost six years ago.

‘Charles in charge’ as massacre Paras get favourable ruling

charlespara.jpg Relatives of some of those killed and wounded on Bloody Sunday have said they are not surprised by a High Court ruling in London that those involved in the massacre will not be taken to Ireland for questioning.

Born-again loyalist sued by victims

anthonyfox.jpg A County Armagh loyalist linked to dozens of sectarian murders is set to be sued by the families of some victims.

Panel plans IRA disbandment

alderdice.jpg A panel has been appointed by Sinn Fein and DUP Ministers to develop a strategy to disband the IRA and loyalist paramilitary groups.

TDs concern at 26 County internment strategy

maureenosullivan.jpg An apparent policy of internment by remand in the 26 Counties was highlighted this week when three high-profile Irish legislators, TDs Mick Wallace, Clare Daly and Maureen O’Sullivan, offered to post bail for an alleged IRA Volunteer but were refused permission to do so.

Ballyhea still says ‘No’

ballyhea250.jpg The 250th march by the ‘Ballyhea Says No’ protest took place in the tiny village just south of Charleville, County Cork, last Sunday morning as anti-bailout and anti-austerity campaigners seek to escalate their campaign in advance of the upcoming general election in the 26 Counties.

Dark Rosaleen

darkrosaleen.jpg Michael Nicholson is one of the world’s most decorated journalists, reporting from 18 different war zones over a 45-year career. While writing his new novel, he changed his mind about England's guilt over Ireland’s Great Hunger.

Molly O’Reilly and the Rising

mollyoreilly.jpg We are on the eve of a momentous year -- this time a hundred years ago republican men and women were planning the overthrow of the British Empire in Ireland.

December 12, 2015

‘We will not go away’ - victims

relativessignatures.jpg Victims of the conflict in the north of Ireland have directly accused the British government of a “shameful failure” to address the need for truth and justice.

A government out of its depth on climate

bandonprotest.jpg The town of Bandon, County Cork came to a standstill on Monday night when up to 1,500 people marched through the town and called on the Dublin government to deliver immediately on the town’s flood relief scheme, one of dozens across Ireland which have been devastated by floods and the lack of flood defences.

Arlene Foster set to be new DUP leader

arlenefosterdup.jpg The DUP Finance minister at Stormont, Arlene Foster, is to become the next leader of the party after the DUP Deputy leader Nigel Dodds dramatically withdrew from the race to succeed Peter Robinson, leaving her as the sole candidate.

UDA splinter group sparks new feud

udaposter.jpg A breakaway faction of the UDA has embarked on a campaign of intimidation in north Belfast to force residents from their homes. The faction, which emerged during the loyalist flag protests in 2012, are reported to have “taken control” of the Tigers Bay and nearby areas.

Activists jailed as political corruption is ignored

mcelvaneyrte.jpg A Fine Gael councillor in Monaghan, Hugh McElvaney has been filmed while appearing to demand ten thousand pounds sterling from a fake international company for his support in gaining planning permission for a proposed wind farm, while two other local councillors were also recorded agreeing to assist the firm in return for side deals.

Family’s concerns for son held in isolation for four years

gavincoyle.jpg The mother of republican prisoner Gavin Coyle has said she fears for his life after he has been held on his own in the punishment block at Maghaberry Prison for more than four years.

Remembering political prisoners this Christmas

prisonervigil.jpg December is the traditional month for republicans to think of our political prisoners. We publish list of IRPWA and Cogus prisoners behind bars this Christmas.

The jailing of Claire Knowles

claireknowles.jpg Just two weeks before Christmas, a law-abiding mother, daughter, sister, grandmother and friend to many was committed to prison.

December 5, 2015

Recriminations continue over talks deal

uniteprotestsf.jpg The PSNI police chief George Hamilton has said his force can’t be blamed for the failures of the ‘Fresh Start’ talks agreement amid angry exchanges over the deal within the nationalist community.

A clear case of internment

gavincoylethumbsup.jpg The Anti-Internment League has described court hearings in which seven-year-old charges were resurrected against republicans Davy Jordan and Gavin Coyle as “political show trials”.

Judgement could encourage provocative marches

protestantcoalitionracist.jpg There are fears of increased parade tensions next summer after a rare conviction against a loyalist ‘kick the pope’ marching band was overturned on appeal.

Political censorship as MI5 sabotages work credentials

seanmontgomery.jpg Employee background checks on nationalists are now including information provided by the British intelligence services, falsely linking some people to illegal organisations in an apparent attempt to wreck their employment chances.

Action demanded on housing as rent plan backfires

gardahomeless.jpg Over a thousand people have attended a demonstration to demand action on the homelessness crisis on the first anniversary of Jonathan Corrie, a Carlow man who died at this time last year on steps near the Dublin parliament.

Northerners back a unified Irish soccer squad

faiifalogos.jpg A majority of people inside the Six Counties favour the creation of a single all-Ireland soccer team, according to a report by the Ulster University.

Frongoch, the first internment camp

frongoch.jpg People in Wales have called on the governments in Dublin and Cardiff to provide a permanent commemorative centre in Frongoch, where 1,800 Irishmen were interned after the 1916 Rising.

Time to lead on climate change, not to plead

endakennyclimate.jpg A progressive campaign group has launched a petition to encourage the Dublin government to act responsibly to help prevent catastrophic climate change.

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