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PSNI ‘routinely’ abusing children in searches

boysearch.jpg The father of a 14-year-old boy has spoken out after the PSNI targeted his son under ‘terror’ legislation.

Published September 22, 2018

Further collusion suspected over missing notebook

psninotes.jpg There are renewed concerns over collusion after it emerged that a notebook containing details of republicans -- including their names, addresses and car number plates -- has been “lost” by the PSNI police in a UDA stronghold.

Published September 22, 2018

Day of action on housing

tbtcprotest.jpg Housing activists are today [Saturday] holding a national day of action to highlight Ireland’s housing crisis amid increased repression by the 26 County police.

Published September 22, 2018

Recall petition fails to unseat Ian Paisley

recallresult.jpg At the end of six weeks of campaigning, an official petition of recall to remove DUP MP Ian Paisley over corruption allegations has fallen just short of the number required.

Published September 20, 2018


fourgang2.jpg Over a thousand people marched in Dublin on Wednesday after the new Garda Commissioner colluded with hired thugs in an attempt to suppress opposition to the government’s housing policy.

Published September 15, 2018

A shocking exposition as Ballymurphy massacre inquest advances

ballymurphyinquest0918.jpg An outpouring of emotion at the broadcast of a new documentary has inspired hope that justice is finally within reach for the victims of an infamous British Army killing spree.

Published September 15, 2018

ECHR fails to grasp ‘thorny issue’ of British torture

hoodedmen2.jpg The ‘Hooded Men’ have vowed that their campaign for justice is not over after the European Court of Human Rights rejected an appeal against the court’s ruling that they were not tortured.

Published September 15, 2018

Say no to Israeli apartheid

israelprotest.jpg Efforts by the Israeli state to reassert its international reputation in the wake of large-scale massacres of the Palestinian population are being opposed in Ireland through protests and boycotts.

Published September 15, 2018

Dail set for showdown over the housing crisis

obroinharris.jpg Public wrangling over the housing crisis is to reach a climax later this month when Sinn Fein submit puts forward a motion of no confidence in Fine Gael’s Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy.

Published September 15, 2018

Ni Riada and TV celebs bid to replace Higgins as President

presidentcands.jpg Liadh Ni Riada MEP is set to be ratified as Sinn Fein Presidential election candidate this weekend, joining two reality television stars and a charity entrepreneur in the bid to oust the sitting Irish President, Michael D Higgins, from Aras an Uachtaran.

Published September 15, 2018

Ireland may miss out on protests as Trump visit in doubt

trumpblimp.jpg US President Donald Trump could reschedule an upcoming trip to Ireland after it emerged massive protests were being planned to greet him.

Published September 11, 2018

‘Ignorant’ Bradley blocks court-ordered election

bradleywestminster.jpg After admitting to a parliamentary magazine that she hadn’t understood how the North of Ireland is divided politically, British Direct Ruler Karen Bradley has introduced legislation at Westminster to halt Six County Assembly elections until 2019.

Published September 8, 2018

Furious DUP rows over RHI payouts revealed

bellrhiinquiry.jpg In nasty exchanges, former DUP first minister Arlene Foster ordered a party colleague to keep open a Stormont ‘free money’ energy scheme despite his concerns over the spiralling cost, an inquiry has heard.

Published September 8, 2018

PSNI bid to disguise its role in journalist arrests

durhamjournos.jpg Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams has accused the British state of “a new and despicable twist” in its efforts to protect itself from the legal consequences of its collusion with loyalist paramilitaries during the conflict.PSNI bid to disguise its role in journalist arrests

Published September 8, 2018

A choice between reunification or disaster - SF

kearneytalking.jpg Sinn Fein’s National Chairperson Declan Kearney has warned that there is a risk that the peace process could be “squandered” by Brexit coming on top of the collapse of political institutions in the North.

Published September 8, 2018

Irish language signage ban overturned

languagecourt.jpg A ban on Irish language street signs in Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council has been rescinded after a resident challenged the discrimination.

Published September 8, 2018

Grieving Donegal mother told to contact British Foreign Office

danielleletter.jpg The mother of Donegal woman Danielle McLaughlin said she was disgusted to be refused a meeting with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar because his office claimed her daughter ‘was not an Irish citizen’ as she had a British passport.

Published September 8, 2018

Harris sworn in as Garda boss under cover of darkness

harrisconfirmed.jpg The former assistant chief of the RUC police, Drew Harris, has been controversially sworn in as Garda Commissioner in an extraordinary midnight ceremony at the force’s headquarters in Kevin Street, Dublin.

Published September 3, 2018

Journalists seized in PSNI’s war on truth


The PSNI stand accused of once again actively colluding in a loyalist massacre by directing the arrest of two award-winning investigative journalists who worked to expose the truth behind the 1994 Loughinisland killings.

Published September 1, 2018

Tories threaten partition, once again

moggmay.jpg The Tory Brexit campaign is sliding towards a “take it or leave it” showdown with the EU amid an increasingly bloody-minded approach by British officials.

Published September 1, 2018


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