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Thatcher’s Congressional medal blocked

A group of Irish-American politicians has blocked the US Congress from awarding a congressional medal to former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.

Published December 29, 2006

British Army recruitment opposed

It has emerged that in some of west Belfast’s schools the British Army is openly recruiting through distributing glossy magazines, pamphlets and leaflets in classes aimed at enhancing young people’s career prospects.

Published December 29, 2006

Adams moves to change party policy on PSNI

A meeting of the Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle [leadership] to discuss policing arrangements in the North of Ireland has been called by party leader Gerry Adams in a move which could lead to Sinn Féin controversially agreeing to support the PSNI police.

Published December 28, 2006

Omagh trial to continue

The non-jury trial of Armagh man Sean Hoey for the 1998 Real IRA Omagh bomb and other attacks is set to continue despite a defence attempt to have the case thrown out because of “shortcomings, lies and mysteries”.

Published December 23, 2006

Murdered journalist praised for stand against LVF

Journalist Martin O’Hagan was gunned down in the street for exposing the drug-dealing activities of a unionist paramilitary gang, an inquest has heard.

Published December 23, 2006

Portadown talks claim dismissed as spin

The Orange Order in Portadown has denied reports that it is willing to engage in direct talks with representatives of the nationalist Garvaghy Road over the issue of parade routes for the first time.

Published December 23, 2006

Haughey era disgraced by tribunal report

The regime of former Taoiseach Charles Haughey has been exposed as corrupt and criminal in a scathing report by the Moriarty tribunal.

Published December 23, 2006

Stormont attack was ‘art’ - Stone

Loyalist killer Michael Stone has written to British Direct Ruler Peter Hain stating that his recent attack at the Belfast Assembly was an exercise in performance art influenced by Pablo Picasso and Eamonn McCann.

Published December 23, 2006

Republican grassroots discuss policing

A long-delayed meeting to discuss the direction of the peace process and republican strategy was finally held in south Derry last week.

Published December 18, 2006

British criminals at work

More than 1,300 members of the British Army have received a criminal conviction while stationed in Ireland in the last six years.

Published December 18, 2006

Murders continue in 26 Counties

A spate of gangster-style killings in the 26 Counties within a week has brought fresh criticism of the Dublin government’s approach to the growing problem of gun crime.

Published December 18, 2006

Hopes for Irish language in the North

The British government has begun a 12-week consultation process on an Irish language Act for the Six Counties.

Published December 18, 2006

Calls for investigation into 1984 attack on Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams MP has instructed his lawyer to write to the Police Ombudsman Nuala O’Loan following the publication of a news report in Belfast which links the RUC police Special Branch to the gun attack on him in March 1984.

Published December 18, 2006

Adams discusses PSNI support with Orde

Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams is holding potentially significant talks with PSNI police chief constable Hugh Orde in Belfast today [Wednesday].

Published December 13, 2006

High-tech British spy operation uncovered

Thousands of pounds worth of hi-tech surveillance equipment has been uncovered spying on the home of a County Down republican.

Published December 13, 2006

Teenager survives sectarian attack

A Catholic teenager attacked by a sectarian mob in Ballymena has said that he is “lucky to be alive”.

Published December 13, 2006

Bik McFarlane subjected to ‘judicial farce’

A Dublin court has insisted on going ahead with a non-jury trial of H-Block escapee and IRA prison leader Brendan “Bik” McFarlane on charges dating from 1983.

Published December 13, 2006

‘Ireland’s Alamo’ designated a national monument

The last headquarters of the leaders of the 1916 Rising is to be designated a national monument following a sustained campaign for its preservation.

Published December 13, 2006

Mortar attack on PSNI base

The PSNI station in Craigavon County Armagh came under mortar attack on Tuesday in one of three incidents linked to traditionalist ‘dissident’ republicans inside 24 hours.

Published December 7, 2006

Crumbs for poor in Budget giveaway

The 26-County Budget 2007 presented yesterday by Minister for Finance Brian Cowen has been attacked for failing to tackle the “real issues facing Irish society”.

Published December 7, 2006


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