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Dialogue key to ending conflict - Adams

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams has urged the US to adopt a similar approach to that used in the Irish peace process in efforts to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Published September 10, 2006

Mary Harney resigns

The 26-County Deputy Prime Minister, Tanaiste Mary Harney, has announced she is stepping down as leader of the Progressive Democrats.

Published September 7, 2006

Adams leaves on Mid-East trip

Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams is en route to the Middle East to meet with peace workers and political figures in Palestine and Israel.

Published September 5, 2006

Prison fasts continue

Protesting republican prisoners in Maghaberry have completed another 48-hour fast, the fourth to be held since prisoners began a campaign for political status on June 19.

Published September 5, 2006

Sectarian provocation in Ballymena

The Parades Commission, which is supposed to adjudicate in disputes over sectarian parades in Catholic areas, has been accused of blithely ignoring breaches of its determinations by Protestant marchers.

Published September 5, 2006

PSNI admits using chidren as spies

The PSNI police in the North of Ireland has confirmed it is using nationalist children to inform, even on their own family.

Published September 5, 2006

US immigration ruling baffles republicans

The Board of Immigration Appeals in the United States has overturned a lower court decision to rule that Sean O Cealleagh, convicted of playing a role in the deaths of two British soldiers in 1988, can be deported.

Published September 5, 2006

British knew Dublin bombers in 1974

Families of victims of the Dublin/Monaghan bombings have demanded a public apology after it emerged that the British government has always known the bombers’ identities but failed to bring them to justice.

Published August 31, 2006

‘Big house’ talks plan

26-County Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and British prime minister Tony Blair are reported to be considering holding “hothouse” talks with the North’s parties in Scotland in the second week in October.

Published August 31, 2006

Catholic homes attacked in County Antrim

A Catholic family in the County Antrim village of Ahoghill has come under attack for the fourth time in a year, while in nearby Ballymena, another Catholic family was targeted by petrol bombers.

Published August 31, 2006

Dispute fells republican ‘unity’ meeting

Republicans considering a debate on possible alternatives to the troubled 1998 Good Friday Agreement have abandoned a meeting scheduled for Tuesday night, with conflicting reasons given for the decision.

Published August 31, 2006

Summer marches end without violence

The summer marching season ended last weekend without serious trouble during the annual ‘Last Saturday’ marches by the ‘Blackmen’ of the Protestant Royal Black Order.

Published August 31, 2006

British soldiers admit using ‘unknown’ gas on prisoners

The British government is under pressure to confirm that it used a lethal gas on republican prisoners during a prison riot 32 years ago.

Published August 27, 2006

Loyalists butcher rival drug dealer

Unionist paramilitaries are believed to be behind the brutal murder of a rival drug dealer.

Published August 27, 2006

Republicans to discuss new political direction

A meeting to discuss the current state of republicanism and to establish “a way forward” is being held in the County Antrim village of Toome on Tuesday evening.

Published August 27, 2006

‘Fascist’ McDowell presides over Mountjoy hell

26-County Minister for Justice Michael McDowell has been described as “fascist” in a report issued as two more prisoners died in Mountjoy prison.

Published August 27, 2006

Scottish prosecutors caution Polish goalkeeper over blessing

The Catholic Church has led angry condemnation of a decision by Scottish prosecutors to caution a Polish footballer who blessed himself during a Glasgow soccer match.

Published August 27, 2006

Attempted mass murder

A couple and their three-month-old baby have been forced from their home in north Belfast following an arson attack on Sunday.

Published August 22, 2006

33 years of lies

The PSNI has finally admitted to the family of a murdered County Donegal teenager that the UVF was responsible for his death -- after 33 years -- despite the force knowing all along.

Published August 22, 2006

All-Ireland work ‘will go on’

Ian Paisley’s DUP has been warned that an all-Ireland agenda led by the Dublin and London governments would proceed in the absence of agreement on power-sharing in the Six Counties.

Published August 22, 2006


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