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May under pressure as DUP reject Brexit deal

doddsbrexit.jpg Theresa May’s leadership of the Conservative Party is again under pressure as a series of Ministers resigned and the DUP rallied opposition to a negotiated Brexit deal.

Published November 15, 2018

Second Sinn Fein TD quits on abortion issue

peadertoibin2.jpg Meath West TD Peadar Toibin has resigned from Sinn Fein, weeks after he was suspended from the party after voting against abortion legislation in the Dublin parliament.

Published November 15, 2018

The Irish protocol of the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement

draftwaprotocol.jpg The full text of the chapter of the Brexit agreement that relates to the Six Counties (pages 302 to 327) from the draft document which was released tonight.

Published November 14, 2018

Brexit deal ‘moves on’ after May wins cabinet support

maybrexitcabinet.jpg Negotiations on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union have reached a decisive moment as a draft agreement won the support of the Tory government in London.

Published November 14, 2018

Hope and determination as Ballymurphy Inquest opens

ballymurphyinquestopens.jpg After almost 50 years, an inquest has opened into the deaths of eleven civilians killed by British soldiers in Ballymurphy in west Belfast. The inquest is expected to last up up to six months.

Published November 12, 2018

Save ‘Our Precious Union’ from Brexit - DUP

fostermay2.jpg The paradox of the unstoppable force of Brexit and the DUP’s immovable intransigence may be resolved within days amid reports of a looming showdown between the British Prime Minister and the DUP.

Published November 10, 2018

No stone left unturned in Loughinisland cover-up

durhamjournos.jpg The arrest of two journalists for the ‘theft’ of ‘secret information’ used in a TV documentary about the Loughinisland massacre has descended into a pantomime public row, leaving the victims of the atrocity furious at the abuse of police resources.

Published November 10, 2018

Call for action over poppy-related racism

mccleanireland.jpg The annual media bullying campaign known as ‘poppy fascism’ has been blamed for an outbreak of anti-Irish racism in the world of sport.

Published November 10, 2018

Brazen loyalists involved in racist violence, rioting

kkkloyalists.jpg A racist arson attack in east Belfast has followed days after loyalist paramilitaries in nearby Newtownards dressed up as in full Klu Klux Klan uniform and posed for photographs outside an Islamic centre.

Published November 10, 2018

Damning report on council slush fund

stittfoster.jpg A report on the use of council funds in the North to make payments to loyalist paramilitaries and other politically connected groups is a major embarrassment for the main political parties.

Published November 10, 2018

Unification can prevent Brexit economic crash - report

hubnerreport.jpg The reunification of Ireland would lead to a massive economic windfall for the whole island, while Brexit will have disastrous consequences, a major new international research study has concluded.

Published November 10, 2018

‘Bad faith’ over extradition bid against John Downey

johndowney600.jpg Prominent Donegal man and former republican prisoner John Downey is behind bars tonight as part of a surprise bid to extradite him to British jurisdiction to face IRA charges dating from 1972

Published November 6, 2018

‘Shitshows’ by Brexit Brits

raabwarrenpoint.jpg British government ministers are treating the north of Ireland as a colonial outpost which must be visited, however briefly, in order to maintain the validity of their jurisdiction.

Published November 3, 2018

Investigators were kept in the dark, papers show

patsykelly2.jpg Fresh revelations in the murder of nationalist councillor Patsy Kelly have called into question all previous investigations into the killing.

Published November 3, 2018

PSNI notebook was source of loyalist threat

notebook.jpg The son of a County Tyrone couple who were shot dead by the unionist paramilitary UVF is to take legal action after discovering a police notebook containing his personal details was in the hands of the same organisation who murdered his parents.

Published November 3, 2018

Toibin suspended by Sinn Fein for six months

toibincherish.jpg Sinn Fein TD Peadar Toibin has been suspended from the party for six months in a move which could lead to him contesting his seat as an independent candidate in the next election.

Published November 3, 2018

Casey speculates over new right-wing campaign

petercaseyffs.jpg Business figure and TV personality Peter Casey, who came from nowhere to secure the support of almost one in four voters in the Presidential election, is to try to build a new political movement on the back of apparent support for his right-wing populist comments.

Published November 3, 2018

Tragic week recalled

begleycommem18.jpg A 22-year-old IRA Volunteer who died after the device he was carrying exploded prematurely 25 years ago was remembered in a commemoration in Belfast last Sunday.

Published November 3, 2018

Presidential election - final results

michealdelected.jpg Incumbent Michael D Higgins has been officially confirmed as the winner of the Irish Presidential Election with 822,566 votes (55.8%), exceeding the quota. Independent Peter Casey secured second place with 23.1% of the vote.

Published October 27, 2018

Higgins re-elected as President

higginsreelected.jpg Michael D Higgins will serve another seven year term as President of Ireland as tallies and early results in Friday’s Presidential election bore out the results of two exit polls which last night indicated he is set to be elected on the first count.

Published October 27, 2018


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