February 28, 2015

‘Criminals’ and ‘touts’ in south Armagh

frankmccabejr.jpg Sinn Fein has warned that a lack of confidence in the PSNI police is encouraging illegal activity in border areas.

Father seeks to end the silence on Scappaticci

scappaticciold.jpg A father of a man allegedly murdered by notorious British Crown informer and double agent, Freddie Scappaticci, is behind a new effort to bring the state to book for Scappaticci’s secret crimes.

Report warns against displays of Irishness

patricksdaycrowd.jpg A St Patrick’s Day parade in Scotland is facing cancellation because it could be attacked by loyalists, according to reports this week.

Cut-to-the-bone coalition demonises opposition

alankellylabour.jpg The Dublin government has attempted to turn the tables on its left-wing opponents this week with efforts to portray them as “dangerous” and “anti-democratic”.

Tempers rising at Stormont

mcdonnellmcguinness.jpg Six-County officials are understood to have witnessed a blazing row between the leaders of the two main nationalist parties over new welfare cuts.

Govt ‘apologising’ for independence, ‘celebrating’ partition

charlieflanagan.jpg The Dublin government stands accused of planning to celebrate the partition of Ireland, following comments made by Fine Gael’s controversial Foreign Minister Charlie Flanagan at his party’s annual conference last weekend.

Thank you, Mr Tubridy

ryantubridy.jpg On open letter by blogger Ciaran Tierney on last weekend’s hostile live television interview of Paul Murphy TD by Ryan Tubridy, presenter of the Irish state broadcaster’s main light entertainment programme, the Late Late show.

2016 and how to fool yourself

risingsignatories.jpg It gets closer every day, and as it does the politicians in the south get more and more uneasy.

February 21, 2015

Jailed activists on hunger strike

activistsbankers.jpg Anti-austerity activists have embarked on a hunger strike in protest at their incarceration at Wheatfield prison in Dublin, and are now also threatening to refuse fluids.

Kincora victim’s first step

garyhoy.jpg An abuse victim is hopeful after winning the first stage in a battle to have a Westminster parliamentary inquiry look into allegations that senior unionist politicians, businessmen and high-level British state agents connived in a paedophile ring at the notorious Kincora care home in Belfast.

More protests as activists are jailed

freethefiveprotest.jpg The jailing of five anti-austerity protestors has marked a further escalation in the 26 County government’s crackdown on political demonstrations against the water tax.

Bomb alerts in Derry and Belfast

currynierinalert.jpg An area around Currynieirin in Derry was closed off for two days this week while an object reported as a “mortar-like device” was recovered. A telephone caller to a local newspaper said an explosive device had been left on a laneway by “the republican movement”.

Irish society polarised as never before

livinginacar.jpg New research has shown the 26 County state is now the most unequal country in the European Union for the distribution of income, and one of the worst in the western world for health inequality.

‘Psychological torture’ of MI5 approach

seandillon.jpg A former republican prisoner has said he fears he is being set up by British security forces after he was detained by MI5 at an Italian airport.

Irish language a priority for nationalist councillors

nmdcologo.jpg Four of the 11 new ‘super’ councils could be set to have Irish as the first language on their logos and literature, according to the two nationalist parties.

Freedom for Seamus Daly

seamusdaly.jpg The family and friends of a South Armagh man have condemned his continued imprisonment pending a possible prosecution in regard to the 1998 Omagh bomb attack.

‘We let them rot in Cricklewood’

emigrationfarewell.jpg The refusal to allow votes to Irish emigrants is tied up with the attitude of successive governments to the question of emigration.

February 14, 2015

Attack on democracy

gardaarrest.jpg A number of children have been arrested in Dublin after being caught up in a shocking crackdown by the 26 County state against anti-austerity protests in the capital.

Trouble continues at Maghaberry

prisonriotsquad.jpg Maghaberry’s ‘riot squad’ have continued to use violence against republican prisoners following last week’s disturbances at the jail, which left one prisoner to seek hospital treatment.

Vindication for Ballymurphy man

terrylaverty.jpg A man tortured during the Ballymurphy Massacre and who was subsequently convicted of rioting has had his conviction quashed, some 44 years later.

Orchestrated effort to cover up war crimes

georgehamilton3.jpg The failure to convict a single member of the British Crown forces since 1998 is being linked to the systematic frustration of investigations and inquests by elements within the policing system in the north of Ireland.

More legal drama as PSNI collect Boston tapes

bostoncollege3.jpg The latest development in a notorious ‘oral history’ project operated by a Boston university has seen British forces granted the right to seize, but not open, sealed tapes of interviews given by a former unionist paramilitary prisoner.

‘Love Ulster’ parade gets go ahead

loyalistmarch.jpg A sectarian loyalist parade organised by Willie Frazer has been given approval to march through Dublin city centre and past the GPO on O’Connell Street, the site of the 1916 Easter Rising, according to reports.

Concerns over new UDA mural

udamuralcarrickfergus.jpg A new mural calling for people to join the UDA was recently painted in Carrickfergus, County Antrim, prompting fears that the unionist paramilitary group is again recruiting.

Denying the British empire’s crimes

maumau.jpg To dismiss Britain’s colonial atrocities, no such effort is required. Most people appear to be unaware that anything needs to be denied.

February 9, 2015

Protests spread following arrest of anti-austerity TD

paulmurphyarrested.jpg The arrest of anti-austerity TD Paul Murphy and three other left-wing activists in early morning raids has led to angry protests at Garda police stations across Dublin.

February 7, 2015

Prison a ‘pressure cooker’

maghaberryprotestfeb.jpg A republican political prisoner was badly beaten by warders at Maghaberry jail last week following confrontations over new changes to the prison regime.

Legal breakthrough as judicial review granted in Glenanne case

glenannefarm.jpg Leave to seek a judicial review of how the PSNI police investigated a gang responsible for the murders of up to 120 innocent Catholics was granted last week after it emerged that a key police report on the gang was suddenly “shelved” five years ago.

Fears over role of new British police agency

ncatraining.jpg Concerns have been raised after a new British police force known as ‘Britain’s FBI’ received the go-ahead to begin operation in the Six Counties.

Bloody Sunday campaign renewed

sundaymarch2015.jpg Many of the issues behind the original Bloody Sunday march are still relevant today, marchers attending a Bloody Sunday commemoration rally have been told.

PSNI not invited to St Patrick’s Day parade

psninyc.jpg A decision not to include the PSNI police in this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade in New York has been welcomed by US-based republicans.

Alternative 1916 programme launched

sf1916rising.jpg Sinn Fein has launched an alternative Easter Rising programme to the State events for next year’s centenary commemorations.

When genocide became “famine”

faminebook.jpg A campaign to change the way the tragic events of 1845-1850 are recounted.

Why the PSNI cannot investigate the RUC’s crimes

ruconstreet.jpg Policing is too important to be left to the police, and in the context of the north of Ireland, the past is also too important to be left to the police.

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