May 29, 2009


injuredfleming.jpg The family of Kevin McDaid have accused the PSNI of being culpable in his murder by a loyalist mob.

Peace worker killed for being Catholic

injuredmcdaid.jpg Kevin McDaid was killed for the crime of being Catholic -- but his Protestant wife Evelyn, who was also viciously attacked, has said he simply wanted peace.

Public turns against holy orders over abuse

artaneschool.jpg A call for those responsible for child abuse in institutions run by the religious orders to face criminal proceedings has been led by the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese.

PSNI seize Liam Campbell, attempt extradition

liamcampbell.jpg Prominent republican Liam Campbell was arrested in dramatic fashion in County Armagh last weekend when the PSNI police rammed his car after discovering he had crossed the border from the 26 Counties.

Emotional hunger strike debate

hungerstrikedebate.jpg The Republican Network for Unity held an event last weekend called “What is the Truth Behind the Hunger Strike?” to examine issues which have arisen in recent years regarding the negotiations which took place in 1981.

Election campaigning intensifies

eucampaign.jpg Sinn Féin launched the final stage of the party’s EU and local election campaigns on Wednesday with the unveiling of billboards, advertisements and new posters across Dublin.

‘The old ways are gone’

martinmcguinness.jpg A keynote speech delivered by Sinn Féin’s Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness at the Kevin Lynch commemoration at Park, County Derry last weekend.

Consigning Irish children to a regime of torture

industrialschool.jpg The Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Child Abuse, published this week, left no one in any doubt that children in the Twenty-Six County state were never treated equally

May 27, 2009

2009 election candidates

A list of Sinn Fein and other republican candidates in the forthcoming elections across Ireland on June 4th and 5th.

May 26, 2009

PSNI ‘never moved’ during fatal Coleraine attack

The Police Ombudsman is to investigate reports that a PSNI unit stood by and watched as Catholic father-of-four Kevin McDaid was beaten to death on Sunday evening.

May 25, 2009

Man dies after loyalist mob attack

A 49-year-old Catholic man has been killed in a loyalist rampage in Coleraine, County Derry.

May 22, 2009


abuse.jpg There has been a wave of outrage after an official report for the Dublin government admitted that thousands of children suffered physical and sexual abuse over several decades in residential institutions run by religious congregations.

Violent attack at UVF funeral

butchermoore.jpg A press photographer was badly beaten at a unionist paramilitary funeral for a notorious mass murderer on Thursday afternoon.

Inquiry hears of investigation failings, PSNI distrust

hamillfamily.jpg Blood samples on the clothing of Catholic murder victim Robert Hamill were not analysed, the inquiry into into his murder has heard.

Westminster scandal reaches Ireland

telegraphexpenses.jpg In an ironic outburst, British Conservative leader David Cameron has used an electioneering visit to the north of Ireland to threaten to cut expenses from Sinn Féin’s Westminster MP

First official famine commemoration

faminecommem.jpg The first Irish Famine Memorial Day commemoration took place in Skibbereen in west Cork last Sunday, May 17th.

Dublin/Monaghan victims remembered

justiceforgotten.jpg Relatives of those who lost their lives in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings marked the 35th anniversary of the atrocity with a wreath-laying ceremony in Dublin this week.

Sinn Féin launch local election manifesto

sflocalmanifesto09.jpg Sinn Féin launched the party’s campaign for the local government elections in the 26 Counties this week.

Elections - an exercise in participatory democracy

eirigiaf.jpg Members of the small republican political party eirigi agreed at its annual conference to 'tactically contest elections at a time of our choosing'.

May 15, 2009


govtpoll.jpg With local and European elections less than three weeks away, the latest poll shows satisfaction with the Dublin government has slumped to an extraordinary record low of just ten per cent.

Journo stands up to the police state

breennuj.jpg Belfast journalist Suzanne Breen and her newspaper, the Sunday Tribune, have received widespread support for their refusal to comply with demands by the PSNI police to identify journalistic sources within the ‘Real IRA’.

