July 31, 2007


The British Army will cease to provide military support to Crown force policing operations in the Six Counties from midnight.

Anger at PSNI role in South Armagh

The 32-County Sovereignty Movement has accused Sinn Féin of making “choreographed” moves to bring the PSNI police into South Armagh.

Hamill inquiry delayed again

The legal battle by RUC/PSNI police bidding for anonymity during a public inquiry into the 1997 killing of Catholic man Robert Hamill was sent back to the High Court in Belfast today.

DUP says no to Irish language rights

The DUP’s minister for culture in the Six Counties, Edwin Poots, has given no commitment on providing an Irish language Act despite a high-profile meeting with Sinn Féin’s Gerry Adams.

Commissioner appointment was sectarian - report

The appointment of the widow of an RUC policeman as the North’s interim victims’ commissioner was discriminatory and was designed to placate Ian Paisley and the DUP, a report has confirmed.

Cold-blooded shooting was ‘lawful’

The wife of a man shot dead by British soldiers in 1971 has spoken of her hurt and anger after a police investigation team told her they could not find the killers and concluded his death was lawful.

Consultation fails to meet needs of Irish speakers

Gerry Adams urges the DUP to copper- fasten the rights of citizens and to implement the agreement on the Irish language made at St Andrews.

Kid-glove treatment of UDA disgraceful

In one of the most scandalous uses of public money in the north, and that's saying something, successive proconsuls have been advised to try to bribe the UDA out of racketeering and extortion.

July 25, 2007


A feud between rival factions of the unionist paramilitary UDA erupted in intense clashes at the weekend during which a PSNI policeman was shot in the back.

Sinn Féin wins first Seanad seat

Sinn Féin has made history by winning a seat in the Upper House of the Dublin parliament.

Shoot-to-kill: Answers demanded

One of the most controversial inquiries of the conflict involving the RUC’s notorious “shoot to kill” policy, has been reopened.

Campaigners rally in defence of Tara

Campaigners opposed to the route of the M3 motorway through the ancient city of Tara carried the flags of all 32 counties in a protest march in Dublin on Saturday.

UVF get Dublin grant aid

26-County Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has sanctioned a hand-out of Irish taxpayers’ money to a Belfast community group under the control of one of most notorious units of the Ulster Volunteer Force.

Republicans explode roadside device

The PSNI police has described two roadside bombs planted near a roundabout in Newry as a “dangerous but ultimately pointless, cowardly and empty gesture”.

The Siege of Kinsale

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the ‘Flight of the Earls’. We examine the background to that major event in Irish history with a series of historical articles.

Body can build a more prosperous island

Further evidence of the ongoing transformation of Irish politics as a result of the peace process was again on display this week.

July 18, 2007


DUP leader and Six-County First Minister Ian Paisley has declared that the conflict in Ireland is at an end.

‘Twelfth’ parades pass without serious violence

Nationalists across the North refused to be provoked as hundreds of sectarian parades passed off last week without major incident.

PSNI station bombed

Republican hardliners have been linked to a bomb attack on a PSNI police station in Strabane, County Tyrone.

Firework attack across peace-line

A man was struck in the chest by a firework thrown over a ‘peace wall’ that runs across Manor Street, near their north Belfast home.

Clashes at Tara protest

Five people who are protesting against the M3 motorway being routed through the historic Hill of Tara site in Meath have been arrested.

Shell protesters defy Garda clampdown

Two more supporters of the ‘Shell to Sea’ campaign may now face charges following a five-hour protest related to the Corrib gas project in north Mayo.

Past will dictate plans to update Orange Order

For most of its more than 200-year history the Orange Order and the British government have been inextricably linked.

It ain’t easy being Green

The Greens by entering into coalition, have now joined a long list of once radical organizations who have chosen to become, as Chris Gaskin wrote, “the mud guard of the two failed civil war parties”.

July 11, 2007


A bizarre British Army document has come to light which purports to summarise the lessons taken by the force from its engagement in conflict in the North of Ireland.

Drumcree march peaceful

Several hundred Orangemen and loyalist bands were stopped by PSNI police at Drumcree Bridge in Portadown on Sunday as the annual confrontation over a sectarian march passed off without incident.

Springfield tensions rising

Tensions are rising ahead of a controversial Orange Order parade in west Belfast.

School atrocity plan revealed

A unionist paramilitary gang linked to British Crown forces planned to murder 30 Catholic schoolchildren in south Armagh in 1976, it has emerged.

Defending Long Kesh

Elements within Ian Paisley’s DUP are attempting to remove the historic status of the Long Kesh prison and hospital wing where hunger-strikers died.

PSNI found guilty of serious discrimination

The PSNI police are refusing to pay after an equality tribunal issued a judgement in favour of a police photographer who suffered abuse for marrying a Catholic.

éirígí - Rise Up

éirígí [meaning ‘rise up’] is a new Irish, Socialist Republican, political organisation committed to ending the British occupation of the six counties and the establishment of a thirty-two county Democratic Socialist Republic.

Pattern of systemic inequality must be reversed

At the annual meeting of Lisburn council, SDLP councillors abandoned a long standing principle of their party - the principle of power-sharing.

July 4, 2007


A multi-pronged British strategy to protect their own while downplaying collusion and the rights of nationalist victims could provoke a crisis in the peace process later this year.

RUC man blows whistle on collusion cover-up

A former RUC police ‘whistleblower’ has blasted a decision not to prosecute 20 members of the British Crown forces who had previously been identified in the investigations by John Stevens as having been involved in collusion with unionist paramilitaries.

Vicious sectarian attack in north Belfast

A 15-year-old Catholic boy was beaten unconscious with a golf club in a savage attack by a sectarian gang who then tied wire around his neck and dragged him along a street.

Adams calls in PSNI chief

Members of the Irish Republican Socialist Party have protested outside a hall last night where PSNI chief Hugh Orde, at the invitation of Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams, spoke in west Belfast on how to tackle anti-social crime.

‘Dignified’ protest at Whiterock Parade

A sectarian parade by the Protestant Orange Order passed off without incident in west Belfast on Saturday.

New focus to campaign for undocumented Irish

Campaigners on behalf of undocumented Irish immigrants in the United States are pressing for a special immigration deal for Ireland after the US Senate rejected a comprehensive reform Bill.

Immigrants’ American Dream ends in tragedy

175 years ago this month, a group of Irish immigrants left for the New World to help build a pioneering railroad. Six weeks later all were dead. Now a search is underway to trace their history and find their bodies.

PPS is undermining public confidence in justice

If ever there was a case for a speedy transfer of policing and justice powers to the north’s executive then it is shining out of the statement last week from the Public Prosecution Service (PPS).

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