Report identifies institutional sectarianism

pps.jpg Young Catholics are far more likely to face prosecution than Protestant youths in the North, a new equality study has revealed.

Furore after attack on home of Mitchel McLaughlin

mitchelbomb.jpg The 32 County Sovereignty Movement in Derry has denied that dissident republicans were behind a petrol bomb attack on the home of Sinn Féin leadership figure Mitchel McLaughlin at the weekend.

Deadlock as prison protest goes on

portlaoisedirty.jpg A dirty protest at Portlaoise prison is entering its sixth week, with prison warders admitting they see no signs that the ‘Real IRA’ men involved will soon end their demonstration.

UDA leader fined £1 after life of crime

ihabshoukri2.jpg A former unionist paramilitary ‘brigadier’ has been fined just one pound after prosecutors agreed a deal with the defence in a Belfast courtroom over the proceeds of his crimes.

Elizabeth Windsor

queenrugby.jpg She came, she saw, she left again and, in between, the usual crowd of hangers on and supposedly intelligent people reduced themselves to the babblings of fools and morons.

Bobby Sands and Margaret Thatcher

thatchersands.jpg Two personalities from opposite ends of the political spectrum, who helped shape their respective worlds and are inextricably linked through decisions they took over 30 years ago had anniversaries last week.

May 8, 2009


breen.jpg The PSNI police have brought an Irish journalist to court under special anti-terrorist legislation in a move seen as further evidence of a return to traditional repressive state policies against republicanism.

Dismay as Ballymena killers receive light sentences

mcilveens.jpg The family of Catholic schoolboy Michael McIlveen have criticised the lenient sentences given to seven people convicted in connection with his savage killing.

North election campaign underway

debrun.jpg Sinn Féin’s European candidate Bairbre de Brun has emerged as the bookies’ favourite to top the poll at next month’s election but is facing a hard battle against the DUP’s Diane Dodds.

Coalition frays as election looms

govtpoll.jpg The Green Party has moved to distance themselves from their Fianna Fail Coalition partners by refusing to call on their supporters to transfer their votes in the three sets of elections scheduled in hte 26 Counties for June 5th.

Court overturns Fianna convictions

fiannasunburst.jpg In a landmark ruling, two men convicted in relation to IRA-related charges 30 years ago when they were teenagers have had their records cleared.

Queen moves closer to 26-County visit

queen.jpg A visit by the Queen of England to Derry has been condemned by Republican Sinn Féin.

Hunger strike was ‘pivotal’

bobbysands.jpg Sinn Féin MEP for the Six Counties, Bairbre de Brun this week delivered the annual Bobby Sands Memorial Lecture, the theme of which was ‘Countess Markievicz and the 100th anniversary of Na Fianna Eireann.

Give them absolutely nothing

censorship.jpg Would society really be better off had Suzanne Breen not spoken to the Real IRA?

May 1, 2009


doleq.jpg The 26-County state is set to experience a depression surpassing that of any other industrialised nation for over 70 years, according to official predictions.

UDA funding restored

udasmall.jpg The High Court in Belfast has ruled that a decision to withhold state funding for a UDA-related group over that organisation’s refusal to decommission its weaponry was “illegal”.

Duffy granted judicial review over spy tactics

colinduffy.jpg Colin Duffy has been granted permission by the High Court to challenge prison service silence about any covert surveillance being used against him.

RUC kept loyalist plots secret

ruc.jpg RUC Special Branch systematically failed to warn people under threat by loyalists, the Billy Wright Inquiry has heard.

Ballymena killers sentenced

mcilveen.jpg Four men guilty of the sectarian murder of a Catholic schoolboy have been given minimum sentences of up to 13 years in jail.

Tesco facing boycott, strike

tesco.jpg A British supermarket chain ordered two young GAA members to remove their sports jerseys while fundraising at a County Antrim supermar

Supergrasses: They’re Back!

court.jpg The British state is increasing its erosion of civil liberties for Irish citizens.

Pseudo groups are locked into political fantasy world

ciragraffiti.jpg Three very distinct and separate voices were heard across the Irish media last weekend.

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